July 18th, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “stealth”

  1. Moving around the rubble required absolute stealth. He crept behind the broken walls, and for a moment the heat lessened. His foot touched something round and hot; half a skull stared up at him. He stepped around it, saying nothing out loud, but in his mind, the prayers and grief and guilt all whispered together: “If you’d stayed, this wouldn’t have happened.”

    By Anthony StClair on 07.19.2013

  2. we snuck up on them. They didn’t hear a thing. Kinda felt sorry for them. They sat there cleaning their guns. Talking about nothing in particular. I remember the surprise that briefly passed on their faces before it all went down.

    By Lee on 07.19.2013

  3. the stealth of your emotion
    sinks deep into my bones

    a heart like the ocean
    a cavern i call home

    between my ribs you pierce
    and part of my world you become

    and each time you express your love to me
    i come slowly undone

    By Sorelliena on 07.19.2013

  4. Stealth is the artist’s secret weapon, and lifeline. The artist needs to keep under the radar, never revealing why they made the piece, or what it means. That is, if they want to be famous.

    By JV on 07.19.2013

  5. It was with great stealth that the thief surreptitiously entered the building, hoping to find great treasures somewhere beneath all the junk that was scattered about the store. He had heard that pirates had once owned the building and used it as a place to store their booty when they were done pillaging and plundering.

    By Mrs. Carpenter on 07.19.2013

  6. He crept into the rose garden, his heavy black bag bumping against his thigh. The fence, high black and cold, was now behind him.

    By Anya on 07.19.2013

  7. the nightly avatar loaded his guns and walked the plank to his ship. the ship would be his death for it will not lead him out of this stench. this stench was what made him who he was. A warrior made, only to die.

    By ryan URL on 07.19.2013

  8. Undetectable feelings fying through the sky.
    I can´t see you, I can´t fell you.

    By Lorena on 07.19.2013

  9. you were kissing me with one head
    and spitting at me with the other

    i pray that janus strikes you down
    that neither of them grow back

    By h. b. on 07.19.2013

  10. He had stealth. The horse ran fast with him on his back. The horse was gorgeous. It was a shade of black with one white spot on its eye.

    By Giuliana Maylee on 07.19.2013

  11. ive come so far, ive killed almost none, and i looted each and every single one of them nonethemore. i will find you, old friend, and i will take back what isnt yours, to claim whats mine and protect what hasnt yet blossomed. my friend, i am following behind in the shadows, i want honour for all.

    By berenique on 07.19.2013

  12. Her black hair glistened in the street lamp as she slowly crept toward the target. All systems go. All she needed now was the signal. She watched intently as a cat stocking its prey.

    By Tammi on 07.19.2013