July 11th, 2012 | 313 Entries

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313 Entries for “adviser”

  1. An adviser.

    He walked up to the other man by the name of Higgins. He Quickly whispered something in Higgins’ ear, whose face change to a more pensive mood

    By C. on 07.11.2012

  2. She was the reason I was alive and then my reason became a boy. He became my world and completely consumed me and my life. And now I need a new adviser because I can no longer count on people. I can only count on myself, but to become my own adviser is a very difficult task.

    By Trang URL on 07.11.2012

  3. How can an adviser advise so unadvisedly? What should I be when I grow up? Hmmm…..just hand me your schedule and I’ll stamp it. What about money? Well, aren’t you to advise me? Hmm….you need to figure it out, or ask your parents. My parents don’t have a clue.

    By Beth on 07.11.2012

  4. Give me advice. Fill me in on life. The things I do wrong, or the things I do right. Guide me through til I see the light. Dear adviser, what comes next? Whatever it is, hope it’s for the best.

    By Meghan URL on 07.11.2012

  5. she wasn’t pleasant but she caused me to look inside myself and figure out why i felt so abraisve whenever she opened her mouth. she would give me projects to ‘run with’ but i never felt free enough to go with them. i had to be my own adviser. o had to tell myself what i could and couldn’t do. at times i needed to add boundaries and dig my heels in the sand.

    By hannah on 07.11.2012

  6. My adviser told me not to worry, that everything would work itself out and that I would be able to pass all requirement with flying colours. He lied. I have been plotting my revenge ever since. He sits there in his beautiful house at the lake’s edge, under the trees and, sipping his whiskey and dry. He has no idea that I can see him through my powerful binoculars. The boat bobs up and down, but I can still see him. Surely he can feel the evils emanating from me.

    By Betty Barker on 07.11.2012

  7. An adviser is that someone who stands with you, next to you, someone who cares for whatever happens to you, who is a constant reminder of where your feet are standing. Advisers are friends, family, even people on the street, who pass by but send invisible signals of stuff you should do, stuff you should look after, stuff you really need to see, not with your eyes but see with your hands and mind. An adviser is usually someone who seems to find a spark on everything, that make the most of what they do, and they only mind simple yet crucial things. You may not confuse, advisers are everywhere. They can be deliberally mute, deaf or blind to you, but they are there so you know someone cares. An advice is often disregarded, not heard, marked as unimportant, irrelevant, words with a “check out later” checkbox. The choice is yours, you either listen an adviser or you not, but trust me, they know you so well they won’t tell you “I told you so”. They brighten up your days, they lift your hopes up, they seldom make promises because words are very important and they know failure is a constant battle, and failing at being a caring person is by far the heaviest weight. They smile back, they gaze the stars of each day and if you care for them too, you’ll be rewarded with a friend forever, a best friend, a lover, a mate, a partner. Forever. No need to make up excuses, they fully understand.

    I bet advisers are so hurt inside, waiting for someone who care for them as they care for others without any exchange. I bet they count their truths to themselves, they only trust their minds, they only find peace and ease in the fragile walls of their hearts and tears and laughs and silences. They caress souls so fondly like silk over skin; it must be painful to have so much knowledge about others and to see such things that people basically chose to ignore, that you know just enough about yourself, but no one’s there to care, there’s no eyes to see what you see, there’s no music loud enough to comfort your feelings, there’s no hug, no hi, no nothing to make you feel safe from your own thoughts, to keep you from the sweet insanity of overthinking. Well, they chose not to tell you so.

    Advisers need as much comprehension as they give. Advisers need other people to exist and coexist with their troubled mind. You know, their minds constantly pop ideas, questions, neverending scenarios, situations, people, and time is just a theory. Time moves to us, but advisers have their own pace, their own strings. Advisers are stargazers, they are easily distracted with what we would call “mundane”. They are drowned in this imaginary universe within universes, with their senses tickled and their soul in tears of joy. Advisers are dreamers, not active beings but they participate in Earth’s revolution. See, they make this world rotate with just one word that knocks us down and keeps us so wildly shocked, and wondering: how did the adviser know exactly what I was thinking? how did it got to a better conclusion and so gladly tell me I was wrong? Full of them are the Heavens, obviously. Being an adviser, a dreamer, is worth a lifetime. I don’t know how do I know this, but an adviser cares, even if you don’t ask for it, even if you weren’t expecting it. Advisers stand with you. Advisers don’t lie.

