September 14th, 2011 | 458 Entries

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458 Entries for “account”

  1. My account has nothing in it. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but it’s getting there. Being unemployed is draining in more ways than one, but the most obvious being the draining of funds. The debt is piling up and while there is one viable option for me, I wish I could do something else. Apparently I’m stuck in one path and that’s it. How depressing.

    By Courtney URL on 09.14.2011

  2. As she passed through the hall, she could feel their eyes burning on the back of her skull, their razor sharp whispers sliced her spirit. She should have known they’d favor his account.

    By Kaitlyn URL on 09.14.2011

  3. i went to the bank and had to pay because I over drew my account 2 dollars. So then I had to pay 38 dollars. what a shame so much money for one little mistake

    By Jay McMeekin on 09.14.2011

  4. Business offices bustling with men and women in classy clothing. Filing accounts, being accountants, and accounting for every cup of coffee. It’s a typical day .

    By Tessa on 09.14.2011

  5. responsible, accountable, money, wachovia, privacy, business, dad, labels, organization, acc, dad again, football, hokies, betting, money again, spelling, wordage, vocabulary,

    By sarah on 09.14.2011

  6. why is the word always account. i dont have anything to say about this word. except that my parents are accountants and all that jazz. i love them. they’re really cool. and they are awesome. i do enjoy writing just not about this word.

    By val on 09.14.2011

  7. My dad opened my first bank account for me. I don’t know why, I think I was getting my first job. He made me ATM PIN 1850, and he told me how he came to it was because he couldn’t decide between 2 things, so he compromised (as in the Compromise of 1850). And now I never forget it. That’s my dad.

    By Rachel on 09.14.2011

  8. The boy sat down at the table and stared at the piece of paper in front of him. This wasn’t happening, it just wasn’t possible. His parents had always joked about feeling left out in their relatively rich neighborhood because of their poverty but this tiny piece of paper told him otherwise.

    By Ally Miran on 09.14.2011

  9. The word account makes me think of my bank account. I save, save, save, spend, spend, spend. Doing what the world wishes me to do. The world is all about money. Did you notice? We are schooled to make money better and push our way to the top of the ladder. We must use money to make us “happy” and create a happy family. Nonsense? Yes. A world without money? Unthinkable.

    By Sarah Lee URL on 09.14.2011

  10. I checked it today. There was nothing there. It’s finally happened. I’m broke. The doubts start crowding my mind the second I see that little zero. What am I going to do? Where am I going to go? That zero, haunting me…

    By Maggie URL on 09.14.2011

  11. on account of the many facts presented before him and the witness testimonies, Lawyer Clark Campbell could do nothing but accept the fact that his client Annilese was, indeed, guilty.

    By Brittannie on 09.14.2011

  12. Accounting is for people that just don’t know anything about anyone I’m not accounting for myself. Or anyone for that matter. Just counting really. Counting on something to be. Being.

    By Jane on 09.14.2011

  13. I held myself accountable for everything. For what didn’t happen and for what never will. I held myself accountable because in my head there was no stronger enemy than myself. I am no longer victim to myself. I am no longer victim to myself. I am happy…

    By hi on 09.14.2011

  14. On account of my twisted thoughts, I hink I would actually just like to sit and think. perhaps ponder. I don’t know if my accountant knows my first name. Or my last, for that matter. And on account of my unwruly hair and habits, I suppose i ought to wear my hair up tomorrow.

    By Lindsay on 09.14.2011

  15. Account you make accounts on websites all the time just like I made an account on one word and just how I made an account on gmail and just like I made an account on hotmail people make accounts on websites every minute

    By Snowball URL on 09.14.2011

  16. Some people use accounts to put money in, usually people have an account at the bank. But accounts can be used for other things as well.

    By Ebrough on 09.14.2011

  17. Account can be used to put thing in and to put your details in and other thing accounts are use full in your daily life for mostly everything

    By Aristos URL on 09.14.2011

  18. An acount is a file where people can store information, Money, personal items, etc. Accounts can come in different ways such as a bank account and a Facebook Account.

    By Sam Baum URL on 09.14.2011

  19. Account
    Bank acount were you put money in
    I have an accout but it has 2 dollars in it ;(

    By Jeffot URL on 09.14.2011

  20. Even in one hundred years it wouldn’t matter what what bank account I had.
    What house I lived in.
    Or the car I bought.

