December 23rd, 2012 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “actual”

  1. The actual effects of his actions wouldn’t be regarded for another couple of years. He couldn’t perceive the future very well, however. That was the job of his time-traveling uncle, who, at the time, was desperately trying to convince the boy to make the right choice.

    By Archori URL on 12.23.2012

  2. It was real. It was actually there. He wasn’t pretending or dreaming anymore. He thought he was, but he wasn’t using and abusing anymore. This was actually happening. He didn’t know how to deal with reality when he had been living a fantasy for so long.

    By Grace URL on 12.23.2012

  3. actual family are the ones that are there. The ones who support and never run. Those that uplift and remind you why you are important.

    By Solitaire URL on 12.23.2012

  4. It wasn’t an actual relationship.
    Actually, it was more like a beneficial agreement–
    an actual friends-with-benefits relationship.
    Actually, it wasn’t that either.
    In all actuality, it was two people eager
    for the touch of intimacy–no matter who
    it was actually from.

    By Desiree J URL on 12.23.2012

  5. I hope that someday I can find a place, very far away from here, any place at all, that has actual people. People that don’t stab their fellow man in the back as a way to get ahead. Its the daily races that kill. Ive seen it.

    By Ry URL on 12.23.2012

  6. In actuality, the actual being of something is interpreted through the lights, the sounds, the circumstances within any given moment to any given person. Relativism in actuality is actually, actual.

    By MattLibs URL on 12.23.2012

  7. I think that the actual problem at least in my land’s society is anger and violence. Instead of trying to have a good time and make it easy to others people are waiting for this special moment to insult or be aggresive with one another. It’s a shame. We should be less selfish and try to have a good time and relax without screwing other people’s lives, it’s not their fault.

    By Carolina on 12.23.2012

  8. Actually factually teenagers sassy
    Actually factually facts
    Actual realistic actual

    virtual non existent
    make believe

    By Taylor on 12.23.2012

  9. Actual?What?I.. I .. time is up ? Really ? I think .. I’m happpp.. :|

    By Lòla on 12.23.2012

  10. He fetishized authenticity. He was the guy who saw the band before they “sold out.” He was the one who was riding single gear bikes before it was “cool.” He was the guy who never actually enjoyed anything.

    By Chris Clow URL on 12.23.2012

  11. Actual . Actual . I just a little word but a huge action . I think I’m crazy..And the time is….. No.Soo… :|

    By Lòla on 12.23.2012

  12. actually, i want pumpkin spice, please.
    she fingers the candles thoughtfully and imagines him calling her name,
    coming home to a living room of swirling autumn-scented love.
    they’re on sale, chirps the redheaded salesclerk,
    three for the price of one or ten for the price of five.
    she closes her eyes and dreams him home and says,
    just one, for now.

    By featherb URL on 12.23.2012

  13. He slept in the night, all alone, having the option to sleep next to a warm body that he could call his own. He slept in the night in the warm comfort of a couch, a television, and the occasional website, where he’d jerk off most of his frustrations. It was at this actual moment where his brain experienced a tiny flare of ecstasy with the help of a memory. The memory of a dashing young woman so unmatched to any other in style, grace, charm and spirit. It was in the crease of her lips, the wrinkle in her nose, and the radiance in her eyes; It was in this actual moment that he experienced love again, in body and mind.

    By Christina Robles URL on 12.23.2012

  14. Actual.
    The opposite of kind-of.
    Not to be mistaken with fake.
    Is similar to real.
    Something I struggle to be.
    Not just a version, not just a story.
    Real life.
    I am –
    Actually me.

    By Rachel Kirven URL on 12.23.2012

  15. This is reality. What is. What there is supposed to be. Truth. The word describes what many people want to hear and want to obtain.

    By joe on 12.23.2012

  16. actual is actually a word a use a whoile whole bunch
    i think it;’s a quiaklifier… is it a qualifier?
    well anyway, i;’m actually a muich better speler than this, but since i’m on the clock i;’m just trying to get stuiff out.. asctual actual actual
    it’s likeewhai, t isinstead on instead of, but also an emphasizer

    By Emily on 12.23.2012

  17. it’s the same word again.. i wonder what this means?
    wow that took longer than it should have
    stupid caps lock
    and autocorrect, man!

    By Emily on 12.23.2012

  18. Actual is the problem of existence, actual is searching, actual is every eternal dilemma. For actuality is the reappearance of past problems, transitory events are not actual, they are ephemeral.

    By Alessandro on 12.23.2012

  19. The truth was finally revealed. Despite all of Andrew’s attempts, she was the actual prophet of the New Era, and now it was known to all. Marc’s eyes narrowed as he whispered to Andrew, “Another minute, and she would have been done for.” Andrew spun quickly, stabbed Maria in the heart, and with eyes blazing and fists clenched, began to charge at Marc.