    By K. URL on 07.11.2012

  8. Advice is one thing I can give but never live. Hippocritical. But isn’t everything else. Judge me or not, I’ll advise you to remember yourself.

    By Lindsey URL on 07.11.2012

  9. I had the biggest crush ever on my first college adviser. He was a silver fox at its finest! Dr. Coyne was his name. He built his own sail boat. How cool is that? At the age of 18 I had a ridiculous pipe dream to sail away down the Missouri river with my college adviser. I still think about it sometimes. Don’t judge me. You like weird shit too.

    By BAG on 07.11.2012

  10. an obnoxious thing that shows up everywhere while you try to have a good time in life but all they do is sell you shit that you dont want or need. worthless american shit. first world problems forsure. things people in africa dont have to worry about. i mean im sure in some parts but i was thinking of starving babies. stupid americans not adopting babies from africa. brad pitts wife knows whats up. shes an advertiser kinda though, not intentionally but she married a celeb so… shoulda seen it coming man..

    By Daisy Davis on 07.11.2012

  11. There are two things I realized that night: 1. How beautifully unseen fireflies are by most humans and 2. That is it increasingly difficult to be best friends with two sisters.

    By Marissa URL on 07.11.2012

  12. The adviser. Those were the first words I heard when I asked the question that changed my life. The answer was the president’s advisor. The question, who killed my husband?

    By Billiam on 07.11.2012

  13. “I need a little more direction here.” I was positive my uncertainty was bleeding through. He smiled at me and laid a comforting hand on my low back. “That’s why I’m here. They sent me in to be an adviser to you. Just relax and I’ll explain.”

    By CC URL on 07.11.2012

  14. I like to advise people in decisions, I think I can help quite a bit more than I am given credit for. I tend to help quite often and don’t give dumb ass answers like many OTHER people I know. Advising is almost a specialty of mine.

    By Kayla on 07.11.2012

  15. Adviser. One who advises, such as overlooking someone or something. They are knowledgeable, or at least more knowledgeable than other around, because they are advising. I am a good adviser.

    By Tiffanie on 07.11.2012

  16. there was a adviser in the room, geeky looking, but not in a really bad way. She wore a long flowing dress and looked as if she had been through a certain amount of stuff

    By Alysha URL on 07.11.2012

  17. And all she really needed to do was bow her head and pray.

    By morgan URL on 07.11.2012

  18. I’m an adviser. I give advice. But, I can’t give myself advice. I can’t help myself. I can’t make my life what I want it to be. I’m helpless. No one understands. I’m an adviser. I help others, I give good advice. Not for myself.

    By Ashley on 07.11.2012

  19. Kelly’s adviser was absolutely no help at all! She asked for help finding a good job in her area of expertise, so that she could keep her house, and the adviser told her to move to Switzerland!

    By Jamie URL on 07.11.2012

  20. Adviser? That’s a good one. When I think of an adviser, I think of two things, and I generally alternate. I think of a close friend who gives you advice that you really listen to and think on, and then a sinister pharoah’s lieutenant, plotting to take over the world.

    By Tsi Si Faa on 07.11.2012

  21. so there’s a person who claims to, or is supposed to have these answers to these questions. on days we place this crown on certain heads when we ask questions and await answers. when unwanted an adviser can be the most annoying person around, on days we issue the invitation we wait with bated breath for something sensible

    By Shampz on 07.11.2012

  22. The adviser said to the king, “What advice do you have for me?”

    And the king said, “I advise you to ad-vertise…”

    By Abraham on 07.11.2012

  23. The adviser of the meeting stood at the front of the room, gesticulating with his arms. “I’m telling you people that it won’t work!”
    I raised my hand, “But, sir, don’t we have to TRY to know for sure?”

    By Lola URL on 07.11.2012

  24. someone who’s there for you. someone to give you advice about things and guide you along in your choices. a leader. a teacher. someone with experience, who can tell you about their mistakes, so you can learn from them.

