September 16th, 2012 | 357 Entries

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357 Entries for “alive”

  1. spirit, God, life, love, explore, live, capture, love, feel, swim, run, pray, think, be, listen, help, ask,

    By Linda Miller on 09.16.2012

  2. Nothing makes me feel more alive than standing on a bridge. It’s the balance between life and death that brings the truth of my mortality out. The wind in my hair, the river below, it all makes me feel alive and new. The world is below me and I am flying.

    By Micky on 09.16.2012

  3. I am alive. I am battling the challenges of life. I am doing fine. I am winning. Because as a person, I have the obligation to keep up with my Creator’s expectation. I am not wasting this gift. I am alive.

    By Angel Aguilar URL on 09.16.2012

  4. To truly be alive, one must put themselves through the pain of everyday life. One must make dreams a reality, work for what you want, accomplish what you dream. Then you’ll be

    By ccdbfn on 09.16.2012

  5. Alive. Energy consuming the air- electricity in my veins. Can I hurt myself from breathing too deep? If so, shock me now.

    By Maria URL on 09.16.2012

  6. I am alive. at least I’d like to think so. food is alive some was all was, some still is some will never be again. at some point everything will be no longer alive, at some point everything no thing will be alive any longer. d is dead the oppoisite if of alive?

    By Kirra on 09.16.2012

  7. Being alive. How I wish to be so. Laying here, speechless, motionless, lifeless, it is hell. My hell. That I deserved. I want to live; to run, to jump, to sing, to be free. Freedom. Running through the grass without a care in the world. But I cannot. I am dead. I am nothing. I want to be alive.

    By Callia Sonclaire on 09.16.2012

  8. You are breathing. Incoherent breath takes you away from death, but only just. Your heart pounds and your mind races. You are not present. You are a fragment of who you used to be. Somehow, still considered alive.

    By chloe URL on 09.16.2012

  9. I felt so alive. Smoke filled my nostrils as I raced from the fire. It’s orange tongues licking my heels and making me run faster. I was getting that adrenaline rush everyone who did this was talking about.

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.16.2012

  10. I don’t know what it’s to be alive. Only through going to different places, to leaving it all behind and giving yourself new responsibilities, lives to live through language, through reinstitution, re putting yourself into a routine.
    Or is it as the books say, that you don’t need to go anywhere to find yourself, just that you need to think in yourself and become yourself. I still don’t understand that yet though. I though it struck me once, but now I’m lost again, and unalive in a place that once was new, but once again has grown old and destitute, a routine of dolor. Not alive.

    By Cara URL on 09.16.2012

  11. The girl went stumbling down the walkway bing chased by midevil guards. Episode on evil. As she tore through the doors the clear night sky swallowed her into the mist. A deep breath reminded her that she was intact alive. With out reviling on her new found strength she consingrrated on the foot steps behind her and how to make them disappear ion the distence. Just in time she spots an old pick up and jumps in. The knights on there horses are left behind as she rides away in her makeshift carrage.

    By Justice on 09.16.2012

  12. am i really alive? what does it mean to be alive? because i feel as if i am a spirit in a human costume which doesn’t fit quite right and that i am disconnected from my center as i have no idea what i want or who i am or how to feel alive.

    By Neelvar on 09.16.2012

  13. i feel that i am alive right now and i just blasted through a large part of the legal text book. i am aimless sometimes but feel that education is grounding and i will continue learning in structured and unstructured ways until the end. i also am on a quest to understand what it means to be alive.

    By Nix URL on 09.16.2012

  14. I never thought I was alive. I mean, when you’re born in a coffin, you don’t really feel alive. Mom was trying out coffins for Dad’s funeral. She thought she’d just lie down but she started having contractions. I was born right there. I never understood why she didn’t go to a hospital. Maybe she thought I’d like to tell this story someday.

    By Kristina URL on 09.16.2012

  15. the feeling when you know that nothing can stop you from pushing forward with even the smallest step. the aspect of a human being in full health and liveing. liveing. the capability to sustain life. me.

    By kurt on 09.16.2012

  16. Checking out the ladies across the street, his mouth watered with a succulent dream, an imagination that made things seem possible. Tom was a wanderer, and a panderer but he knew what everyone wanted through the test of time.

    By Eric Harrell on 09.16.2012

  17. It couldn’t be alive, and I knew it. There was something missing, something crucial, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was almost a freaking genius and the only thing I was missing was a hint of salt.

    By Megan on 09.16.2012

  18. Breathing, a feeling that akes everyone feel alive.
    Love also aids in that sense of living as many wish to experience but do not realise they don’t have.
    I’m quite a happy person striving for love and looking for those things that make me feel most alive.
    And one man certainly does feel that way, for he doesnt understand that I love him dearly and that his presence brings meaning to my life, and makes me appreciate being alive
    I wish to to tell him how much I really do love him.

    By bfgs on 09.16.2012

  19. It feels so good to be alive. I love the feeling of the wind in my hair in the cool autumn morning, and the leaves falling around me. I love knowing that somewhere out there someone is waiting to meet me – someone is wanting to meet me.

    By Cynthia on 09.16.2012

  20. I am alive. Everything natural in this world is alive. My dog thats next to me is alive. He’ll only be alive for probably another 14 years. It’ll be sad to watch him die. He is one of my bestfriends. My parents are alive too. Theyre next to me. im sad that one day they will leave all alone on this planet. But for now me and my family, my friends, and my dog are alive right now and thats all that counts. The plants are alive, theyre growing every minute. Since everything is alive, everything is always changing. It’s crazy when you think about it. At most ill only be alive for another 70 years. That’s a little bit of time to be alive. Well i dont think about that much because i cant be alive if im not living.

