July 17th, 2013 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “wrought”

  1. While he lay drunk near the mouth of the cave, she wandered in the depths. Near the cave mouth things seemed simpler, with homey touches. But down here, past the tiger skin and the motorcycle helmet, she saw the objects he didn’t talk about. The strange items, wrought of metals that glinted in the candlelight, shiny surfaces that sparkled blue and green, gold and silver. She picked one up. The air in the cave changed, and a breeze puffed by her face. To far from the surface to be wind, she thought, turning toward where the breeze had come from.

    By Anthony StClair URL on 07.18.2013

  2. you could build the biggest fire in the world
    you could make yourself king with that fire

    yet it means nothing because other fires
    can still melt the flesh from your bones

    your strength means nothing
    unless it forges love.

    By h. b. URL on 07.18.2013

  3. i have wrought pain and misery among those i have come into contact with. they have wrought vengeance upon me. this cycle has gone to and fro like an out of hand ping pong tournament. when it was taken up in china with the new paddle style. they can really hit it.

    the vengeance upon me has been swift. bad coffee when i havent tipped. tripping on banana peels after i have heedlessly

    By dan vigliano on 07.18.2013

  4. wrought iron
    shapely she
    roughneck he
    all are artists
    forming the canvas
    of we

    By katiekieran URL on 07.18.2013

  5. Wrought. What a word. The first telegraph message written was, “look what God hath wrought.” It is nothing like rotten. However, wroughten may be an acceptable past tense form.

    By Dylmark on 07.18.2013

  6. i know i wasnt being fair towards you. you had to pull every word from me, beg me on your knees for an entire sentence and use blackmail for a paragraph. i didnt mean to exclude you from these thoughts but you wouldnt relent and so i became twisted like iron and bleak like a wet sheet.

    By berenique URL on 07.18.2013

  7. The wrought iron gate stood tall and intimidating. the house standing well behind it, cobblestone connecting the two. The gate looked fragile, age taken it’s toll. She felt she could reach out and if she touched it, the gate would dissovle under the pressure of her hand

    By Alexandra on 07.18.2013

  8. Wrought iron. I’ve always loved it. The rustic feel that it brings into a room just adds so much character. I want a wrought iron bedside table with a pretty vase with white flowers or orchids. I wouldn’t be particularly opposed to a wrought iron chair to go with it.

    By Mitali Patel on 07.18.2013

  9. The wrought iron gate looked fragile and withered. As if she reached out a hand and it would crumble under the pressure. Only she would be so lucky. But luck has exactly been on her side.

    By Alex D.L on 07.18.2013

  10. It wrought havoc upon your soul, and destroyed whatever you had left of your courage. Nothing I said could change how you felt.
    I was afraid to even touch you, you looked so delicate. You were a lily, petals slowly blackening, and then dropping off when one died.

    By KT URL on 07.18.2013

  11. She was wrought with the care of so many men. She was a beauty, a concoction of steel and wood and timber. She was a thing that men were supposed to stare at, marvel at and be in wonder of. She was something that would never be paralleled.
    She now lies at the bottom of the ocean.
    She is the Titanic.

    By Nikhil Thomas URL on 07.18.2013

  12. The feeling I get when I think about my 19 yo daughter in another city because her mother and I divorced when she was in high school and ever since she has gained weight. Eating and never exercising. I am wrought with guilt.

    By Kevin on 07.18.2013

  13. I have been beaten. I sleep later than the moon and wake earlier than the birds. The world seems to be sadden by me.

    By bianca URL on 07.18.2013