April 29th, 2012 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “alibi”

  1. No. He didn’t have one.

    Yes. He was most definitely going to make one up.

    “She was with me, ask her.”

    Put complete trust in a stranger. Why the hell not.

    “She saw me. She was with me all night. We had a damn good shag, too. Just ask her.”

    But they didn’t. They didn’t say a word. They were too busy re-buckling the straight jacket.

    By noiseandhammers URL on 04.30.2012

  2. Her alibi was not solid. Others saw her go into the place she said she had not been. Could she keep her life a secret any longer. The truth was slowly slipping through her finger tips and there was nothing she could do. She looked back on her life and realized it was all a lie, from the begining to the ending, a bunch of lies that were about to catch up with her. She did not know which way to turn.

    By Cris URL on 04.30.2012

  3. You have to have an alibi if you are acused of a crime. An alibi can be a person or a place with a video camera. If you don’t have an alibi, you could be acused of something you may not have done.

    By janet on 04.30.2012

  4. The captain of the luxury liner couls not perceive if her alibi was true. It was necessary to get more infomatio, do more interviews of other passengers, and crew, gather more evidence.

    By Karen on 04.30.2012

  5. Haha. The mere word brings another meaning to my world. Its mere existence defines my own lifestyle. I’ve spared much of this on this hour alone and I haven’t have the healthy habit of avoiding it. This, i mean, he is the one that hold me liable. It’s not my fault.

    By huxley URL on 04.30.2012

  6. I feel like i’m somewhere else than where I am. I feel like an alibi. If there is any crime to be had here, i am no longer a part of it.

    By meliora URL on 04.30.2012

  7. someone knows what you are doing…i’m not sure. stalker creeper….committed murder, make sure you have an alibi. Someone that tk

    By Jennifer on 04.30.2012

  8. The methodologies of this young girl have always left the crowd dismayed and disappointed. She never had to take one for the team, and ever her actions and she couldn’t stand a day without an alibi

    By huxley URL on 04.30.2012

  9. Can you vouch for me? Tell me where I am? Because I’m lost you know. Metaphorically, existentially. But if you were with me – if you said that you were here with me all along – it mightn’t be so bad. I wouldn’t be guilty then. Guilty of wasting my time.

    By siobhan347 URL on 04.30.2012

  10. I have an alibi for my behavior. It involves emotions. Lots and lots of emotions. The kind that twist through your blood and make you do terrible things, horrible things. Things that make you think, when you are alone, that the wolves you are hearing howling in the wind are not outside. Not even outside your house. They are inside. Inside of you.

    By Jeni Joy URL on 04.30.2012

  11. Someone who has murdered someone, partner, friend,

    By Morgan on 04.30.2012

  12. somone who does something bad and gets in trouble but makes a fake story to cover it up!

    By Savannah on 04.30.2012

  13. i was there, waiting.. you should have been by my side. but no, you weren’t there, holding my hands, it was not you who asked me why i was crying… i felt your absence as an empty crater in my chest. and when the time came, you had your alibi…therefore, your absence was justified

    By noway on 04.30.2012

  14. A person may be in trouble and need to have one. It is good to have friends because then they can help validate your story. An alibi might not ever be needed if you keep out of trouble. The best way to keep out of trouble is to walk with the Lord all the days of your life.

    By Heather on 04.30.2012

  15. We wanted to go partake in some shenanigans, of course, but mother would never let us if she knew what we would do. So we told we were going to the Box Office Cafe. The cool thing about that place is that it shows movies, so we have an excuse for why we were out so long.

    By April URL on 04.30.2012

  16. what were you doing when something happened
    your excuse for not being at certain place and time
    someone to vouch for you

    By Annette Thomas on 04.30.2012

  17. This is my excuse the reason I didn’t do it but can’t get in trouble. Police want an alibi. My friends don’t need an alibi unless they get caught The detective always asks if you have an alibi in the murder mysteries that I read.

    By Lisa on 04.30.2012

  18. This is a test for the word alibi. I want to use this but I need to see what can happen at the end. How can I see my students work on alibi? How can I see if they understand the meaning of the word. I like to write timed every day.

    By Lisa on 04.30.2012

  19. I have 60 seconds to talk about this word. I need to have an alibi before I decide to commit a crime.

    By DC-G MS URL on 04.30.2012

  20. Alibi??? I wonder what alibi is? What does it mean? Where does the word comes from??? Greek, Latin, or… I dont really know what it means!?!?!!?! :-(

    By poseidon619 URL on 04.30.2012

  21. the man was not charged for murder because he had a good alibi being at the library

    By cougars8 URL on 04.30.2012

  22. In this work there is the name Al and Lib which is short for Libby. There is also the word I twice and the name Ali. I guess there is the name Libi too if you want to spell the name Libby in a weird way.

    By Ashlyn on 04.30.2012

  23. I needed an alibi, but what could suffice?

    By Zachary Williams on 04.30.2012

  24. After I murdered that boy i made sure I had an alibi. It may havent been real but they dont know that. In the end I did not jo to jail and I DID pass go and collected my 2,000,000. Life is good.

