April 14th, 2016 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “academic”

  1. The lessons were purely academic. Nothing creative or stimulating. So she sat and taped her teeth with her pencil, counting and tapping in time to the ticking of the second hand of the classroom clock.

    By Avee on 04.14.2016

  2. I always wanted to be an academic. I had the smarts, I had the ideas, I just didn’t possess the discipline. My crippling anxiety didn’t help though either I guess. I’ve always hated myself.

    By Amanda Rose on 04.14.2016

  3. It seemed so academic, the theory for the first contact was there, laid out in protocols based by the Earth Senate Committee on Exo-affairs, but the practical experience wasn’t. Like empathy, that’s what was missing. So I looked at the alien in the tank and it looked back at me. I knew, from the theory that I shouldn’t touch it. It probably had been instructed the same, but we both put our hands up at the same time, not touching but very close, and we communicated.

    By chanpheng URL on 04.14.2016

  4. Being academic is basically a skill you would like to make your life more enjoyable. If you’re academic, you don’t have to stress about the things you don’t know. Stressing out is a bad thing for your body. You want to be very academic to live a better life.

    By Stars URL on 04.14.2016

  5. The academy was far too much of a challenge for him, but yet he didn’t give up. He withstood every test they threw at him in order to accomplish his dreams

    By Bramsy URL on 04.14.2016

  6. once there was a girl and she had a test coming wasn’t any test it was a academic test.she did not

    By madison on 04.14.2016

  7. there once was a girl and she had a test coming up. But it wasn’t any test it was a academic test.she didn’t like it

    By madison URL on 04.14.2016

  8. there was no way that doremi was ever going to leave academics; some people could not wait to get out of the paper beast, but she, she was made for it. the ink stained her fingers from a too tightly held pen; it was alright. nothing was ever not all right in the confines of those old buildings, not where the books sheltered a life of growing curiosity and wonder.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 04.14.2016

  9. it’s like a rush of electricity to my brain: the shock of the entry, the black of the night, the endless silence in the air. i steal through the classrooms with ease, astonished by the smoothness of the activity. i am a cheater, and i am infinite.

    By tanvi jagtap on 04.14.2016

  10. you were studious in your sadness, a true believer in the cynicism of what you knew. knowledge is power? no, knowledge is scraping the bottom of the barrel for a little bit of hope in all the knowing – knowing society’s wrongdoings and society’s back-door dealings. what’s it do to you to be so educated? It could kill your mind to know so much.

    By goodlittlenothing URL on 04.14.2016

  11. I got some award for some sort of academic achievement. Not sure what, specifically. All I know is that the teachers sent an email chain to one another about which students academically achieved more, and in what ways their achievements were academic. Then they printed out duplicate sheets with fake gold stamping, and they typed my name in a weird calligraphy font, and the principal and my recommending teacher signed it with a flourish, congratulating me on how much I academically achieved academically.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.14.2016

  12. It’s been all about that. I have to read classics, as well as hispanic literature. I have to practice my english. I have to understand it as if lived in USA or England, even if I don’t.

    By Veronica URL on 04.14.2016

  13. blank page. staring. waiting. not coming. the lines takes a waves crest, running over her vision like a slow-building tsunami, swamping her brain before the real test of survival in the flooded lands of academic nonsense.

    By Alex URL on 04.14.2016

  14. I am an academic person. I like to teach. I think academic means lessons and teaching but I’m not that sure!!

    By c.rimmer URL on 04.15.2016

  15. Her education did not end after school was over. She looks back at her high school diploma, still in mint condition, and laughs to herself. The place where she learned the most would not be issuing a certificate of completion, nor any acknowledgement of valor. The stories she has told throughout the years have escaped from her lips and dissipated, mixing with the thin wisps of smoke still lingering around her. Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a sigh, and most importantly, sometimes with a slight tremble.

    By Rachel on 04.15.2016


    Fly round
    An empty room
    Fixated on
    An empty

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 04.15.2016

  17. I am the kind of girl who gets insanely good grades. The kind of girl who answers all the questions right and is utterly academic-minded.

    I am also the kind of girl who cries at night, who has parents that hate each other. I am also the kind of girl who’d like to kill herself.

    By Evie on 04.15.2016

  18. One of those words that’s usually followed by another. But then again, it is an adjective! How can it just sit there by itself? Cliches, typecase, buzzwords, they all make us think the same. But can you think of the word I was thinking of?

    By Raneem URL on 04.15.2016

  19. One of those words that’s usually followed by another. But then again, it is an adjective! How can it just sit there by itself? Cliches, typecast, buzzwords, they all make us think the same. But can you think of the word I was thinking of?

    Yes? No? Does school turn us all into marionettes, thinking alike, speaking alike?
    It could. Rhetorical questions need to stop now. Don’t you think?