    By Kristin on 07.11.2012

  25. My personal adviser would have to be my mother. She is my ruler, my teacher, and counselor, and my best friend.

    I am appreciative for what she does for me; she listens to my whines about boys I want to date and girls I can’t stand. She helps me come up with ideas or sometimes on my college homework. She is always there when I need her.

    No matter how much stress I put her through, I hope that she knows that I love her; and I hope that I’m her personal healer, too.

    By MollyJ URL on 07.11.2012

  26. someone who advises, or teaches, gives advice, could be considered a counselor or perhaps even a parent or guardian, anyone really, someone who has experience in something, Able to give advice

    By hether URL on 07.11.2012

  27. Sometimes people think that I’m a whore. But the truth is I’m the pure one of the group. I’m pretty sure adviser is spelled with an o but whatever. I got Sgt. Peppers in the mail today and let me just say I am in love with this album like really it’s so great. Adviser like someone you go to or what?

    By Leeanne URL on 07.11.2012


    By Manuel on 07.11.2012

  29. Do we need advisers? Do children need advisers? Do adults need advisers? Unfortunately, we all do. It is sad that we can’t be genuinely independent. Somebody has to be above us. It’s sad. Sad. Sad.

    By Vanessa Garcia URL on 07.11.2012

  30. God is our adviser. Parents are our advisers. Bosses are out advisers. We all have them. We aren’t independent. We never are and we never have been. No matter how bad somebody wants to be ‘free,’ they never will be, for somebody is always watching over us. If it isn’t God, it’s ourselves. If it isn’t ourselves, it’s Life. Deal with it. It’s okay to depend on things. Just don’t make it a terrible habit.

    By Vanessa URL on 07.11.2012

  31. Let me advise you that
    there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you are thinking
    the way you are making your life nothing more
    nothing more
    than just a figment of fleeting moments
    unsuccessful or not
    we are ultimately at the mercy of the adviser of life.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 07.11.2012

  32. How I wish I had one. How I long to be one. How everyone needs one. Adviser. We try to get along without them. But how can we ever? We need help. Everyone does. The best and the brightest, the most loved. Everyone needs an adviser. For school, for home; for work for life. We need it, despite our protests. Despite our desperate cries of independence. We need an adviser to help us along. To show us that we cannot survive alone, and that we don’t even have to try.

    By Emily on 07.11.2012

  33. An adviser is a person who has resolved or at least who’s awar of his emotionally problems. This way, he can give advices to people who really need it, and help them with this. I would relaly need one right now.

    By Joanne URL on 07.11.2012

  34. Mother.

    By H on 07.11.2012

  35. An advisor can be a wonderful or bastardly individual, capable of helping those with potential see their greatest achievements, or sinking those very people into the depths of hell.

    Averly was the latter of such advisors, and as a result those under her loathed her with a passion that they could not help but hope they could express, but dare not.

    By John Kieffer on 07.11.2012

  36. my adviser
    my source of encouragement
    my source of inspiration
    my source of stress, too
    because, you see
    I never said thank you

    By KariDawn on 07.11.2012

  37. advising boss is advising
    like a boss
    this adviser is a boss in his own job as a computer designer. He likes the idea of using a computer to program video games. He has hired people to help him through his job.

    By Scoot A. Loo on 07.11.2012

  38. i think its weird how we need the opinion of others to over see our choices. because if we were in true power we wouldnt need to have anyones opinion except for our own. because we would all be confident. but i guess thats not how everyone can be, so we need anothers opinion.

    By Riley URL on 07.11.2012

  39. My adviser
    would have to be my teacher
    Even though I have failed to remember my homework
    She’s always there to help me.
    Because advising teacher is advising.
    I don’t have well writing skills,
    so I can’t write big long paragraphs in 60 seconds
    But I can write this
    And it should be accepted.

    By Scoot A. Loo URL on 07.11.2012

  40. My adviser this year is Mrs. Sheets.

    Fuck Yes.

    I’ve had her in math ever since I came into this school, and I’m damn happy about it. Because she is freaking amazing.

    By Madison on 07.12.2012