July 17th, 2013 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “wrought”

  1. The situation was wrought with danger. There were dragons flying overhead, raining fire down upon them. There were ogres in front of them with tree trunks in hand, bludgeoning all who came in their path. The air was filled with the smell of burned and rotting flesh.

    By Amanda G. on 07.17.2013

  2. I don’t even know what this means exactly. Uh… is it like when you strain the water out of something but in the past tense? I don’t know. Crappy first word.

    By Liz on 07.17.2013

  3. Wrought with pain? Filled with it? Everything I’ve ever heard go hand-in-hand with the word “wrought” has been negative. Hearing it makes me dread the news of what’s to come.

    By Rebecca on 07.17.2013

  4. Without myself i tryed to be, the only thing that kept me with my feet on earth was that since i saw you i’d wrought you a thousand letters, lucky me i had no adress to send them to, lucky love we didn’t ever met.

    By laura URL on 07.17.2013

  5. It wasn’t my pain to feel but the cloud she brought with her soaked my apartment. It had been years since sorrow poured so heavily in my bubble. I did the prudent thing, I welcomed it.

    By Ruben URL on 07.17.2013

  6. the gates had been wrought out of gold and silver. Silver bears paraded across the top as symbols of the royalty that lived in the house beyond. The gold glittered in the morning sun as the gates swung open to admit the carriage onto the grounds.

    By Isilo Aranel on 07.17.2013

  7. He wrought down the only words he could think about.
    The only ones that mattered.
    On the piece of paper that was covered with tears.
    Everything was broken and shattered.

    By Lexi URL on 07.17.2013

  8. I will wring my hands out
    But you look wrought with pain
    Perfect skin and rosey lips
    Mascara on your cheek
    Oh dear, is something wrong?

    Sorrow doesn’t suit a face
    As tightly glued as yours
    A budding rose, a bloodied arm
    Oh dear, let’s clean you up

    By StarlitSunrise on 07.17.2013

  9. The storm wrought havoc on the small village. The day after the little settlement was barely recognizable. The thatched roofs were blown off the huts, utensils and other items of daily use littered the dirt roads, and the palm trees lay dead and helpless.

    By Alvina on 07.17.2013

  10. And her strong will was wrought into a twisted shape. They kept hitting with that steel hammer until she finally crumpled, leaving a scarred version of her once beautiful self as their suvenire.

    By DeionDakota on 07.17.2013

  11. its the same thing when i was young ,the meanless idea of not to be on place. outside in the port side of the coast

    By frank quinon on 07.17.2013

  12. “Do you have any idea what evil you have wrought, child?”
    I sneered, my fingers wrapped tight around the bars of my cell. “What makes you think I care?”
    One of the men stepped forward, slipping his hands between the bars to grasp at my shirt and tug me closer. “Watch your tongue, witch.”
    I laughed.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.17.2013

  13. Look at what you’ve done. He runs his hand through his hair, and he cannot believe you. You don’t believe you. You are a wreck, the debris too close to the event and no one wants to see you. You are painful. You hurt. You hurt him so much. This. This is what you’ve wrought.

    By Annie P URL on 07.17.2013

  14. It wrought destruction. Everywhere it turned, everywhere it sought out life, it left destruction in its wake. It was desperate and violent. It had no thought or cares for the needy. It thought only of itself. Only of survival.

    By Alanna on 07.17.2013

  15. Once upon a time there is a worm named wrought who loves to go on adventures.
    One day he came upon a sparkling gem. He thought it might be magical.
    So he tried to rub and see what happens but nothing changed. He thought it is not magical after all but anyway he wants to keep it.

    By chanda on 07.17.2013

  16. The chains you’ve wrought
    are wound around my wrists.
    I can’t run away from you
    and you drag me
    until there’s nothing but you, me and the darkness.
    I don’t know whether I want to run away,
    or whether I just enjoy the chase, and pull, and haul.
    You’re just taking me down
    into loving you.

    By duckszcic on 07.17.2013

  17. Now that I can’t stand upright any more, I’m wrought with the realization that I may have to spend the rest of my life like this, always looking up at people.

    By Joann on 07.17.2013

  18. I wrung my hands and wiped my brow. What time did he say he would be home? I paced across the floor and glanced out of the window. Where was he? I couldn’t believe that I allowed him out of my sight even for a minute.

    By Tammi on 07.17.2013

  19. The wrought iron stood in his way, as he stared at her window. Why now? Why this right now?

    By remy on 07.17.2013

  20. “The blade had been wrought in the fires of Na’thuth. Its metal is the finest in all the land. The hilt is made of gold and has been adorned with countless precious jewels. It is a sword truly worthy of a knight such as yourself.”

