June 20th, 2013 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “adorned”

  1. She was adorned with shells and seaweed. They clung to her like lace and jewels, shining in the salty spray beneath the light of the moon.

    By Julie URL on 06.21.2013

  2. She wore a scarlet scarf, draped across her slender neck. It was silk and had belonged to her mother. Her eyes misted at the memory of her mother’s long, silky hair fluttering in the sea breeze, the red scarf trailing behind.

    By dbwolfe URL on 06.21.2013

  3. Adorned with a wreath of flowers on her head, she held her father’s arm as she walked down the aisle. The love of her life awaited her.

    By Karen Costantini on 06.21.2013

  4. Her face was broad and open, unadorned but for the spray of freckles that spattered her cheeks and nose, as if someone had flicked a paintbrush lightly in front of her.

    By mrsmig URL on 06.21.2013

  5. Her eyelashes were adorned with the tiniest rubies that sparkled in the sunlight like glitter. Her lips curved upwards in a vague arrogant smirk that brought out the cold green in her eyes. She was beautiful. And cruel. It was love at first sight.

    By Mya Freeman on 06.21.2013

  6. She was adorned to excess: silver chains on her wrists and ankles, bells hanging from her nails and ears, making music as she walked the city streets. “You sound like a horse,” a random passerby commented, and she smiled. Not practical at all but it didn’t matter for sitting in class or dancing in clubs and by god, did she look good. Silver rings on her fingers, black clothes contrasting with the metal, eyes picking up the sparkles, jangling making music whenever she moved.

    By Ara URL on 06.21.2013

  7. “Thot’s joost the woy thungs ore,” said Uncle George, “ond, I’m soory to soy, thore’s roolly noot a dorned thung you con do aboot ut.”

    By ... on 06.21.2013

  8. I wanted to look my best.\My hair was adorned with jewels.
    I sat there, waiting at my door, my phone.
    But you never came
    You never rang

    By Bailey Allen URL on 06.21.2013

  9. If your unadorned beauty were comparable to the audacity of your ensemble, you’d look nice.

    By JV URL on 06.21.2013

  10. I have found a pool of pity to wallow in and am going to sit here, adorned in my flimsy pride, until the moon rises at which point I will howl and gnash my teeth, raging against the iniquity and malice of the world.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.21.2013

  11. Loved and cherished
    and almost
    as a captain among
    dead sailors
    sinking ships
    the chest of gold
    and wise old tests
    to be treated
    and resepcted
    yet un-resurrected
    but always loved

    By Colton Adrian URL on 06.21.2013

  12. The skylights weren’t the best part. It was the way the sun streamed through them to highlight her hair. The room was huge, but with her at the center, everything else faded away. And she was glowing in a way that reminded him of her carrying his firstborn. A hard lump formed in his throat. “We’ll take it,” he whispered to the real estate agent.

    By Soft URL on 06.21.2013

  13. Everywhere and all over. Iv.e never imagined that being adorned in this way transforms the most meagre to the most sublime. Adornments to all parts of the forearm makes fluorescence powder appear lifeless.
    Sure, no clothing but with body-cover made of fleshy sparklers no-one asks for any other view than the one that now resembles the twinkling of the darkest desert sky

    By Greg on 06.21.2013

  14. I went into the thing hoping against hope that the mole on my face would not be noticed…then it struck me, should it be adorned with wings, well would it work…could they be

    By janton on 06.21.2013

  15. Her neck was adorned by a beautiful ruby necklace inlaid in a silver chain. The silver twisted delicately around the ruby, and stood out against her pale skin.

    By Jennie on 06.21.2013

  16. i dont know what adorned means i am eleven my sis told me what it mens buyt i dont understand heeheeehooohoohahah

    By minihaha on 06.21.2013

  17. With flowers, she was. Freshly picked from our garden that was overgrown, verdant, wild and overstuffed. that is all to

    By Lee URL on 06.21.2013

  18. It was so beautiful, so delighted. It was located by the side of a old tree. She was dead.

    By Lya on 06.21.2013

  19. she adorned a little jewelry piece, something of an ancient variety. why was it on? why did she care about it. because he loved it. he loved it on her. and she wanted him to love her. but was that going to happen? probably not. but she took her chances anyway and smiled

    By Michelle on 06.21.2013

  20. with a cape i could fly into the tunnel without any propositions or excessive adverbial phrases adorned with cats and rats through the streets we ran with our tails upward to the firmament where cirrus friends made space for us to relax and get to know one another she adorned us with the most beautiful birds and shadow puppets into the theater we took our beverages as we wanted cocktails and coffee drinks

    By reluctant URL on 06.21.2013

  21. As I entered the hall, I saw that it was adorned with little fairy lights that sparkled like tiny diamonds in the darkness. I stopped for a second, taking in the dream like ambiance of the venue.

    By Sara Muzzammil URL on 06.21.2013

  22. She was adorned with wreaths of orange lilies. She looked softer in death than in life. Her face was so pale that it could have been sculpted from whipped cream. Her hair was dark and brushed into a silken mass about her shoulders. I always remember the flowers, though. Fleshy sunsets to go with her into the ground, to die upon her chest while she sleeps on. Unaware.