    By Krystalyn on 12.23.2012

  20. The real thing!

    By Denise on 12.23.2012

  21. Aktuell ist bei mir nichts los. Ich sitze manchmal und meistens schlafe ich. Wenn ich sitze, schaue ich vor mich hin. Ich sehe bunte Kreise an der Wand, die tanzen und ich höre eine wilde Musik, mit trommelden Bässen, und viel weißes gleißendes Licht. Davon werde ich müde und dann muss ich schlafen, egal, ob es Tag oder Nacht ist. Ich weiß schon gar nicht mehr, wie es draußen auf der Straße aussieht.

    By Eli URL on 12.23.2012

  22. Actually I’m not a woman at all. I’m a small organism on a rotating reality based sitcom I call my life. I am a number. I am a piece of ass. I am a cog in the machine.

    By Liz on 12.23.2012

  23. the reality behind something. it’s real and complete form. what it is.

    By brittney on 12.23.2012

  24. Her actual face was different than this one, but nobody else knew that. The makeup piled on in tons and kilos. The smile that was practiced in the mirror every day. The hair dyed shades darker than her own. She knew that it wasn’t her real face, too. She liked it that way.

    By Savanna URL on 12.23.2012

  25. this is what I expected
    I envisioned a wall, brick and mortar
    The sort to could spend a lifetime climbing
    Instead, in actuality, the wall was all
    Not to defeat, but to kiss, grind against
    And repeat

    By gsk URL on 12.23.2012

  26. Flop is an actual word.
    Actual fact the figure 8 is close to c profiles.

    By sarika on 12.23.2012

  27. In life things actualise, they become. You can actualis things by investing thoughts and feelings in them :) that is how energy becomes what we call actual. Actual in this sense meaning stuff that we matterialise.

    By Sophie on 12.23.2012

  28. There was no actual message on the card. It was just a picture, but Pat was certain there was a hidden meaning behind it.

    Cory looked over his shoulder.
    “What’s it say?”
    “Nothing….just shows an old farmhouse and barn. What do you suppose it means?”
    “Why does it have to mean anything? Who sent it?”
    Pat looked the card over.
    “It’s not signed.”
    Pat’s eyes widened.
    “Did you see that?”
    “See what?”
    “Someone was just in the window of the house…but…now they’re gone.”
    Cory laughed.
    “You’re looney.”

    By Cim URL on 12.23.2012

  29. Chippy knew there was no actual proof that Santa kept a list of every naughty or nice boy and girl around the world. Was it possible that he could watch every kid while also reading letters, dictating tasks to the elves on toy-making, tending to the reindeer, visiting malls and keeping himself plump? Chippy was skeptical. He figured it was just one of those things adults say to kids to scare them.

    By penny dreadful URL on 12.23.2012

  30. On the outside lies the tempting image of a juicy red delicious apple, shining in its glory with its luminous skin. But just one bite sends a reeking chill down your spine as the taste of rotting corpses and organs slithers down your throat.

    By Deborah Lin URL on 12.23.2012

  31. realick
    not real spuprising unknow not sure
    hotmantle project

    By alice on 12.23.2012

  32. actual love is something extremely hard to find, One goes on the pursuit of love for their whole life, without actually knowing what it is. I enjoy the fact that there is this… mask, this secret to life… i’m babbbling.

    By Sophie on 12.23.2012

  33. it’s just another season, right? drix was sitting across from the boy of his dreams but he didnt know it yet. sometimes it takes a catastrophe to learn how to get things right. hello cruel world.

    By becca Loo URL on 12.23.2012

  34. actual nonsense
    actually, that’s nonsense
    actualize the nonsense
    actual nonsense

    act chew whole

    By Dave URL on 12.23.2012

  35. actual, like love actually. to know that something is real or true, a phenomenon that doesn’t happen too often. i don’t know very many things that are actual. adds to the depression…

    By Purvi on 12.23.2012

  36. Is it actual or just a theory? Actuality is the proven existence of a certain object or idea. Science is actual and religion is not. People need to understand that for something to be actual, it has to be proven.

    By Alistair Ramsay on 12.23.2012

  37. The actual report said that there wasn’t much hope. Damien’s improvement was little to none. He read like a first grader but was trapped in a third grader’s body. He had little economic or home support. He was a minority in a majority-supported culture. However, the wrinkles in his eyes as he smiled told another story–one of joy, of hope, and of the love of a new book, slowly turning page after page at a rate that took much longer than all the other kids. Looking back now at his picture at his college graduation, I remember thinking his slow pace was probably to let the joy and possibility sink in.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 12.23.2012

  38. Actual. Actually. Realistically. Honestly.
    Life is something actually wonderful. If you take your time and open your eyes to look around, you realize how true that

    By kasidy on 12.23.2012

  39. Actually, I don’t know. I don’t know where I am supposed to be, or where I am supposed to go. I don’t know who to be, or who to try to please when there is so many people expecting so much from me. I try to be the actual best, but with what I have to try to follow, I don’t think I will be.

    By AnnieB URL on 12.23.2012

  40. lies. forever. this time who knows. when she needs something. never when it’s real. never when it’s fine. never when it’s fun. didn’t work out. hurts when i touch it. ice to get through. this time.

    By Lj URL on 12.23.2012