June 20th, 2013 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “adorned”

  1. The house was adorned with all kinds of odd decorations. There were some christmas decorations, but whoever lived here was a football fan. They had nfl stickers in the oddest places. Many had fallen off the brick facade. There were even some on the roof.

    By Anon on 06.20.2013

  2. Queen Mara sat at the center, her daughters in their own seats on either side of her. Ilista looked as glamorous as her mother from where she sat at her throne. Each of them was adorned in the most intricate and colorful clothing and jewelry of gold. Feramus paid the other Atlantean women no attention. Ilista was all he could see, and he was all she could focus on. She smiled warmly as the three travelers approached. Mara addressed them.

    By Amber on 06.20.2013

  3. i adore you.
    in a crude state
    unembellished, unrefined.
    i don’t need you to guild your lily,
    because your flares and fringes
    are what captivates me,
    your rough patches and chunky bits.
    my love doesn’t require polished to a shine.
    let me chafe my mind
    on your splinters and edges

    By berenique URL on 06.20.2013

  4. Always remember that skin adornes skeleton only for limited time.

    By Cydoniac URL on 06.20.2013

  5. She adorned her pinboard with pictures of places she’d never been, paper sunglasses cut-outs, tickets of trains and planes her friends had been on, necklaces and candy wrappers received as gifts, and already she felt a bit better, knowing she wasn’t going anywhere for now, but she was on her way there, because the decision had been taken.

    By CH☆M URL on 06.20.2013

  6. Always keep in mind that skin adorns skeleton only for limited time.

    By Cydoniac URL on 06.20.2013

  7. Adorned with jewels and gold she walked into the room. She was the light of the day and everything he ever dreamed of. Her golden hair, long and beautifully twisted in knots and curls. She was his everything, his world. His universe.

    By Andrea Dunkle on 06.20.2013

  8. I was adorned by how she looked…

    By Brayden McPeak URL on 06.20.2013

  9. He looked up from his dirty, gold platforms and stared out at the hopeless, dark blanket stretched to its breaking point above him, adorned with holes almost as big as the ones in his high heels.

    By Grace URL on 06.20.2013

  10. Festive lights adorned the small shack, blinking in time to a mad, silent conductor. The wooden door, hanging slight ajar, let out the smell of cookies, cinnamon, and love.

    By Kathryn on 06.20.2013

  11. she was adorned with jewelry. the jewels decorated her body like stars and she was night. but they couldn’t take away from her.

    By m on 06.20.2013

  12. she wore a yellow hat and everyone was jealous. it was full of fluffy things and flowers that poked out in every angle. it sat atop her head like a trophy, because it was…for the easter parade was a time to wear such things.

    By vicki URL on 06.20.2013

  13. The porch was adorned with rode petals that were fluttering in the breeze. A cat lay on the swinging bench, snoozing away.

    By Charity on 06.20.2013

  14. There was a clinking of silverware, bright glistening crystal and a sudden burst of confetti. It was the start of a new year, officially and everyone was celebrating. New opportunities new lives to be had, new people to meet and oh the joy it brought to each and every one of us

    By Anali Cantu on 06.20.2013

  15. He placed a jeweled Scarlett necklace around her neck and stepped back to look at her. She was adorned almost to his liking, all she needed now was a wreath of flowers in her hair.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.20.2013

  16. a set of glittering teeth adorned your neck,
    and i always wondered where they came from.
    i was too afraid to ask.

    so when you came to me with a necklace,
    befitted with teeth,
    just for me,
    i wore it without complaint.

    By Caitlan Zufelt URL on 06.20.2013

  17. She stared up at the picture, eyes wide in shock. How was it possible that he had been able to stay so still, even with all the hundreds (if not thousands) of tiny thorns that lay upon the branch that adorned his head. She guessed it was just another reason he was so amazing.

    By Ellen on 06.20.2013

  18. Adorned with medals,the general talked a strong game.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.20.2013

  19. “It’s not your jewlery,”shouted Hansel at the top of his lungs,”It is you!I love you!”

    By A False Terl URL on 06.20.2013

  20. though the trees were adorned
    in summertime
    everything turned cold
    and died
    selfish words
    spoken selflessly
    still sting

    By katiekieran URL on 06.20.2013

  21. The sticky redness pooled in the hollows of her body, in her collarbones, in the crook of her elbows. She was adorned by what she had done, painted ceremonially by his suffering.

