April 14th, 2016 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “academic”

  1. Academic scholarship. Academic achievement. Two words I haven’t heard, and probably never will. I’m not good at school, even though my aim is for Ivy League. I don’t know how I’m going to do in this world.

    By Madi Ward on 04.15.2016

  2. The lines on the page blurred before her weary eyes. She rubbed them with the balms of her hands, the grit in her eyelids scratching her eyes raw. When would the agony known as paper-writing end? Probably never. But that’s okay, because if she was always in school, she’d never have to pay back those loans.

    By Grace on 04.15.2016

  3. Academic excellence
    was never your strong suite
    but as you grew up and matured
    you became quite astute
    at sounding quite professional
    and expressing your knowledge
    you gained lots of smarts
    and graduated college
    You’re more than you thought
    you could ever be
    But now your confidence
    is increasing exponentially


    By Lauren URL on 04.15.2016

  4. Academic relates to school. Hogwarts is a school. Hogwarts is in the Wizarding World. Hogwarts has ghosts. Undertale has ghosts. Nabstablook is like my favorite ghost ever! He is so adorable and I just want to squeeze him! Which I can’t do, since he’s a ghost. He reminds me a lot of Dan… Just like “UGH.” Ugh is the story of my life. Dan is really surprisingly relatable. He’s just like… There… Just… Ugh. People. I also don’t like people, but what can you do? People are people. The most annoying people, though are really dumb people. They need an education. Education has to do with academics. See! I brought it back after all!

    By Blooky on 04.15.2016

  5. He’d never cared much for academics. Then again, he supposed that was only fair. No on had ever cared about him, personally, so why should he care if his grades wasted away in the garbage? It’s what he did, too. No reason he should strive for any part of him to leave it.

    By chi URL on 04.15.2016

  6. Academically speaking. He was no academic. But what he lacked in ABCs and 123s, he makes up for with “what ifs?” and “why can’t yous?” They say curiosity killed the cat, but don’t they know that cat has nine lives to figure out how to do it without dying?

    By Kaazmeya on 04.15.2016

  7. Academics write a lot of stuff so you’d think they’d be pretty good at this but then again they do a lot of thinking before they write stuff and I’m not really doing that right now I”m just typing so that doesn’t really make me an academic does it? Well, maybe if I reference this noone will notice
    (Venus, Tobias Ramblings 2016)

    By TGV URL on 04.16.2016

  8. academic ability is a pretty cool thing to have. do you have it? do i have it? noone is quite sure. who is noone? hm… maybe noone is a buffoon. if you aren’t academic, you might be a buffoon. Quack!

    By Yee on 04.16.2016

  9. I think it’s all just… academic, really, though. When you get down to it. You can call them “magical” or “fae” or even “mutant”, and in some cases you have some sort of scientific consensus to back it up, but the terminology never stays the same and the explanations don’t either. Even when the scientists agree it’s always in terms that don’t apply to anything else; these things exist in their own microcosm, unaffected by normal science and causality.

    By CapricAura URL on 04.16.2016

  10. I have never been much of a scholar.
    It’s a part of myself I sometimes dislike and that’s hard for me to admit.

    By Jennie Viera URL on 04.16.2016

  11. Learning is a discipline, and takes discipline. To be an academic person not only means that you have a love for learning, but have also demonstrated the discipline it takes to achieve a strong range of knowledge.

    By Lucas on 04.16.2016

  12. Anything non-academic going on during this time needs to be shut down, slaughtered, dragged bloody on the concrete and smeared over every vulgar chalk outline of racist discriminatory slander until the entire campus is burgundy gunk and blissfully, finally quiet.

    By Allie C URL on 04.16.2016

  13. Academics weren’t his strong suit. He couldn’t read well, he was terrible at science and history. Don’t even get him started on math. He’d rather play sports, even though he wasn’t good at that either. The thing he loved the most, was building and creating.

    By GrapeHufflepuff URL on 04.16.2016

  14. She hadn’t gone to college, despite graduating at the top of her class with honors. She hadn’t even applied to any colleges, to be entirely honest. The sad truth was that she was too afraid of failing to ever even bother trying. Working at the local factory in her rural hometown had never been the plan, but it seemed safe. That’s what everyone did after high school around here–they went to work at the factory, they stopped by the gas station for a slice of pizza on the way home, and they all went to the same bars with the same people every weekend.

    By kristina URL on 04.16.2016

  15. The man clad in a leather jacket, wore hair down to his shoulders. His black eyes challenged everyone he met, though the sharpness of his nose and the scars that sliced his face drove them away at the same time. And the students couldn’t help but wonder –

    What was a guy like him doing in an academic environment?

    By B.E. on 04.16.2016