September 14th, 2011 | 458 Entries

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458 Entries for “account”

  1. account. i honestly have no idea where to go with this. as far as bank accounts go, i’m ridiculously financially irresponsible. I’m pretty impressed with the fact that I regularly remember how to put gas in my gar. but even then, I had to RUN OUT OF GAS to learn that lesson………On the account of things and how they’re going: I’m stressed.

    By Ashli Jade URL on 09.14.2011

  2. An account of money. A person’s account of a situation. The latter is far more meaningful in my opinion. It can be the deciding factor in a murder trial or a beautiful story told of a loved one.

    By Rachel Sherwood on 09.14.2011

  3. I didn’t grow up in church, so I never had an accountability partner. Someone to tell my sins to. I held myself accountable for everything that I thought or did. But about a year ago, I met my friend Stevie. She’s the first Christian friend I’ve ever had. Now, just the thought of her makes me more accountable for my actions and thoughts. I’m very blessed.

    By Robyn URL on 09.14.2011

  4. A profile. A mask behind which you change and contort beyond your wildest imagination. Contrary to being held accountable for something, holding an account provides freedom and arbitrariness within an ocean of infinite waves.

    By Rachel on 09.14.2011

  5. i have all this money in my bank account. and i keep spending it on silly things.
    i’m high maintenance and selfish and greedy and vain and egotistical.
    money rules my mood and it’s so pathetic.

    By sarah marie URL on 09.14.2011

  6. my account is empty, cause no have problems, quit my payment, never believe this could be forsaken.

    By israel on 09.14.2011

  7. I never thought about it. I always thought it was their faults, not mine. But now, it is put under my account. So, i guess it is my fault. My fault he is dead. My fault.

    By Ayesha on 09.14.2011

  8. On all accounts I agree with you. The moment I saw it all unfold, I realized what we were in for. The sadness filled the room. But another thing was present that day. Hope. Hope that one day this sadness would leave us. Happiness could come just as easily. Maybe not now. But someday. Hopefully.

    By Ashley on 09.14.2011

  9. billing acounts. And an acount for money. My dad has told me for years he would set me up a bank acount. he has finally got around to it. Account has a lot of meanings. Hold yourself acountable. Acountable for our reactions. It means that we’re given a sense of responsiblity. We are being held acountable whether or not we realize it. Account gives a bit more enormity to what we do. Doesn’t it? That is, if you believe in that sort of thing. I do. Most certainly.

    By bella on 09.14.2011

  10. As i stood there watching him, my heart felt something. My heart beats. He had never taken my feelings in account but somehow this feels different. I wonder why.

    By ayesha lee URL on 09.14.2011

  11. taken into account these feelings and i’ve been accounted for. five emotions reeling a stylish roulette through my experience before i fall back into a sleep that has yet to be accounted for. five emotions will either be the death of me or i will be set free. intuition says i don’t need to account for either result.

    By Alex Light URL on 09.14.2011

  12. When I stepped into your office you told me I had to have an account.
    I didn’t want one but I felt obligated because it was for a good cause.
    Lives could be changed by what I was about to do.
    Even if it did cost me a little extra every month.
    It would be worth it to help others.

    By Heather on 09.14.2011

  13. accountants are everywhere in this city, keeping accounts, accounting for people’s finances, keeping track of spending, tax and the like. I see them on the street and I think, could I ever do that for a living? The answer is most definitely no

    By christina on 09.14.2011

  14. it is the thing that all money is placed in. Also, account can refer to to someone’s idea of something. For example, if someone is accounting for something, they are making sure they remember and keep track of it. I have an account for my money, and the bank should be able to account for all of it.

    By Liam on 09.14.2011

  15. Account, the word that haunted Chris every time he would see a bank sign. It reminded him of what he could never have, never achieve. Of all those times he would try and and convince his girlfriend that he was the one for her. He loved her, but he didn’t have an account.

    By Diego Gallegos on 09.14.2011

  16. My father opened up me an account this weekend. What I’ll put in it, I haven’t figured out yet. How much he’ll deposit, I’m still wondering. I only hope that one day it will resource I have to draw from readily, no matter who is knocking at coin purse.

    By Madeline on 09.14.2011

  17. i have an account to recount for you… it is a tale of great grandeur and might feats of fury! A man with a mane of generously ginger hair stole upon a beautiful babe and stole her away!

    By Skylee denney URL on 09.14.2011

  18. Accounting for one’s actions is one’s own responsibility. Too often, people don’t realize that their actions impact, sometimes, more than their words do. If we all sat back for a few minutes and reviewed our actions to other people, maybe, we’d all become just a little more empathetic. Take account of your own actions.

    By Lise on 09.14.2011

  19. My account is empty. I filled it with 250 only a week ago, but I have spent it all. There’s a bill due on the 26th, and I’m not at all sure how I’ll pay it. Wing it, I guess.

    By Caitlin on 09.14.2011

  20. Taking into account all that has happened, a margarita at the end of the day isn’t such a bad thing. Accounting for the margaritas is completely different. It would take a sober accountant to add up the numbers.

    By MO URL on 09.14.2011

  21. The account was broken.
    The goblin groaned. “How’s an account BREAK? Stupid thing…bloody box.”
    It grabbed the computer and threw it at a wall. “Guess I’ll have to break out some other way.
    He was trapped in a prison complex, and had just thrown his one means of contacting friends at the wall.
    Served it right.
    He drew his pistol and got ready to run. If he could make it to the exit, perhaps it would be possible to break past the barricades.