    By k on 06.20.2013

  22. I have adorned my body with the most exquisite dress I have used the most beautiful accessories and still I feel as ugly as ever. This cosmetic touches cannot erase the deep feelings of unworthiness that emanate from my very soul.

    By Tracey URL on 06.20.2013

  23. The king was adorned with a bejeweled crown that glimmered against the sunset. He sat looking out on the horizon towards the sea and lowered the crown from his head, then threw it off the balcony and into the salty water.

    By Desire' on 06.20.2013

  24. The entire hall was adorned with holly and ivy so that it truly felt like a madrigal feast. I felt especially comfortable in my doublet and muffin hat, and my makeshift Renaissance-style shoes made only a small scuffing noise as I darted about the room, observing all the decorations and prepared food. I stepped up to a table with goblets of wassail before being stopped by my biology teacher.


    “Hi, Mrs. Henderson!” I smiled.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.20.2013

  25. My face is cleverly adorned by a mask of lies. No one shall ever know that behind the deceptive feathers, glitter, and paper-mache, I am crying. No one will realize that I am not what I seem; that the smile plastered on my face isn’t real.

    By Sentito URL on 06.20.2013

  26. His walls were usually adorned with the heads of the various trophy animals he had killed, but today he had packed them away for his move to another city. Boston, it was unlikely he would unpack them.

    By the Ash-king URL on 06.20.2013

  27. He was adorned with jewels of every kind and clothes from every corner of the world, and people begged to even be in his presence, and yet his heart was empty, and his life was meaningless.

    By Jason URL on 06.20.2013

  28. Wow that lady as wearing quite the latest smashion. That is to say her weighted gold chians were smashing, at precisely measured intervals, the heads of very small humans. They were shattering and shouting (those that were waiting) and looked quite unhappy to be at the ball at all!

    By Erin on 06.20.2013

  29. I adorned the Christmas tree with the last ornament. All that was necessary was the angel. But just as I was about to put it onto thee tree…

    By Emmy Loo Hoo URL on 06.20.2013

  30. you glitter, like a star,
    but you’re burning up too fast.
    a galaxy adorns your neck,
    choking the last of the
    dark matter from your lungs

    By Caitlan URL on 06.20.2013

  31. To be adorned sound like it would be quite beautiful. Not just to be loved, but to have someone prove that love to you. Now THAT is something

    By Taya on 06.20.2013

  32. Somebody fancies you. You are freaking adorable. Being adorned by people makes me happy. My puppies are adorned by me! It reminds me of a word that would be used in a Christmas carol. I hate Christmas Carols, though.

    By Britney on 06.20.2013

  33. i was hanging the ornaments when they started fighting again. it was horrible. no matter what, even though it was christmas, my parents couldn’t look past themselves.

    By zzzzz on 06.20.2013

  34. he adorned all the quiet places inside of me,
    quietly whispering memories false,
    for I never knew he would forsake me,
    until i realized he was all that I had,
    and all that I lost.
    He was everywhere, and nowhere, adorned in me.

    By JonWhiteEagle URL on 06.20.2013

  35. Celebrities are adorned. Children, parents, friends are adorned. But will anybody ever “adorn” us? Can we “adorn” ourselves? Magazines, tv, books… they celebrate the celebrated.

    By Mags on 06.20.2013

  36. I went into the room and saw beautiful coach which was adorned with nice ruffles. This was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

    By Tina on 06.20.2013

  37. The tree was adorned with beautiful, shining golden lights, but now was possibly the worst time to see something as amazing as it. The dreadful mood I was in could not have been worsened at all by seeing this fabulous tree, because all the memories in that moment rushed back to me, and, overwhelmed by them, I closed my eyes and water trickled down my face.
    Oh, I miss you, Nele. I miss you so much already.

    By Raviv L. URL on 06.20.2013

  38. I wrote in my journal today about how bad I felt for the rest of the United States they didn’t adorn their selves in lei’s to celebrate every occasion.

    By Camille URL on 06.20.2013

  39. I grabbed a washcloth and started scrubbing away at the statue. It had to be adorned by tonight

    I had to look up what adorned.. XD I don’t know what it means. lol

    By Willow URL on 06.20.2013

  40. Her hair was pulled up and adorned with the most dazzling crystals found in the country. No other woman was dressed as nicel

    By Kathy Stone on 06.20.2013