April 18th, 2011 | 649 Entries

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649 Entries for “acoustic”

  1. Music, beautiful, family, time together, sitting around a campfire, folk, Austin, Peace, woodstock, hippies, guitar, sound, soul, love, life,

    By Summer Grace on 04.19.2011

  2. plucking vibration-licked organs throughout ten cent skinny strings; auras that define more wonder than an entire Zeppelin soundtrack; your fingernails hold more power than rivers of wealth

    By Lauren Vargas URL on 04.19.2011

  3. His fingers rested lightly on the plastic strings. They were sticky with caramel apples and spilled juice. Small, curling animals, those fingers.

    By Cheerio URL on 04.19.2011

  4. acuustic is the most amazing sound of music one can come by. The guitar echos throughout the room and the audience becomes entranced by the rythm. There is no other sound that is more soothing to the soul than the acoustic guitar. After a long hard day, one can relax, stair at the ceiling, and turn on some beautiful music.

    By Ali on 04.19.2011

  5. The ehos of the steel and nylon strings echoed throughout the small gloomy coffee shop. The atmospere was calm and dark but the sound of the guitar livened up the place

    By Ali URL on 04.19.2011

  6. Sound of air and strings of steal
    the sound drifts to me light and subtle
    wondrous music to my ears
    and the faint sounds of a child’s laughter
    Oh the beauty of an acoustic
    How you make the air ripe with sound

    By Tabitha Harris on 04.19.2011

  7. As she held her breath and
    communicated despair
    one light turned off
    under the notion of
    suffocating her fears
    to the undiminished
    idea of waking beneath the
    covers of the oceanic sand.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 04.19.2011

  8. singing along with friends and loves and living life like it will never be lived again. appreciate these simple moments. recreate and cultivate love among yourselves.

    By Cas on 04.19.2011

  9. music …guitar … sound, india arie

    By tomi on 04.19.2011

  10. guitar music musician no words soft mellow wood strings sound play

    By v on 04.19.2011

  11. I love the sound. I wish I could play. I begged my parents for an acoustic guitar and they gave me one. I told myself I would teach myself, but never could. I need lessons.

    By casey on 04.19.2011

  12. i already wrote about this word. it reminded me of Jeff and playing the guitar which i miss. and of all the people i know who play guitar. they are all really wonderful. now I miss LIFE and Jeff and people, but not high school so much. I don’t miss that one bit. Not one bit at all. It was rather crappy, although had it’s wonderful moments.

    By Liz URL on 04.19.2011

  13. I was in acoustics class this semester; I’m pretty sure I failed. The exam was really hard, and the prof was Swedish, and i spent way too much time drinking hot chocolate and playing Gold Strike on my Macbook. We learned some fun stuff though. Like about autotuning and Theremins.

    By Alyssa Johnson on 04.19.2011

  14. Softly strumming his dreadnaught accoustic, David began to quietly sing about loss and uncertainty. Larry knew his brother was singing about Lauren, but that didn’t take anything away from the haunting melody or the sadness that settled over the coffee house.

    By Forrest McDonald URL on 04.19.2011

  15. soft sounding lovely words that tell meaning without harsh beats in the back it is something that is softer tune and just hear the voices of the artist. to hear the true beauty of the voice of the artist is magical. it is something the background of the music can never be at its best without this beauty acoustic sound

    By rachel on 04.19.2011

  16. Acoustic? That’s an odd thing to write about. But then, any one word on its own is going to seem odd. Acoustic songs are my favorite. Without exception, it’s always better acoustic. I hate electric guitars. Acoustic guitars are where it’s at. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to write this. Commentary, story, poem? Anything? I dunno. Not supposed to think, right? Just write, right? Yepp.. Back to acoustic.

    By Paul J Rehac URL on 04.19.2011

  17. i like acoustic guitar more than electric guitar because it is more calming and relaxing. loads of bands use acoustic because its kind of indie and alternative, it has a really nice sound. so yeah.

    By lesbian on 04.19.2011

  18. ok im not even kidding, i just wrote about acoustic! give me a new word! GOD DAMMIT!! lol jokes i dont mind really, its just that i feel like a retard writing about the same thing twice, you know?


    A LOT.


