April 18th, 2011 | 649 Entries

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649 Entries for “acoustic”

  1. The acoustic conditions were prefect in the dark attic. Jack wasn’t entirely sure why, usually attics aren’t as well insulated as the rest of the house. Yet, when he whispered on one side of the attic Kendra could hear him on the other side. It was fascinating, but a bit frightening. He wondered if it was on purpose. There’s no way you could ever have a secret in this attic.

    By Tabz URL on 04.18.2011

  2. Guitar strumming fingerpain bloodsong handclaps echotaps assault my ears.

    By Megan on 04.18.2011

  3. The temporal fluctuations increased as the small portal hummed excitedly in front of me. After lo these many years of work we had finally managed to stabilize the multiverse membrane emitter and finally we would reap the fruits of our labor. Amusingly, the algorithm we had been missing this whole time ended up emerging from an early and obscure Lightning Hopkins guitar solo…

    By zachmichelini URL on 04.18.2011

  4. Acoustic. Well, my dad suggested I could be an acoustic engineer. One that deals with sounds and whatnot. I currently own two acoustic guitars and a ukulele. It’s funny the way acoustic is spelled… That ‘u’ doesn’t seem to belong, but it also wouldn’t be the same word without it. How funny is that? Anyway, I don’t know what I want to do with my life. That pretty much sums up this 1 minute paragraph about the work acoustic.

    By Audrey URL on 04.18.2011

  5. music, sound, the overwhelming of a space with vibrations and rhythms that puncture your soul and make you feel something not tangible. brings your body to life

    By morgan on 04.18.2011

  6. Acoustic

    Acoustic vibrations,
    fill my soul.
    The music comes on,
    and I just lose control.


    Just wanna,
    Just wanna…
    right outta,
    my pants,

    I just can’t fight this feeling,
    This natural rhythmic meaning,
    To my life…

    So I come here for you,
    to do what I do.
    To put on a show,
    and let the world know…

    that…Acoustic vibrations
    fill my soul.
    the music comes on,
    and I just lose control.

    By lildevi URL on 04.18.2011

  7. Acoustics is when sound waves travel from place to place and bounce off of solid objects. Bathrooms tend to have good acoustics. They are very important in the creation of music and musical instruments.

    By Ross on 04.18.2011

  8. Soft, warm glows. Cold, but immediately warm and cozy. Hot chocolate. A beautiful guitar. A bitter happiness, more satisfying than a happiness pure.

    By Andrew on 04.18.2011

  9. The sounds of her voice bounce off the walls in the empty room. Her screams echo only to find her ears as the sole receiver of their anguish.

    By CG on 04.18.2011

  10. i have no idea what to write about! but to me acoustics mean music and music plays a big part in my life. recenlty i started giving lessons in the concertina and i have to say i find it really rewarding to see her improve and learn from me, it also shows the inadequacies of Comhaltas that a child would pick up so many bad habits.

    By Fiachra Kavanagh on 04.18.2011

  11. The sounds of nature fill the air, a perfect symphony of simplistic noises that come together to create perfection. Peace. You are one with the earth, and nothing can take that earth and serenity away from you. You become engulfed in the sound. You are okay. You are safe. The music blocks out the world, and all its impurities.

    By Taylor Smith on 04.18.2011

  12. and the music fills my ears, resonating deep within my soul. i can’t escape the chords of melancholy nor the plucks of happiness. but often the deeper nest is left, the fear, the darker hollow sounds. i won’t be safe from emptiness.

    By Alli, wordgypsy URL on 04.18.2011

  13. In my mother’s bedroom, there is an old acoustic guitar. A string is missing, and its horribly out of tune. When I was little, I used to try to sneak in there in the middle of the night and take out that guitar so I could play it. Every time, my mom would wake up and smile, then tell me to go back to sleep.

    By Kelsey on 04.18.2011

  14. acoustic its like a guitar only better and its got so much stuff to go on from like banjos hey i have a banjo its super cool. its name is rafiki. Man its such a cool banjo its got so much character and everything can’t wait until i am able to just rock out compeltely on that thing it’s gonna be so cool man its goona be rocking out loud :D yaya acoustic stuff is the shit.

    By Kevin on 04.18.2011

  15. She holds her old guitar between her legs; she doesn’t even know how to play. Something tuggs inside her heart when she thinks of preforming one day; she doesn’t know why, maybe it’s to show all her “friends” who she really is.

    By Alessandra on 04.18.2011

  16. the sleak guitars soft music wafted across the moist house, making me fall fast asleeep

    By grace b on 04.18.2011

  17. Acoustic music is my favourite. Of course it might depend on the mood I´m in that day, but I’ve generally found that there’s acoustic music for every mood. And that’s pretty much all I can say about this word…

    By Nica on 04.18.2011

  18. Acoustic is a type of music…I think. It doesn’t have any electrical amplification, and is therefore more suited to chilled music, at least from my perspective. Many bands like to do intimate acoustic shows every so often to connect with their fans. And there’s no way that was sixty seconds.

    By Matt URL on 04.18.2011

  19. I follow the curve of the guitar with my eyes. it calms me and gives me a secret thrill. someday, music will come out of this guitar. someday, I will know myself.

