July 11th, 2012 | 313 Entries

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313 Entries for “adviser”

  1. I heard that you’re a good adviser. Can you give me some advice? My life just went down to the loo.

    By lance on 07.12.2012

  2. adviser mean man who tell us about something or anything with patient. and try to understanding us. that’s good

    By inpose URL on 07.12.2012

  3. Well when I was the advisor for the college I saw plenty of people pass through my office. The advisor was a confident and personable adult probably about age 32. So, old enough to have made some mistakes and young enough to relate the the current struggles of the students. As a fincial adviser you have a limited amount of time to make that important first connection that will lead to a continued relationship with the client.

    By nancy on 07.12.2012

  4. I need an adviser in my life. One that advises me in everything I do as to what is right and wrong. Actually, I already have one of these. Several of these in fact. My family members for starters. But I want one that I can ask a question of and receive no judgement. That would be cool. I guess that is what our conscience is for. Our own personal adviser. I sometimes thing we all actually know the right answer but cause ourselves so much turmoil by tossing up the correct and incorrect answers.

    By Sarah on 07.12.2012

  5. he wants to tell me what to do but i don’t often obey him. i have my own mind. i have my own plans. i am the captain of my soul. there is no way anybody can tell what i should be doing when I know in my heart i shouldn’t be doing anything. at times when i’m lost, i open the maps instead.

    By bliss360 on 07.12.2012

  6. i’ve done this already. i’m not doing it again. go get me another word.

    By bliss360 URL on 07.12.2012

  7. I’d like to advisor to come over for dinner.

    By vanhaydu URL on 07.12.2012

  8. There is no better adviser to one’s life than oneself. You pick your wants, your needs, your future. No one else can do that. You pick at your flaws, evaluate them, and patch them up. No one else can do that.

    By chengngee URL on 07.12.2012

  9. jujur plin plan itu bikin deg-degan tiap kali ketemu sama orang lain. karena sikap itu pula, orang lain akan berpikir dua kali untuk bekerja sama dengan kita

    By aviarina URL on 07.12.2012

  10. I think of Dr. Caldwell, his red hair. His obsession with the word “ebullient”. Discussing the romantic poets, the lake district, he would become ebullient, which considering his sinewy face, was slightly disturbing.

    By mhatlas URL on 07.12.2012

  11. you have an adviser, so listen to it and do the best because an adviser never wrong :)

    By Moraika Luvi Liebe URL on 07.12.2012

  12. I am my own adviser. I tell no one what I think and I tell my stories to no one. I sort things out by myself. Maybe this is why I often feel alone. I don’t let others in. This is my fault. I’ve changed

    By ban-a-bomb URL on 07.12.2012

  13. An adviser’s like a counselor, right? I’m going to see a counselor soon for emotional reasons. Wait I think it’s more like an assistant. An adviser, that is. I don’t know. Here’s some advice: think of puppies all day long and you’ll never be sad.

    By Megan URL on 07.12.2012

  14. One of the things you have to realise when you grow up and acknowledge that fairytales are ridiculous is that nobody should ever want to be the king. If you’ve got a lick of sense you’d want to be the adviser. The slippery bastards who manipulate everyone and never get their comeuppance.

    By iris URL on 07.12.2012

  15. Not sure what that is so I’m just gonna write about pumpkins, they are orange, they make good pies, they can be used as Halloween decorations. I don’t really like pumpkins much i don’t think they taste very good and there heavy to carry around. We don’t use pumpkins as decoration in S.A so we cant even carve them. I am sorry that I couldnt write about the subject that you gave me.

    By micaela on 07.12.2012

  16. The advicer recommended that she stayed behind. Her experience in this area was small, little did she know what was behind the closed doors. She felt like she was being left behind. Many of her friends that she had known for years were preparing to take the next step in their careers and here she was staying behind. She had to tell herself that it had nothing to do with her personally but it was hard for her to believe as she said goodbye to them one by one.

    By Crisnole URL on 07.12.2012

  17. people who can give us an advice or more. them have many advice for us. they so wise and we an follow what they have said. thanks in a

    By dilla on 07.12.2012

  18. How can one be an adviser when one is full of hate and sorrow?
    How is one fit to be another’s advisor when one can’t even solve one’s own problems?
    How are you able to be my adviser when you don’t even understand my situation well enough?

    So, how can you?

    By Nothing URL on 07.12.2012

  19. I wonder the meaning of the word adviser. Advisor? Why do we spell it so many different ways? I once held two jobs simultaneously with the name “adviser” and struggled routinely with how to spell it on my resume. All of my English training taught me that I needed more

    By Katy URL on 07.12.2012

  20. This reminds me of parental advisory, as in, the kind that doesn’t allow teenagers to watch R-rated movies. When in fact, I watch them all the time, without my parents knowing, of course. It always makes for a good and slightly awkward time.