    By lesbian on 04.19.2011

  19. Acoustic reminds me of a lost innocence, a time when thoughts were naive and reality harsh. Acoustic dreams and pure intentions, all to be ruined by older forces and bad nights harvested within the memory I try to hide. I was a campground of ignorance and youth, they took up residence on my once-nice grass and left it a torn mess.

    By Jackie Ayars on 04.19.2011

  20. The sweet sound of his guitar filled up the whole room like smoke in the crowded bar down the street. I miss those days where there were no need to try and find a ride home. You know you’d go home with some like him.

    By Megan on 04.19.2011

  21. Rain Delay ( My life-mind )

    Its raining.
    Mothernature crying.
    Tears falling through the clouds landing on the windsheild.
    Hit the wipers trying to dry the droplets that are endless.
    They keep coming ” what a shame” is what I say. I shake my head because i just dont know what to do.
    They won’t stop, no sunshine at all.
    Such Sad times are a head of us.
    Thinking of this is my mind makes me even more sad.

    By Derek Rouse on 04.19.2011

  22. I wish I had better acoustics in my office. I am often distracted by outside noises..

    By justme URL on 04.19.2011

  23. They make acoustic basses. I found this extremely cool when I found out. I saw one in a local music store and took a picture of it with my phone. It is now my background because it is so fugging cool!

    By Lor-n URL on 04.19.2011

  24. I love to hear acoustic-
    the sound of reality
    coming from a human
    machinery not welcomed here

    By David Saleeba URL on 04.19.2011

  25. I had a dream to put together a show to get you to make up with me. I’d be playing guitar and singing a song and you’d turn to mush inside and get delighted and want to come up on stage to kiss me right there. I love you… I’m simple. I’m an Adam Sandler inside…Sometimes I’m a fool and just want you to see how much I do love you… what can I do to get you to see that?

    By Cam URL on 04.19.2011

  26. I think of the guitar that I play. I love to play cause it is so fun. That is what I think of this word.

    By bananaphone URL on 04.19.2011

  27. I have no clue on what acoustic means. Acoustics sounds like a crazy word. I wonder if albert einstien ever used the word acoustic.

    By Jpac URL on 04.19.2011

  28. acoustic means of or relating to the science of acoustics; 2:a remedy for hearing loss or deafness.

    By chase URL on 04.19.2011

  29. Some people prefer acoustic guitars instead of electric guitars.

    By Sam tate URL on 04.19.2011

  30. Uhhh I think that this is a word that I don’t know i’ll probably have some nerd tell me about what it means later … :)

    By nelle crandell URL on 04.19.2011

  31. Acoustic guitars sound way better then electric they are the original.

    By devin21 URL on 04.19.2011

  32. Acoustic is a type of music or a type of guitar.

    By Donielle is awesome URL on 04.19.2011

  33. my brother is an expert at acoustic

    By anacaa URL on 04.19.2011

  34. lots of people would like to use electric guitars instead of ACOUSTIC ONES.

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 04.19.2011

  35. guitars are so awesome i woud love to play them and learn how to write my own song one day and have my songs on the radio for everyone to hear!!

    By marcia on 04.19.2011

  36. i hear the brass strings twang against the wood. I think of home. I smell the pine trees, hear the crackling fire, taste the sweet tea. Country music and a stone sour ballad play inside my mind, as I see my father fiddling with his old guitar, playing sweet home alabama. i miss home

    By Katie Willis on 04.19.2011

  37. I just wrote on this. I like this concept… this website, I mean, though I don’t find the word acoustic very inspiring. Acoustic: producing sound… or something.

    By Chernobyl URL on 04.19.2011

  38. Acoustic guitars

    By Brittany URL on 04.19.2011

  39. acoustic is like music or a guitar I don’t know how to play it but when it is played right it sounds cool.

    By josh on 04.19.2011

  40. Akustischer Jazz, das hat er gesagt, und ich hab nicht verstanden, was er meint. Ich meine, also, geht Jazz auch unakustisch? Ja, ok, wenn es so gar keine Akustik gibt im Raum … Aber ist nicht auch eine schlechte Akustik immerhin eine Akustik? Alles, was man hört ist doch akustisch? Geht jazzen eigentlich auch visuell?

    By Eli URL on 04.19.2011