    By Alessandra on 04.18.2011

  20. Acousitc. That’s my favourite type of music. It’s just simple enough to be beautiful and have flaws at the same time. That’s what I love. Imperfection. Never take it too seriously. Give yourself the freedom to fuck up. Think of what you fear most and go live there.

    By Hannah. on 04.18.2011

  21. One day you will play for the crowd you long for. One day your face will age with the brilliance of a thousand songs. One day you will put down your guitar. One day you will pick it back up. And on your last day, you will bleed the hearts of the million, through the strings, through the melody. You are acoustic, and you will die with such a feat in your soul.

    By leah URL on 04.18.2011

  22. You played that acoustic guitar, the sounds flowing smoothly out and your fingers gliding like magic over the strings. I listen and I know that with every string you strum, I will fall more in love you with you. Every string played on the guitar, is just another string played on my heart.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 04.18.2011

  23. when i think acoustic i think music. SImplicity in music. Simple. Easy. Slow paced. Allowing for the rhythm to be expressed and a lot of the backup music to die down. Nothing to harsh or eccentric. Just easy going. Easy to listen to. But not always the best version of the song.

    By Jenipher Andrews on 04.18.2011

  24. Acoustic guitars play in the background of a hot cafe.
    The stifling evening air is caught around our necks.
    My friends have ditched me.
    I watch the people talking, drinking, laughing.
    When did I become so alone?

    By bethany URL on 04.18.2011

  25. acoustic. like, acoustic guitars? those are so hot. i wish i could play the acoustic guitar. acoustic sounds so so much better than with all the drums and flashyness that goes along with it usually. just a guitar and a voice. that’s good music right there. or in the shower. acoustics are great in a bathroom. I LOVE IT! so amazing.

    By Jordyne on 04.18.2011

  26. Her voice bounced off the many walls of the small cavern hidden beneath the waves. The long, complicated way to get here had been well worth the wait. Never before had I heard her sing and now that I had I never wanted the melodic sound to stop.

    By Alexis URL on 04.18.2011

  27. i think about guitar and high school and the sun on the black asphalt and the cars passing by and feeling trapped knowing that all that lies for me is home and work. and a desk. and the same thing over and over. Those days of being young.
    but then i think that in those days I tried and i REALLY tried. i tried to play guitar with my best effort. But maybe not even. Because it’s not like I stopped doing homework. But it’s the one thing that i liked. and i try to imagine going back and sitting in that hallway and what if I didn’t have school and all day every day i was to breathe this guitar. This wood, these strings. If this was my life. Would I lose the ability to talk? The ability to sleep? How would I do it? What will you do now?

    By Ylan on 04.18.2011

  28. A boy, an acoustic guitar, his heart on his sleeve. That is his Dashboard Confessional.

    By daniel URL on 04.18.2011

  29. A pple
    C anopy
    O range
    U mbrella
    S tranger
    T rees
    I nsignificant
    C razy

    Acoustic…. ?!?!

    By PunkyG URL on 04.18.2011

  30. the guitar sat there in the empty room, enticing me. “I don’t know how to play” i thought “but maybe I’ll give it a try”. I picked it up, and blew dust off the neck, and watched it dance in the sunlight. I put on the strap and felt the course string beneath my finger. I held down a fret and gave a gentle strum. It sang in delight and I strummed again. This time I tried a new fret. My fingers are getting sore.

    By megansense on 04.18.2011

  31. the acouc guitar just plays by itself following by the soundof the fire in side the familroom re just mom and ad stas util latewaiior the kids to go aslep on a mondaynight were the week starts and everyone is tired t waiting to play the acousc guitar to listen to anything but the world and play just a new song telling the new story of your life

    By luisaalvarado96 on 04.18.2011

  32. Acústico é o som que sai do pensamento. Eu penso que poderia chorar só de pensar no acústico do vento. E volto ao pensamento.

    By lucas URL on 04.18.2011

  33. acoustic guitar allows me to express myself. anything acoustic really. something about the way the strings are stroked that just unlocks something inside of me and just happens to express all i’ve been feeling.

    By adrianna on 04.18.2011

  34. The sound was warm as it reverbrated through my chest. A deep sad bass with a thump that echoes my own sad heart beats. How I could sit through another acoustic set at this lowdown western addition dive.

    By Pam Heilman on 04.18.2011

  35. acoustic, well i dont know what’s that, really, i dont speak english, i speak spanish, i dont speak very well english but…. that’s doesn’t matter that’s not the meaning of acoustic!! well, acoustic is…. well a type of guitar?

    By andrea on 04.18.2011

  36. My aunt was acoustic. She would just walk up to people and start telling them things like the square root of 8 and how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. She was popular amongst the Amish.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 04.18.2011

  37. guitar
    phil wickham

    By Bri URL on 04.18.2011

  38. the big brown shape of loveliness was sitting in front of me. i decided to play the big brown shape of loveliness. and then I played the big brown shape of loveliness. and it was pretty.

    By Bobby Joe on 04.18.2011

  39. Acoustic sounds slip out into the breeze. Musical notes carved from birch trees fly through my ears, through my mind. The lyrics bloom on their backs- green willows twisted into the treble clef, white magnolia flowers scattered throughout the bass. They take root in the recesses of my brain. I can’t get this song out of my head.

    By bethany URL on 04.18.2011

  40. The acoustics were fantastic. One less thing to worry about as I got up on stage to perform in front of my competitors.

    By Caroline on 04.18.2011