    By Annie on 07.12.2012

  21. Wizard hat, leaning in and whispering to the prince on the throne. “Perhaps taxes should be raised, sire….let’s throw another feast, your highness…how about giving the noble a nice present from the crown.” Like a devil on the shoulder.

    By Ara URL on 07.12.2012

  22. As I faced the day my advisor turned to me and asked what I expected to accomplish during the course of the day. I responded with a laundry list of items; shopping, etc. She directed me to stop and look within; that that was the list to address.

    By Geoff Cohen URL on 07.12.2012

  23. The adviser sat down. It was a tough case, one nigh on impossible to win and yet his obdurate client would not give in. Could he not see the difficulties that faced him?

    By Amrit on 07.12.2012

  24. who is she? she is my adviser.. she advises me to do what she thinks is good for me. I know she thinks she is the best for me.. i have a theory which suggests the same. what a nice adviser she is and how much i need advice.

    By Bish URL on 07.12.2012

  25. adviser is someone who gives you advise. I myself think that I am an adviser, oh I mean a good adviser because I do give people advise and mine is the best :-)!

    By RazzelAzzura URL on 07.12.2012

  26. What is adviser? Yeah, I’ve just found that word. But it sounds interesting. Haha. Okay, Advise maybe?

    By itha on 07.12.2012

  27. adviser, is the same like counselor, the person who give us advice for. if you confused about what you gonna choose, just go adviser, maybe they can help you. if you wanna be an adviser you have to learn about human behavior and human sociology and psychology

    By omaharani on 07.12.2012

  28. he walks around like he is my advisor, asuming that i would not kill the girl, assuming that he could control whether or not i killed the girl. my advisor. please. how dare he think he could take over my life like that, believing that he could control me as such. it is pathetic.

    By Brittney URL on 07.12.2012

  29. An adviser is something you can confide in; someone that has your interests at heart and is a positive influence.

    By Will Flohr on 07.12.2012

  30. trusted, or otherwise? It’s interesting that most of the time the person who should be giving you the best course of action is often the one who…

    By threeiron URL on 07.12.2012

  31. A mentor. A teacher. A role model. Someone who gives you the guidance you need when you need it. Someone who’s been there. Someone who knows, or at least tries to understand.

    By Sarahbeth Jones on 07.12.2012

  32. its a viser blocked by an ad like most things on the internet. AD-visor :D see what i did there “p

    By Krystal on 07.12.2012

  33. I had an adviser last week, her name was misha. yes, I am being sentimental to say that she was the smartest one so far. Plus, she had an good understanding to my decisions and a soothing voice to hear.

    By antonio on 07.12.2012

  34. an adviser once said to me,
    you can do whatever you want
    I had never gotten that before
    so I asked him,
    what about art?
    he looked at me
    and in that pause
    I heard everything
    I could do whatever I wanted
    as long as it was academic
    no dreams of art can last
    This is what I want.
    This is what I will do.

    By Kathy URL on 07.12.2012

  35. He stalks behind the throne, the clicking of his shoes keeping time as he walks. He leans down to whisper into my ear. “Off with their heads” he says. I repeat what he says,
    “Off with their heads!”
    The guards drag the man and woman before me out the door.

    By Holland on 07.12.2012

  36. He stalks behind the throne, the clicking of his shoes keeping time as he walks. He leans down to whisper into my ear. “Off with their heads” he says. I repeat what he says,
    “Off with their heads!”
    The guards drag the man and woman before me out the door. The sound of their bare feet scrabbling against the stone to keep up.
    “Very good” the adviser whispers again.

    By TheCountry on 07.12.2012

  37. an adviser is an important person. i guess i used to think that they were bossy, annoying. then i realized i love being an adviser. they give you advice and lead immature people on the right track. they never slack, so even when good people have lazy days they are there to put them on track.

    By Lola URL on 07.12.2012

  38. Someone that is always trying to show us another point of view. But sometimes it is better to follow our feelings and just do it. Having someone watching us and telling what to do is something to make us crazy.

    By bellafowl URL on 07.12.2012

  39. Taking advice. Helper. Personel. To advise someone else. Teacher. Tutor. Parents. Giving wisdom. Fixing something or someone.

    By DeAnna Stevenson on 07.12.2012

  40. I initially assumed adviser was spelled wrong but perhaps that goes to show my own ideas of how smart I think I am. I looked it up on and boy was I wrong. Sometimes I have to admit that I am not the world’s ultimate speller. There are other people who can spell better and perhaps there are words that I don’t even know yet!

    By Melanie URL on 07.12.2012