    By Raneem URL on 04.15.2016

  20. I’m in school so that I can go to college at Central Michigan University/Johns Hopkins to be a pediatric surgeon and save the lives of very young children. Education is important and academics are a huge part of what you need to be successful.

    By Savannah on 04.15.2016

  21. The questions are academic, exploratory if you will, but in a theoretical way. Lacking knowledge of the experience prior to the onset of a query, one thing led to another as curiosity will. Still the activity tends to feel intrinsic to the questioner, perhaps even serendipitous and untranslatable, and so the pondering continues. A string of questions are any answer to a riddle, is a riddle, was riddle, had been a riddle, and will now be riddling again and again and again in an endless cycle of verbs. The action arriving to the noun: reward.

    By Intuition URL on 04.15.2016

  22. Oh, painful. Mental yoga, stretching and bending your thoughts until your mind trembles. The classes and papers and assignments and brutal, stretching ladder of “success”, and we’re hanging on by our fingertips, and defined by our report cards.

    By Archanza URL on 04.15.2016

  23. The academic curriculum was perfect for me.

    By Em URL on 04.15.2016

  24. Academic halls where I grew and matured into an analytical thinker where I was encouraged to do the things that I dare not do because I could fail. Academic – it’s as much about learning as it is being open to failure.

    By wgirl URL on 04.15.2016

  25. The academics that the kid did were very impressive. He also did some other cool stuff.

    By cad on 04.15.2016

  26. Academic I have no idea what that means can somebody please tell me what academic means? That would help me a lot. Thanks

    By cad on 04.15.2016

  27. academic sounds like a very fancy word and I don’t know what it means. Please put an answer in the post please for academic.

    By cad on 04.15.2016

  28. She received an academic award.

    By Katy URL on 04.15.2016

  29. Brody took the stroll from his house to school every morning. Brody was a very smart student and he was never late to school. Except one morning when a car came out of nowhere and hit him. Brody rolled over the car and lay on the ground behind the trunk of the car, motionless.

    By Brandon Pichney on 04.15.2016

  30. This means smart in an area specific sort of way. Academic people are both intriguing and boring if they carry on about some mintuia of their area of experti

    By Sally Jackson URL on 04.15.2016

  31. Maybe it was clear from the start that things wouldn’t last. He was off-the-cuff and snarky, I was academic and P.C. That doesn’t make separation any less painful.

    By asavas URL on 04.15.2016

  32. The wonder in her mind upon seeing an academic puzzle over such simple beauty as the opening of a rose or the drifting light movements of the clouds this morning was beyond compare,,,

    By Aliza Wiseman URL on 04.15.2016

  33. ummmmm the academic was a place where little boys go to learn about there school (ha ha)

    By mackenzie grace URL on 04.15.2016

  34. To work hard and experience the joy of learning. A love of being academic stays with us throughout life.

    By Shona URL on 04.15.2016

  35. i study in academic school

    By ingrid on 04.15.2016

  36. She pushed her glasses out of her way up to her head and rubbed her eyes. The entire essay was tedious and didactic. The paper was tedious and didactic. Maybe she was tedious and didactic.
    She needed a vacation.
    A brain-cation.
    She took a swig of her coffee and stared at the wall in front of her.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 04.15.2016

  37. The academy was so boring. Gray walls, gray floors. The teachers all dressed in the same black outfit every day and even the students never ventured outside White or gray. Windows? Barred. Like a prison all the more. Nothing ever happened, no dances no parties, nothing. That’s what you get in the gifted program.

    By MEGA URL on 04.15.2016

  38. Sometimes that’s the way things are. Once, when I was little, I heard someone say, “Well, it’s academic now.” I didn’t understand what that meant, but I did in a way. It meant that nothing could be done about it; it was going to always be that way, whatever it was. It’s a strange word that says something is done, set in stone, never changing. But when I was little, I had too much hope to think that way. I used to sit in places and hope all the time. That things would get better, that I would grow up and go wherever I wanted to; that I would maybe be a dancer or a teacher or a singer or anything that I wanted to be. There were sounds in the wind and in the waves that promised me things would change; they told me not to worry; that the world belongs to all of us, including you, little girl with big brown eyes, already afraid of things you shouldn’t be afraid of. Don’t worry. Nothing is forever; good or bad. Remember that about the bad things. Always.

    By rubylubh on 04.15.2016

  39. just waiting for my brain to coordinate with my fingers to come up with some erudite conceptual idea.

    By j on 04.15.2016

  40. academic situation, all theory, not put to the test. Just facts. Good to know, but possibly not practical for the long run. 80% good, the rest, possibly more, not useful. Also, possibly expensive.

    By L on 04.15.2016