    By bmeyer16 URL on 09.14.2011

  21. A form to protect a piece of info or a program like a game or sockhle site

    By Dillan1212 URL on 09.14.2011

  22. Account. It is two words, “a” and “count” except with another “c”, what’s up with that!?!?! hmmmm… C is a funny leter, it is partially like PAC-man, who is super dooper cool! Old school style! Hee hee!!!

    By Dominator URL on 09.14.2011

  23. There are a number of different accounts. You can have a bank account ton deposit money, and you can have an account on a game so that you can save and don’t have to start again next time you play. Bank account are used by a lot of people and are good for saving money.

    By Adam on 09.14.2011

  24. Bank account money I love money and bank accounts and other accounts and money oops I already said that anyway accounts are cool weather it’s iTunes gaming or other accounts their are all types did I mention bank accounts with money he he he he he

    By Chicken bomb squad URL on 09.14.2011

  25. I have many accounts. I have sooooo many that I can’t count them. U get all sorts of accounts email accounts bank accounts and other accounts.

    By Jay jay snacks URL on 09.14.2011

  26. Games
    You need one for this one word
    I don’t know what else to say so bye.

    By Joelzer12 on 09.14.2011

  27. to be accounted for all sinful and saintful things i’ve done
    would i be stuck in limbo?
    or in the fires?
    maybe somewhere close to those shiny clouds?
    i wont know for awhile
    live it up, make it count i shout
    because when it comes down to it,
    what have we got to lose?

    By lauren on 09.14.2011

  28. An account can be many things, such as a bank account and a user account.
    Bank accounts are accounts which you store money into.
    A User account is an account you use for websites or clubs which you need to verify you are the person you say you are.

    By Conor URL on 09.14.2011

  29. We have accounts, we have accounts to help our lives. Accounts can help you communicate to people on social sites and helping you live life with bank accounts getting money out of the machine

    By Damon on 09.14.2011

  30. An account can be used for many things, it can be used for games, parental permission, or even emails to talk to others, friends, relatives and many more. There are many different account types, Hotmail, Gmail and even yahoo… You choose witch one, any one… But be careful for bullying and other mean things, straight away block and delete others spamming or swearing and contact your parents

    By Nathan Earl URL on 09.14.2011

  31. Account
    I have an iTunes accoun and I love it
    And there is a trick
    If your friend has a game that you wont but you didn’t have any money your friend can log in on your iTunes and reinstall it and it is installed on you IPod,iPhone or IPad

    By Ranga on 09.14.2011

  32. Account mean, I can’t explain. All I know about account is that a account something I have for hotmail, xbox, ect. Adults have a account for there bank to put there money in or get money out.:) lol I have to wait another min because it didnt work

    By Brock on 09.14.2011

  33. You can have many accounts. You could have accounts for games, for social networks and many other things on the Internet. You can also have bank accounts which stores your money for future use. Any sort of accounts can be broken into but some have very tight security. Accounts are all over the world and is used by many people, as I know people have many of them.

    By Jordan13 on 09.14.2011

  34. Account. Account is a user name and password like for eg email,Facebook, other social sites and sometimes online games

    By Shawca on 09.14.2011

  35. i dont want to have to fill out my email again so you can spam me!

    By adinas on 09.14.2011

  36. An account is very important if you didn’t ever take anything into account you would probably be dead and that is not a nice thing to think about

    By Turkey explosion squad on 09.14.2011

  37. An accountability partner is something I have never had. I didn’t grow up in church, so I have always made myself accountable. In the last year or so however, I’ve made a wonderful new friend named Stevie and she is the first Christian friend I’ve ever had. She is truly a blessing to me, and just t the thought of her makes me more accountable than ever before.

    By Robyn on 09.14.2011

  38. Account
    The word account has one really big meaning and that meaning is, a bank account. Without a bank account, people might lose all of their money, so a bank account Is a really important thing.

    By Brodie on 09.14.2011

  39. I look and look. Close my eyes clench my fist and whisper the magic words… gosh darn it there is still nothing in my checking account. I go through the motions again only this time a little more intensely –I defiantly yell instead of whisper. STILL NOTHING! geeze i though my mother said I could have anything I wished for.

    By brose URL on 09.14.2011

  40. I am broke. I am about to have a baby girl (maybe in a few hours) and I don’t know if I will have a place to take her home to because I don’t have the money to pay the rent. Her father had a job and got lazy (like always) and blew it off. I really don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I can’t be excited when I have no money in my bank account and there doesn’t seem to be money coming from anywhere else.

    By Kristiana URL on 09.14.2011