    By Bubbles on 04.30.2012

  25. The horse ran a quarter of a mile. The dog ran after the cat. The cat ran away from the cat. The bird flew away from the cat as the dog chased the cat.

    By April Lambert on 04.30.2012

  26. well i think about a jude and the movie legaly blonde the movie. because the one lady had a alibi but the blonde wouldnt tell anyone because it would ruin her clients job.

    By Kelsey Waidelich on 04.30.2012

  27. i dont know

    By zach URL on 04.30.2012

  28. alibi is a story of a crime or something else in another person’s point of view.

    By spiderwebb11 URL on 04.30.2012

  29. I needed a good alibi, so I wouldnt be accused of the murder of the farmers daughter.
    My alibi was an okay on but it wasnt the best because the guy who was my alibi was the town drunk. So i would more than likely be accused of the murder of the farmers daughter because i was the last one to see her. In the end I learned that if your alibi is a town drunk he isnt realiable. So I got a ticket to prison because of my alibi being a drunk.

    By Johnny on 04.30.2012

  30. The criminal’s alibi was so convincing that the police let him go.

    By April Lambert on 04.30.2012

  31. i don’t really know what alibi means but i bet its probably a good word

    By Bieberlover URL on 04.30.2012

  32. It was not a very good alibi. i knew that, but i needed something and it was the first thing that came to mind. i knew she would and could figure me out, but it was worth a shot to take the chance and risk it.

    By Taylor D'Alelio on 04.30.2012

  33. i dont know what an alibi is

    By rainbow URL on 04.30.2012

  34. Greg and John exchanged glances briefly outside the door to the superintendant’s office. Both men sported bloodshot eyes, Greg’s dark and sunken in from stress and lack of sleep, John’s sore and slightly crusty from the silent, private crying he’d only just managed to stifle for this appointment. A grave nod passed between them, and Greg pushed his way into the door, John following close behind.
    A stern, bloated face greeted them with narrowed eyes, nearly hidden behind mountains of paperwork stacked on either side of the desk. Greg recognized the case files which he’d been requested to pull earlier that day… or had it been two days ago? The detective inspector found it remarkably harder to keep days apart when unconsciousness no longer helped to separate them. John eyed the names on the files wearily, recognizing the ones closer to the top as the cases he and Sherlock had helped with. The rest, judging by their dates, could only be the ones Sherlock had solved for the Yard before John had met him. Their pages were yellowing and dusty, and had probably not seen the light of day in years.
    “Gentlemen, I’m sure you’re both aware why we’re here.” The superintendant glowered at them each in turn, and they nodded bleakly. “But just for the record, let’s restate the issue.” He sighed and reached for the most recent case, shuffling it into order between his hands in the small surface of desk which was left clear before him. “Detective Inspector Lestrade has consulted on multiple occasions with a man by the name of Sherlock Holmes, who has either assisted in the resolution of numerous difficult cases, or has fabricated crimes and then been consulted to solve his own work. We are here to determine which.” John detected a lip-curl of disdain in Greg’s direction before the gaze softened slightly and turned to him. “Doctor Watson, you’ll only be needed in reference to the most recent instances, of course. To provide an alibi for the cases preceding your involvement, I’ve been told to consult with one… Mycroft Holmes?”
    John nodded and swallowed. “Yes, Mycroft has access to a vast network of various surveillance devices and other personal connections, which I’m sure he’ll be more than willing to share in defense of his brother.”
    The superintendant cleared his throat. “Obviously it would be ideal if I had access to a more objective source, but from what I understand of the deceased, he had very few connections to more… reputable witnesses. I have on file one pathologist, one delinquent, and one street performer?”
    John sighed and sunk his face into his hands. It was going to be a long night.

    By floppybelly URL on 04.30.2012

  35. ALIBI. There are ways to hide, ways to escape, and ways to fight back, always, depending on what you choose.

    At first he hid. But then the cards were burnt, the people were called, and one by one they fell, each leading to the other. Only the hidden breathed easier. Soon he would have to fight back, but for now he was thankful. They gave him alibi; bought him time.

    By Roschen on 04.30.2012

  36. i can’t see past your alibi. i am dulled from the inside. i am holding on tight.

    By claireg URL on 04.30.2012

  37. I stood there, blinking against the bright light.
    Somewhere behind it’s blinding rays I heard a voice call, “What are you doing?”
    Dropping my utility belt, I stepped from the shadows and raised my hands above my head. “It’s a project for my school. I’m on the newspaper comity. They wanted to know what is going on here.”
    The officer crossed his arms. “Are you sure about that?”

    By Livy on 04.30.2012

  38. My alibi was pretty shaky. I think the cops know that. I wish I could go home and never had this night. How come I make so many bad decisions

    By Elizabeth on 04.30.2012

  39. Think of somewhere sometime that you were after you have committed a crime. Thus, you may have an alibi and excuse for the cops when they come to interrogate you. At times some may actually have an honest true alibi. Nonetheless, they are interrogated. Thus, make sure you have someone, something to use as evidence supporting your alibi.

    By SiTian Zhang on 04.30.2012

  40. I heard something happened with you guys. Did you get a good look at him? Really? What vehicle was he driving? (You can write as much as you want when it prompts you to write your last sentence.)

    By X on 04.30.2012