    By F on 06.21.2013

  23. The couple spent all evening adorning the tree in preparation for the ay to come. All night they stayed up and talked about their issues and how they felt about certain experiences. Slowly their issues became settled and they realized how foolishly they’ve acted. Their came an awkward science between the two, partially from sleep deprivation and partially from their realization. Had they strained their relationship past the point of no return? or was their still something left to salvage? They hadn’t even filtered or displayed affection toward each other in months.

    By Ryan G URL on 06.21.2013

  24. One year, my dad and I decided to leave the Christmas tree up after December 25th ended. It kind of started as a joke, maybe to see who would crack first and start taking down ornaments. Every weekend I would visit him, I would first check to see if the tree was still up, and each time it was.

    By Solanno URL on 06.21.2013

  25. It is not adorned, my heart. Vulnerable and fresh like a delicate flower, it dares to open its petals towards you.

    By Harvinder URL on 06.21.2013

  26. She saw him walking up the starirs of her house , typically ending in a porch. At first glance, it seeemed to her a bit too adorned

    By Guilda de Alba on 06.21.2013

  27. she’s adorned her sister to the extent that the other boy next door likes her. actually she likes her. but she just wants her sister to be happier than her. she’s not really into the happy part of life. she’s just here for the mourning and occasional smiles. her life is and is not what she really wanted. but, who in the world can she make her own path of life? she’s not even in control of her own life. everything is revolving around her dad, step mum, and sister.

    By Indy Kana URL on 06.21.2013

  28. Soul, adorn yourself with gladness. The word means t make something glorified and beautiful. Nothing is better that to adorn something with jewels, or beauty. Every bride tries to adorn herself in a way that will please her groom, and make him happy. So adorning your heart with gladness, how can that be bad? The beauty of the joy in your heart shold be stunning to all around you.

    By Moriah on 06.21.2013

  29. When my dad and I decorated Christmas trees, we always made sure we adorned it with as much crap as possible, just like the matchmaker did up Mulan.

    By Solanno URL on 06.21.2013

  30. I adorned my necklace around my neck. It was something that symbolized me. I didn’t know how to feel when the cool metal lay against the radiating heat from my skin. It wasn’t that that scared me the most. It was the warmth in my heart.

    By Dhani on 06.21.2013

  31. Adorned with flowers on the top of her head as if she were the Queen of all Fairies in this godforsaken place. She pulled at the vines that trailed down her back and inhaled the scent of honeysuckles that enveloped the around her.

    By Vanessa Johnston on 06.21.2013

  32. her dress was adorned with pearls
    her smile adorned with sinister
    her hair pinned up in curls
    her arm graced a minister
    her eyes pierced the room like a sin
    and oh that blood red grin
    eyes like daggers and nails like blades
    her sparkling dress hiding her like shades

    By paige URL on 06.21.2013

  33. Imad kijkt naar zichzelf in de spiegel. Op de achtergrond klinkt rap muziek luid. Hij draait heel rustig zijn stropdas in elkaar, veegt met zijn handen over de wollen textuur van zijn pak. Hij haalt z’n neus op, bewondert zich van ver af.

    By HintsOfCologne URL on 06.21.2013

  34. adorned in love,in peace, with passion with purity. It’s not the adornment of the outward but the inner adornment of the soul

    By KEZY on 06.21.2013

  35. decorated. i think of a beautiful christmas tree. or maybe a royal princess covered in jewelry. it’s beauty in it’s truest nature. Every girls wish is to be adorned with jewels

    By Olly on 06.21.2013

  36. decorated. it’s like a snowy tree. some people think of it as decorations as jewelry but i think og it as nature around us. nature’s beauty is adorning us

    By Olly on 06.21.2013

  37. i guess christmas is the first thought, the ornaments adorned onto the tree, so bright so cheerful. but there is sadness too, memories of those who have left us, those we love and miss, the holiday just isn’t the same without her. i guess nothing will be, but it is better to adore than to desaturate, what ugh i dont know what that means, poodles

    By krissy on 06.21.2013

  38. The sun shone through the mosaic window. The golden light brilliantly illuminated the dress the Annette wore adorned with rubies and emeralds. She became a walking mosaic herself.

    By Kaz URL on 06.21.2013

  39. And there, finally, in the back of the parade, was the princess. The woman I saw in my dreams. More elegant than what could form itself in my sleeping mind, she was adorned in a bejeweled sapphire dress that glinted in the sunlight and floated around her like a cool aura in the breeze.

    By Willow URL on 06.21.2013

  40. There once was a young girl, too shy and insecure to speak. Whenever she tried to open her mouth all the words that were trapped there would trip and fall over themselves trying to get out. She fell in love. It was a mistake.
    There once was a teenage girl. Bruises adorned her limbs like tattoos. She didn’t fall in love. That was a mistake too.
    There once was a young woman. A smile adorned her face. She learned that she is loved, and worth loving. That she deserves more than being locked in a cage until someone feels like having her around. The tassel that adorns her cap brushes against her cheek as she mounts the stairs. She smiles again, and like moths to a flame they flock to her. The people she always thought were too good for her surround her. She just smiles.
    Thank you to everyone who’s loved me over the years. I wouldn’t be here without you. : )

    By aura.rayne URL on 06.21.2013