October 31st, 2018 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “wrong”

  1. Wrong is a concept that almost no one understands anymore. And yet, it is one that everyone knows. Wrong is what everyone else is. Wrong is the person who disagrees with me. Wrong is the feeling that I’m not right.

    By Charles Scott Fowler URL on 10.31.2018

  2. The word Worgn can be misspelled. That is wrong. as is the beginning of this sentence. So are false pockets in fancy pairs of pants. Whoever invented that? so, in comclusion, what is wrong is false pockets and my grammar.

    By David M. on 10.31.2018

  3. Someone told me that candy corn was better than chocolate, and that is just wrong, you know? Like, hit the hammer with the nail, pour milk in before the cereal, deliver the mail to the mailman wrong. I mean, I dunno what sort of trick or treating nightmare escapades some folks have been on, but I’ll take chocolate peanut butter, chocolate caramel, chocolate nuts, chocolate and anything over some pseudo-candy wax cones.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.31.2018

  4. i’ve become so numb i can feel you there, i’ve becoing this all i want to do is be3 more like me and less like you and i know i may end up failing too, but i know that you just like me with someone diappointed in you i’ve become so numb i can feel you there

    By Ashley on 10.31.2018

  5. “You’re wrong!” She exclaimed.
    She’s trying to explain to her significant other that what he thought was in fact different from her intentions.
    He was raging in the inside when he found her hanging out with one of her closes guy friends.

    By Kae on 10.31.2018

  6. i was wrong


    i said it.

    i’m sorry i labeled you.

    i’m sorry i was thoughtless.

    i’m sorry i forgot how sensitive you are and shattered your heart. again.

    i was wrong.

    By chantemcb URL on 10.31.2018

  7. Is it wrong that I miss you already? I see the paparazzi photos of you in the airport, herding celebrities in your usual frazzled way, and your absence in the room is palpable to me.

    By Fox+Hedgehog on 10.31.2018

  8. Sofia collapsed on the hard, cold floors of her bedroom — no, her prison, if she was being honest — and let a broken howl escape her chapped lips. She had done it again. She had thought this was over, that she was free of the nightmares and the horrors and the fear, but it had happened again. Her hands were shaking, and her white nightgown was stained with his blood, and—

    “Sofia! Darling, I just got us some of the most delicious pastries from the bakery across town.” The sweet and melodious voice of her roommate, Indigo, rang out, and she wailed, banging against the walls like the animal she truly was, like the animal this curse had relegated her to being. She was wrong. She was awful and bad and horrid, and she needed to get out of here. She couldn’t be around Indigo, pure and lovely and innocent Indigo any longer. She was too wretched to even be in the presence of such an angelic girl.

    By Annie on 10.31.2018

  9. The grating flick of teeth cutting through nail, ripping off in layers. A paper-thin layer of a nail left, little white tuft, its edges quickly receding into skin; too small for the teeth to get ahold of. The nailbed uneven from repeated assaults, a mined battlefield. Blood seeps and dries on the ruined landscape, dyeing it in pain, trembling like an earthquake. The poisoned land can be erased from the eyes with words- I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine—like warm wool on the eyes, more pleasant than to see.

    By Ai URL on 10.31.2018

  10. what is wrong with the social construction humans are forced to abide to?

    By Molly URL on 11.01.2018

  11. I was wrong about something, this is the thing. I thought that we were going to have a really good time tonight, but i was wrong. Turns out mixing lighter fluid with propane on a grill is a really bad idea. Don’t do it. seriously, it’ll blow you up, and I don’t want you to blow up. SERIOUSLY DON”T DO IT.

    By Adam Harris on 11.01.2018

  12. is wrong the only word that ever pops up?

    By Adam Harris on 11.01.2018

  13. gbggggggggegkgkgk.s.eormr r r,rkrlrkrll

    By alex on 11.01.2018

  14. wrong wrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrong

    never mind it’s right

    By Hooyah Julio on 11.01.2018

  15. It’s easier to say sorry when you’re wrong than when you feel you were truly in the right place. Everyone has a different truth though, and it’s important to look at each situation through multiple lenses.

    By Ellie on 11.01.2018

  16. It’s wrong.
    It’s so wrong.
    She knew that, deep in her gut. She watched him approach her, nodding politely to people as he passed them, but not engaging. She felt the familiar pull at the back of her knees, as if they wanted to give out.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.01.2018

  17. The word wrong. It spells what so many of us have said when we spoke of words that had the letters W-R-O-N-G in them. It pains me to see the world so wrong about everything – just like my grammar – that they can’t find a way to get rid of the W in the word. That’s just plain RONG. We don’t need your Ws, you oversized Encyclopedia Brittanica written by some super smart guy that knows how to write words (another unneeded W!!) the right way.

    By David M. on 11.01.2018

  18. I knew I wasn’t wrong when I said oneword was broke. But the least I can say Happy Halloween!

    By Someone Unknown to you on 11.01.2018

  19. wrong car wash. wrong teeth. wrong remote. wrong monitor. wrong keyboard. wrong car. wrong dentist. wrong word. wrong reed.

    By John Smith on 11.01.2018

  20. He was wrong. He was so, so wrong.

    “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” He turned to his partner and flashed a look, trying to convey his sincere apology with looks alone.

    By Mori on 11.01.2018

  21. She went down the wrong way on a one-way street. She was halfway down the one-way street, going against the traffic, although there was none, when a series of loud gunshots pierced the air. She pulled over to the sidewalk, wondering what the hell was going on. More and more bursts of noise, coming from the street one over, the one going the right way but she’d missed the turn. As she sat in her car, wondering why she was so upset, four cars came from the opposite direction of where her car was facing, all going at a clearly illegal speed, any or all of which might have crashed into her had she not pulled over. Shaking all over now, she made a u-turn, then a left turn, then started to turn into the street she should have taken. It was filled with cars at a standstill, some upside down, some on their sides, many with people, dead people, dead children, dead dogs, thrown next to the cars, on the ground, blood-covered, in positions of death, two or three up a tree they were thrown so high. Later she discovered it was the most horrific gang shootout in the history of the city with gang members killed but also many other drivers. Taking that street would have resulted in her death. Not stopping on the wrong one way street might have meant her death. Clearly, that morning, she made the right choice.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.01.2018

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    By Evgeniya URL on 11.01.2018

  23. This is wrong. Every aspect every angle. I don’t know what to do about it. Perhaps a little more to the right? Deep breath then release. The arrow flies true. Now there will be meat on the table and some for the larder.

    By Gee Hilton on 11.01.2018

  24. Meaning you are not right

    By R on 11.01.2018

  25. If you are wrong, you are not right. To this, my dad would respond, “Well, that’s because you’re half left!”. Somehow, dad jokes never fail to provide at least a sliver of entertainment. Either their lack of humor is enough to make you giggle OR you’re so exhausted that you are delirious enough to find the joke funny.

    By Jackie on 11.01.2018

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    By generic_cialis URL on 11.01.2018

  27. The fact that you dared to give me this word is a very wrong misdeed onto me. What does the word wrong have to do with anything? It has philosophical elements and other bullshit.

    By Alexander Ayers on 11.01.2018