September 16th, 2012 | 357 Entries

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357 Entries for “alive”

  1. that i am. but i do not know whether i actually am. i do not feel interested in my life, i feel i am losing my enthusiasm. is that being alive? just going from one day to another without caring? I wish i could travel, that would make me feel more alive than i feel now.

    By Prema on 09.17.2012

  2. She felt so alive. Her body tingled just as he walked into the room. She remembered how he had touched her waist and pulled her in for a soft kiss, a kiss filled with love.

    By Melly on 09.17.2012


    By greengabberglob URL on 09.17.2012

  4. lt is when you feel freedom, when your heart is beating, you pulse fast and you feel yourself fantastic/

    By Marina on 09.17.2012

  5. this word is all for every peiple!we need to be alive to live and love!is everything for me

    By karina sh on 09.17.2012

  6. A blurring of white noise fills my head, its like being underwater with your heart beat clamouring to be heard, and my lungs wonder why they cannot inhale. Your hand falls from my throat and my body collapses into elation, the sensation of circulation overwhelming.


    By sjp URL on 09.17.2012

  7. Am I awake right now?
    Is this like those first lines in Bohemian Rhapsody?
    I’m probably alive.
    But there’s no way of knowing.

    By Victor URL on 09.17.2012

  8. живой дышащий наслаждающийся жизнью довольный красивый внутри зеленый свежий солнечный беззаботный ценящий мелочи

    By Ксения on 09.17.2012

  9. I breathe in and out and plants come springing from my lungs.

    The bees buzz around my eyes and pollen springs from my finger tips. I’m alive. I’m alive. And it’s eating away at me all this life, the moss growing on my back and under my feet.

    It’ll grow in me, from the inside out until I’m not the only thing left alive in here. Until I’m the only dead thing left in here.

    By Hen on 09.17.2012

  10. Even though my toes bumped the ends of my black flats, I could feel the hard, comforting wood of the stage beneath my feet. My corset seemed a little too tight, but it felt good when I took in the deepest breath possible and practically sang my lines. It felt great to be here, great to perform, great to live, and great to be dancing on the second circle.

    By Mina URL on 09.17.2012

  11. Alive.
    I am alive today.
    So today, it’s only you and me and the rest of the world for a few precious hours.
    Alive, perfecting the opportunity of causation and realization. Be Alive.

    By Pat Higgins on 09.17.2012

  12. Well I think I’m alive. Not too sure about that – it’s because I can’t move, see or hear anything. Only think, which is odd. Could be a coma but can you think in a coma?

    By Billy URL on 09.17.2012

  13. Wondering what it is to be alive… is it the simple drawing of breath, a heartbeat? Or is it a state defined by what we think, feel, love?

    To live is better than being alive.

    By Carolyn on 09.17.2012

  14. Alive is being. Alive is doing. Alive is living. Alive is freedom.

    An unbelievable number of people don’t know what it means to be alive – not because they’re dead but because they spend their lives living in fear, scrutiny or general unhappiness.

    They don’t know the feeling of ‘alive’ and sadly, not many do.

    Myself included…

    By Fox8299 URL on 09.17.2012

  15. alive
    i feel alive
    when you hold me
    in a hug
    when you scold me
    for my clumsiness
    when you love me
    for my faults
    when you kiss
    my wounds away

    By Vijayalakshmi URL on 09.17.2012

  16. This. What ever it is, well it fucking sucks. I don’t think most people will ever feel the feelings I do and I’m so tempted to flush them out with anything, absolutely anything that will make them go away. But I’m so afraid of not being able to feel, being numb. Because at least while feeling this, these things, I know I’m alive. But when you’re numb, well that’s something entirely different.

    By lilldeh URL on 09.17.2012

  17. Piano plays on your skin, and the sweet tunes sink in. We’re alive, you and I. The sound echoes, and rumbles through the town. This music, this noise, it makes me feel…

    By genahtastic URL on 09.17.2012

  18. I am alive. I am breathing. I am here but not here at the same. I am tired. I am happy. I am living my life the way life needs to be lived. Breathe in, breathe out. Life goes on.

    By Megna on 09.17.2012

  19. I feel alive. Every day. But at the same time, I feel quite dead. Something is not right. Something in my head. I often feel dead. Yet I am alive. It’s hard to explain, not really real, yet it is just so. Just so. I am alive. I shall embrace this wonderful opportunity to grow. To live, to flourish as I should.