    By Montana on 09.16.2012

  21. To be alive to me seems very subjective. To some it is simply breathing air and moving about life. To others it means making the most of that time. To me it’s a combo of both I hope to live a life that is the best it can be.

    By Robert Browne Gartei on 09.16.2012

  22. It feels so good to be alive. The wind courses through my blonde hair, and I love the feeling it gives me. I know that no matter what happns in life I could enjoy that feeling and many others.

    Love is one of those feelings. It feels good to know that somewhere in this world, someone is waiting to meet me – someone destined to meet me – someone made for me. God’s plan seems like a great plan, and so I sit, waiting for it to unfold, enjoying the benefits of being alive.

    By Cynthia URL on 09.16.2012

  23. I’m instantly aware of the light shining above me. My silver charm bracelet is digging into the skin on my left wrist. Strands of my long, blonde hair are sticking to the back of my neck. There’s an itch that I just can’t seem to scratch in the middle of my back. My socks don’t match. My cheeks are now a light shade of pink. My eyes aren’t as perky and bright as they once were. My thoughts are anywhere but at the task at hand. I’m alive. But sometimes I wish I weren’t.

    By Sunny URL on 09.16.2012

  24. I’m definitely alive, double checked my pulse, and I’ve become super conscious of every breathe I’m taking.. I’m definitely alive. But what is life, if one doesn’t live?

    By Miki URL on 09.16.2012

  25. I have never felt more alive. I feel like I could reach the planets and dive as deep as I want in the ocean. I’m bursting at the seams with love for God. I’m alive, now, because this live is not what I’m living for, but the next. Eternity.

    By Tyler on 09.16.2012

  26. I’m instantly aware of the light shining above me. My silver charm bracelet is digging into the skin on my left wrist. Strands of my long, blonde hair are sticking to the back of my neck. There’s an itch that I just can’t seem to scratch in the middle of my back. My socks don’t match. My cheeks are now a light shade of pink. My eyes aren’t as perky and bright as they once were. My thoughts are anywhere but at the task at hand. I can feel the people around me judging my appearance. I’m alive. But sometimes I desperately wish I weren’t.

    By Sunny URL on 09.16.2012

  27. I move between the cool, damp foliage. My arms tingle, my lips tremble. A vast open field separates me from eternity. I am not the unlimited power I trusted myself to be. I am not a mere formation of human-like reflexes and thoughts. I am not in the foliage of destruction; the destruction is my own vision—and I intend to pursue the narrow escape, to that field. I will soon be alive.

    By Sam on 09.16.2012

  28. being a living person. Not taking anything for granted. Acting in the the moment not worrying about the end result but being prepared for it. Something you do not understand until its about to ripped from you.

    By Mitchell Avery on 09.16.2012

  29. She was breathing; little wisps of cloud travelled up from her lips in the cold early morning air. Her eyelids fluttered open to see that no one was with her. But she was alive and that was all that mattered. And, for a while, she could lie there, knowing that it wasn’t yet time to give up.

    By emlex URL on 09.16.2012

  30. As soon as I felt the soft breeze of the autumn air softly caress my face, I felt alive. More alive than I’ve ever been before. The feeling of freedom, from beating the sickness that has plagued me for so long, enabling me to finally go out into the open air. It makes me feel alive.

    By piacevole URL on 09.16.2012

  31. I feel most alive when I am around people who make my heart beat fast. I met one of these people this past summer in Spain. I haven’t felt that alive in such a long time. Every day I feel alive now.

    By ECE on 09.16.2012

  32. Alive is what you are right now. :)

    By Elena on 09.16.2012

  33. Alive I am today,
    Wondering what I have been destined to do.
    Maybe one day, I will figure it out.
    But until then I will ask you,
    Who do you think I am?
    Do you think I live a decent life?
    One day will I become a mother, a wife?
    Will the fact that I’m alive impact the world in some way,
    Or could I have been dead and gone today?

    By Cynthia URL on 09.16.2012

  34. It’s the feeling of putting your feet in the ocean in Connecticut, or blaring your favorite song with the windows down on a interstate in Ohio. It’s the feeling when you realize you’re in love, and it’s laughing from deep within your belly, in places you haven’t laughed in for a long, long time.

    By Riley on 09.16.2012

  35. I felt so alive as I ran through the street. I don’t do this very often run around naked, and law breaking but I need some excitement in my life.

    By Maddy URL on 09.16.2012

  36. As she breathed the last few breaths of her life, she wondered what it would be like to be dead, and gone from the struggles of daily life. Maybe it would be a lovely feeling to at last be free from it all, she thought. Or maybe to be alive is a blessing, she thought. Maybe she should be glad she had the chance.

    By Cynthia URL on 09.16.2012

  37. I couldn’t believe it. I was alive. ALIVE! After being hunted, trapped and tortured by Lucifer’s toughest minions. But I was alive and not wasting another minute hauling ass.

    By Courtney Moore on 09.16.2012

  38. I feel alive. I feel myself finally. Finding out who I am I’m so glad to be alive to live. To be living in every moment. It’s a crazy life that I get to life but I’m living I’m me I’m alive.

    By Lexi on 09.16.2012

  39. the tips of her toes felt alive for the first time in months. the electric pulse shot through her sporadically, throwing her limbs into the air in an animalistic display of contortion. she reached for the railings to stable herself, but her toes, she could feel her toes and let her limbs flail until dr norton turned off the shock device. the calm ensued while her mother quietly weeped in the corner, covered in the shadows of the barred window.

    By jacqueline Harris on 09.16.2012

  40. Wow! How amazing. How amazing it feels to breathe, to see, to do, to experience. I am on a journey to happiness. And I am alive to live.

    By Andrew on 09.16.2012