    By Kate on 07.17.2013

  21. I thought of you the
    the other night.
    your image wrought in my mind
    embedded in my soul
    i fight the illusion
    that you are still around
    and i can trace my fingers
    along your laugh lines on your face
    from the times we shared together
    and as the minds drifts with time
    so does your memory

    By Lovelysunnyday on 07.17.2013

  22. With furious anger I disconnect from your soul, vibrating, wrought with disapproval I snare at your shadow of hate and delusional cockeyed views. I release you.

    By Luchador Lavender on 07.17.2013

  23. I am wrought with fear. This moment feels familiar. I think I might have been here before. I was hurt. I was lost. I was left all alone. Fear feels like hands wrapped around my throat. I have to fight for every breath. Whos fingers are they anyway?

    By Cris URL on 07.17.2013

  24. The famine had wrought starvation on the land. Everyone thought the sorcerers or the gods had caused it. No one knew the actual truth. If they had, they would have known they had more to worry about than their empty stomachs.

    By Iam Me on 07.17.2013

  25. The large iron gate was wrought with spikes and wires running through it. I held my breath, my heart beating a thousand miles out of my tiny chest. I knew it was the right time to escape. Yet something held me back. I looked across the dead barren field, and saw the barely livable shack that I at one time called home.

    By Jules on 07.17.2013

  26. The blacksmith was not busy with horseshoes, so in his quiet times he made the most fabulous sculptures out of wrought iron. The artisan became artist.

    By Bunty on 07.17.2013

  27. The scroll said that the living hath wrought the chaos, and the dead only serve to bring calm. Indeed, only when one spirit drifted from a flesh vessel’s lungs that one family ceased to quarrel. Two more, and two families were joined together without further bloodshed. People were beginning to realize that, without death, nothing bore a consequence anymore. And everyone turned to chaos. So the scroll was true.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.17.2013

  28. The crops all sat and baked in the sun, dried out and unsanitary even to the moles underneath the Earth. They were shrivelled and dislocated near the stems. They bent at a 45 angle and were grey and splotchy.
    The tools all rusted over with a copper tint. They sat in a lonely tool shed, a patch of sunshine hollowing out the tools and making them seem dull.

    By Eliza on 07.17.2013

  29. The blacksmith was hard at work. He was an expert, a master. He could create anything he wanted to using wrought iron. The blacksmith produced useful tools and many other things.

    By Joseph on 07.17.2013

  30. In our apartment, we had a wrought iron railing in the living room.
    I used to create plays there and radio broadcasts. it was a dramatic flourish
    In a city life.

    By Robin on 07.17.2013

  31. A sinking ship, under my feet. I guess we are missing the upkeep. Rot has taken its toll while we were too focused on the tolls. But I am not wrought with worry. It was beauty while it lasted.

    By Nick on 07.17.2013

  32. The heat pressed on. I felt so much pain and yet so much fulfillment. Wrought up by flames and calloused hands, I became a piece of art.

    By Klarinea on 07.17.2013

  33. he wrought it upon himself, none of it was my fault, please, just let me go…..

    By Evan on 07.17.2013

  34. A beautiful wrought iron gate lined the exterior of Banshee Bertha’s garden. Violet vines entangled its floral pattern, enhancing its elegance. However, the creature behind the gate was hardly so remarkable. Of course, she wouldn’t be called “banshee” for nothing, now would she? Townsfolk dreaded having to walk past her austere location, for they feared her wonky spells and enchantments would transform them into something not-so-magically-delightful.

    By Sarah Linda Law on 07.17.2013

  35. Sweat poured over his brow. He had been working all day in the forge. Boom, boom, boom. His hammer hit the steaming metal. His job was so horrible, but he could still make the best things. Elaborate decorations and simple hooks. All these things he makes with wrought iron.

    By Someone on 07.17.2013

  36. My eyes were wrought with pain.

    By Jason on 07.17.2013

  37. This victory before us hath been wrought from the darkest moment, where all did seem lost. For, it was not until we had seen the very worst that we could aspire to become the very best. Our successes we owe to this darkness.

    By terradi on 07.17.2013

  38. The wrought iron gate opened as she walked forward. She was the Queen of Death.

    By Someone on 07.17.2013

  39. she was wrought with emotion, you know. it was like seeing a clear night sky full of stars for the first time but better, tasting fruit for the first time bursting on her tongue but better, hearing the sweet thrum of a cello’s laugh for the first time but better, touching satin for the first time but better, smelling roses for the first time–but better. feeling emotion for the first time was the best of all.

    By Sorelliena URL on 07.17.2013

  40. oh that i was wrought from the hands of a kitten who just came through the tiniest door in the middle land carpeted just cleaned by a might sucking wand this creature she chomps and chews to great delight not wrought from evil but easy nimble little stardust wants

    By reluctant URL on 07.17.2013