    By caitlynn carr URL on 09.17.2012

  20. I feel alive. Every day. But at the same time, I feel quite dead. Something is not right. Something in my head. I often feel dead. Yet I am alive. It’s hard to explain, not really real, yet it is just so. Just so. I am alive. I shall embrace this wonderful opportunity to grow. To live, to flourish as I should.

    By caitlynn carr URL on 09.17.2012

  21. I feel so alive after sports, but hey, why only after sports? The thing is that you’d love to feel that way all the time. Give me a pill! Or something. Life is swell, when we feel healthy and strong. Being alive is being healthy. Its the most important thing in life.

    By flooro on 09.17.2012

  22. Am I?
    You would say I am, but I’m not so sure.
    Just sitting in this appartment all day, doing nothing.
    Only getting out to make sure the dog pisses outside instead of all over the place.

    By Wendy on 09.17.2012

  23. Am I?
    You would say I am, but I’m not so sure.
    Just sitting in this appartment all day, doing nothing.
    Only going outside to make sure the dog pisses and shits outside instead of all over the place.

    By Astraiana on 09.17.2012

  24. Why do you keep giving me this word, I do not understand this magic. I am watching Britains got talent right now, she has a snake on her head!

    By Jacqui on 09.17.2012

  25. “I feel alive…” He said, looking down at his hands. His head snapped back up to look at her, and without thinking he reached over and began shaking her. “I’m alive!”
    “Yeah, I see…” Was all she could muster in a mumbled voice. “I know… I know…”
    But he just grinned. “Let’s celebrate!”

    By Laura Riddle on 09.17.2012

  26. We take people who are alive for granted.Once they are not there we think about them. Alive

    By kamal URL on 09.17.2012

  27. Why am I alive? What is the meaning of life? Sometimes I wish I wasn’t alive, not that I wish I was dead just that I was never created. I feel like I wasn’t suppose to be born, God had other intentions for me or that I was suppose to die at an early age. It’s funny that if you take the letter ‘a’ it becomes ‘live’, because most people who are alive forget to live.

    By Jacqui on 09.17.2012

  28. the heart’s still beating/
    it beats on/
    and on/
    your lips still moving/
    to that same old song

    By Iz on 09.17.2012

  29. “alive, she cried”, a song from a previous era, from the startling realization that damn, your parents did have lives before you came along, were cool, did act foolishly. “Oh yes,” my mother said, eyes getting dreamy and far away, ” we saw the doors at the CNE when they came to Toronto.” And me in the depths of my teen angst, the Doors on repeat, totally in shock and amazement.

    By Ara on 09.17.2012

  30. You can feel more alive in the biggest of places, places that are meant to swamp you. Huge cities, with traffic pulsating through the buildings. Equally you can feel alive in a field, on top of a cliff, the wind and salt in your hair pushing oxygen into your lungs.

    By Nay on 09.17.2012

  31. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard….

    By Kelis on 09.17.2012

  32. the goal is to live your life every day to the fullest and to feel alive and that and never let anyone take you down with them.

    By kathleen on 09.17.2012

  33. I wanna stay alive til 98. Being alive is fun. alive alive alive alive.

    By christina on 09.17.2012

  34. He leaned in and kissed me one more time. I fell into his rhythm. Ive never felt more alive than when I’m with him. He pulled back and slid his hand down my cheek. That was the last time I saw him.

    By Katnaps URL on 09.17.2012

  35. The contrary of being dead. A splendid thing. Allows you to breath, think, sing, dance, create and love.

    By Maxime on 09.17.2012

  36. live

    By Michelle on 09.17.2012

  37. Isn’t it great to be alive? To be living and breathing in such a complex, beautiful world? We were chosen to live here, to live now, to be on this earth to change things for the better. Take advantage of the life you have…because you never know when you’ll lose it. Take chances. Fall in love. Be alive.

    By Sarah Morris URL on 09.17.2012

  38. Everything on this small planet is alive including the rocks, the earth under our feet, and the air we breath. Most people don’t think this is true. Just because they don’t move doesn’t mean they are not alive.

    By Orion URL on 09.17.2012

  39. I like to live. see beauty. its excitement and joy. WHo wants to sit around? move, enjoy. God. life. nothing that will bring you down is allowed. But rest, and move forward. Foundations? strong. Zeal of life is life. grab it.

    By Juan Castillo on 09.17.2012

  40. this morning i woke up, looked around me and found my cat on my blanket. the light shone through the curtains and I heard the wind whisper through the leaves outside. I woke to a wonderful autum morning.

    By André URL on 09.17.2012