    By Goblin Scribe on 09.14.2011

  22. I’m always held accountable. I wish I could have a second chance.

    By Nicole on 09.14.2011

  23. I put money into it. Some people don’t have one. Others do. When I think of something I use this word to call upon it. A lot of people do this for a living. I can remember when I was young at my family’s cottage on Lake Michigan. One summer, there was a terrible fish kill. I have a fond memory of watching my younger sister chuck dead fish over her shoulder as she enjoyed the cold, fresh water. I have a lot of memories from that cottage. Whether it was the Thanksgiving prayer my mother gave after her and my father’s divorce after 25 years of marriage, me getting caught by my dad getting high in the garage, or discovering the old set of lawn darts in the corner of the garage, they all remind me of being at the cottage.

    By andy on 09.14.2011

  24. I dont have bank account anymore because I always over draw and am not responsible enough to balace a check book. I always spend more than I should..I tend to pay my bills late all the time.; I never save any money and when things get bad I have nothing to show for all the work I have done. I like to go out to eat alot. I go shopping spend money on things i really dont need. I spent a great deal of money on someone who didnt really care about me.

    By Sarah on 09.14.2011

  25. Can you account for your whereabouts yesterday at 5:15 pm?

    Why? What happened?

    Just answer the question.

    I was sleeping.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.14.2011

  26. my bank account has negative dollars in it right now. I get paid again on Friday which is good, and I have about five dollars left in cash, which is enough to get to and from work tomorrow. I had no idea moving to NY would leave me this strapped for cash – well actually I did. I hope I can save enough money to pay rent next month…

    By Julie on 09.14.2011

  27. My balance is .13. I can’t believe I’ve wasted my paycheck again. Coffee. Beer. Fast food. What the hell am I doing with it all? I’m just throwing it down the drain! And that’s the craziest part is I just don’t care!

    By Zachariah Middleton on 09.14.2011

  28. Account is a word that they use in businesses. It means a client that you are paid from. It is also a division of any organization, you say “the guys in accounts.” They do everything that relates todfsafa

    By Jo on 09.14.2011

  29. 9months
    ignoring the calls.

    By Lt. K.M.B. URL on 09.14.2011

  30. When I gave my account to the police, I could hear my voice tremble, the words stuck in my throat. I noticed their faces, flashes of disbelief crossing their faces as I attempted to explain the chain of events that ended with his death.

    By Laura URL on 09.14.2011

  31. An account is something stored about things. I can be someones personal account of an event, a monetary account ect. It holds something. It locks something in place. It is solid. Like a steel vault, or transparent like a phony aliby. It can be tangible or intangible.

    By Daniel Boyd URL on 09.14.2011

  32. I think accounts are important because they allow you to store your information and yourself. It’s your experiences and your money and your life. I have an account. I took account of this or that. I have an account to balance my budget. If we had no account of anything, what would perspective be? We need our perspectives to make sense of life. without an account we have no representation of who we are and what we see and feel and do.

    By Justin Allen on 09.14.2011

  33. I havent had a bank account in about five months. I closed my us bank strictly savings account because i had to extract every last penny to pay my rent and have since have been cashing my checks at the bank from which they are issued. The tellers give me that , I know you, bankless rogue, look and tell me, “This time its free, next time you’ll have to pay a three dollar processing fee.”

    By sara on 09.15.2011

  34. I have to give an account for what I have said and what I have done in my life. Some say that it is not necessary to live with that thought. But they have no proof for the opposite. So here I am.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 09.15.2011

  35. account is a something that u have owe or u may define it as a subject. everthing u need account. i dunno how can i say abt account now . but it is so abstract to tell what is account. COOL website !

    By Boon on 09.15.2011

  36. Account is something to put anything into. You can put your life savings into it, or anything into it. Or an account could be something you sign up for. It’s a membership into something private in the world… something of your own. And account is your own, just for you. Accounts are made for personal use.

    By Megan on 09.15.2011

  37. Not to be a debbie downer, but this is the second time I’ve gotten this word. I’d prefer not to write about it again…but I’ll put the 60 seconds to good use. Hi. I’m Megan. I enjoy long walks on the beach…no just kidding. But I really don’t know what to write. At all.

    By Megan on 09.15.2011

  38. i don’t really have an account in any fucking bank. accounts need money and that’s exactly what i don’t have. life: it’s really unfair and it’s an account of sad but true stuff.

    By john on 09.15.2011

  39. If he took into account that he’d emptied his bank account eight days ago, been evicted, had no family, had no friends, had nobody but himself, yeah, he guessed you could say he had nothing.
    But he had the promise of tomorrow, of a someday. So maybe he’d sleep in his car, which he officially owned three years ago. He had ways. He had tomorrow. So he had hope.

    By Chelseyann URL on 09.15.2011

  40. You never took into account the fact that maybe I knew it all along. As I let the ice stab its frozen breath into my palms I knew what would be and what wouldn’t… That was the point when I still believed in the likes of hope. Such a silly word. Irrelevant to what is or what will be. Everyone always talks about how you mustn’t lose hope. Does not pain stem from such rash emotions? Does not worry and stress and heartache befall those whose hopes do not reach the surface?
    In the case of young hope I believe that perhaps it is acceptable. To be young, naive and hopeful. Like the first flower of spring blooming from the cracks in the frozen earth. Barely clinging to life, a survivor in a world that once was and may soon be again.. and yet there is no guarantee. Hope. Pssh. What a trivial thought. I would rather do. Experience. Take what comes my way and use it as i receive it. Why hope? Hope leads to sorrow. A small blossom of hope is so easily crushed by an unexpected snowfall. Why hope? In the end what will be will be. Hope will not make the difference, action will.

    By Lili on 09.15.2011