July 9th, 2013 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “wrapped”

  1. he fell asleep with her body wrapped around him, a beautiful picture of happiness. there was nothing that could get to them, no monsters they couldn’t fight. they were one. they were whole. they were everything they had ever looked for and more. they were dragon hunters who chose to stay in bed all day.

    By elaine URL on 07.09.2013

  2. covered, enveloped, secret, beautiful, disguised, could be a gift, could be fo

    By Jana on 07.09.2013

  3. I couldn’t move in the heated air of summer. Lethargic people laid on their lawn chairs in every yard, sweat dripping down their bleak faces as they were wrapped in the summer heat.

    By Bee on 07.09.2013

  4. She wrapped herself in her insecurities and wore them like a blanket, like a shawl that was locked in the front, weighed down by her worries and useless thoughts. It settled around her frame and seeped down into her soul, and though she could see it and feel it and knew it was always there she prayed that others would look away. And so she became invisible.

    By Joy on 07.09.2013

  5. love is inside it i want to get in i want to begin show me i can all inside there wrapped with a beautiful inviting warmth let me unwrap you.

    By Chelsea on 07.09.2013

  6. Desperation wrapped itself around me and I opened my mouth in a silent scream, waiting for the pain to pass. Because as much as people say that it gets easier. it doesn’t. She’s gone, gone. And she always will be.

    By DeionDakota on 07.09.2013

  7. Smoked turkey. She could smell it coming from the kitchen.

    “You made appetizers, Crews?”

    Me grinned. “Of course! A dinner party wouldn’t be a dinner party without some kind of meat wrapped in bacon.”

    She stuck out her tongue, but started toward the kitchen, her mouth watering. Why was everything about him so damn tempting?

    By Les URL on 07.09.2013

  8. Wrapped up among blankets,
    grey morning,
    feet and elbows hanging off the bed
    we outgrew.
    Limbs entwined,
    body parts,

    By Jessica URL on 07.09.2013

  9. Smoked turkey. She could smell it coming from the kitchen.

    “You made appetizers, Crews?”

    He grinned. “Of course! A dinner party wouldn’t be a dinner party without some kind of meat wrapped in bacon.”

    She stuck out her tongue at him, but started toward the kitchen, her mouth watering. Why was everything about him so damn tempting?

    By Les URL on 07.09.2013

  10. its an amazing way to describe the present. The gift of life is always just wrapped up in a bunch of bullshit forcing others to go throw layers of complicated and unwanted destruction. Once all the layers are unwrapped you’ll find a person who you’ve been searching for all along.

    By Alexa URL on 07.09.2013

  11. “I have him wrapped around my littlest finger,” said Rosa as she repeatedly clasped and unclasped the locks on the briefcase in a fit of compulsive attitude. “He’ll never know what to expect, or what not to expect. His future will be nothing but static and white noise. And it will terrify him.”

    Warren nodded slowly, rubbing the stubble on his upper lip with his thumb. He knew never to question Rosa, as she was almost always right. Except for the times when everyone was wrong.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.09.2013

  12. The colours of nostalgia , burnt shades of old illustrations of children’s books, give the warmth of blankets on a winter’s evening.

    By Bunty on 07.09.2013

  13. I had wrapped a thousand times, diffrenet gifts at all kind of holidays, truly its not so easy as its sound, wrapping consists of an art and a developed skill. the wrapped presents not always end up good unless you have that abilility.

    By Moni on 07.09.2013

  14. I think about christmas, and although it’s not the correct form of ‘wrapped/rapped’ I think of being rapped up in my own emotions, in my own world. I forget that other people can be feeling the same way as me

    By Rebecca on 07.09.2013

  15. Wrapped. Wrapped in what? I’m not sure but it constricts and grows tighter each time I try to wriggle free. It presses into my lungs and forces the breath out of me. Whatever the fuck it is, it isn’t doing me much good.

    By Chris on 07.09.2013

  16. Between 80 of the most annoyingly talented and virtuous people i have ever met I’m an earthworm.

    By Lux on 07.09.2013

  17. so oi take out my peice of gum oout of my mouth and the substance between my fingers stretched and literally hugged and wrapped itself all over my hands

    By yoselin on 07.09.2013

  18. Wrapped up in emotion, bound by a mixture of thoughts and words. Unable to be free, yet protected. Shielded.

    By Kathleen on 07.09.2013

  19. wrap that monkey before you get funky

    By Kathleen on 07.09.2013

  20. Wrapped. In something. Who knows what… Whatever it is it digs into my lungs and pushes the air out of me. Every time I try to wriggle myself a little freedom it gets tighter and tighter and tighter some more.

    By Chris on 07.09.2013

  21. I want to be wrapped up in your love.
    I want to close out all other sounds.
    I want to hear your voice all night.
    Well, except when we’re sleeping.

    I want to be wrapped up in your world.
    I want to be wrapped up in your life.
    But I fully intend to keep my life too.

    By Robin on 07.09.2013

  22. I wish there were someway to go home. I miss being wrapped in his strong arms, feeling his heart beating against mine. The smell of his cologne, his hair, the feel of skin against skin, and the sunlight kissing bare skin in the early morning . . . I am trapped on this strange vessel, in a foreign land with a cause. I fight – not only for my country, but for my love, who is sleeping without me.

    By Shey on 07.09.2013

  23. You wrapped yourself in a cloak of arrogance. To everyone, you were just one huge fucking stuck up prick. But then I found the end of the cloak, and I started to pull. Pull and pull and pull. Once I completely stole the cloak from you, there is was a shivering, scared child underneath.

    By Amanda on 07.09.2013

  24. Thick and glistening in the shadowy light the tendrils were covered in a thick outer skin with veins and ribs running under the skin surface like a long twisted finger, wrapped tightly around his throat.

    By Sir Profligacy on 07.09.2013

  25. The parcel was wrapped in colored cloth, making it difficult to make out what it was. However we had a clue to its origin after my son let the cat out of the bag, by whispering to me the sender’s name.

    By victor URL on 07.09.2013

  26. She had him wrapped around her finger. She knew it the moment she titled her fingertips away from her lips. Despite the fact that she had done more than blow him a kiss and had in fact, thrown a simple lightning spell at him and knocked him down on his rump, his facial expression said it all — she had charmed him in an instance.

    By Isilo Aranel on 07.09.2013

  27. All wrapped up in plastic, it doesn’t look so big and dangerous. Just a bunch of metal, covered to protect it from the all-destroying dust of the garage. But once the sheets are removed, you can see that it’s a monster of a truck. It could really do some damage.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.09.2013

  28. i wrapped the grape in three parts, one, to cover the nudidity of life, second to make it beautiful once again, three, to cover all flaws that we have endured through life….all flaws that we have inherited

    By Si on 07.09.2013

  29. He was so wrapped up in her that he had finally stopped eating. First he stopped seeing his friends. Soon after that, he simply failed to show up at work one day He had stopped washing his clothes and emptying the trash in his apartment many weeks before and

    By Nancy on 07.09.2013

  30. I wrapped the still warm sheets over my body as I watched him walk for the door.
    “Don’t be long”, I said.
    “I’ve never belonged anywhere”, he replied, staring down into the darkest corner of the hallway.

    By courtney on 07.09.2013

  31. She looked at the presents under the tree; gold paper with red bows, just like always. Except this time, her mother wasn’t there to watch her open them. She was laying in a bed fighting for her life.

    By Hillary on 07.09.2013

  32. darling,

    The party was a dud and ended early. I’ve gone to bed without a wit of strength left. It’s sad to imagine I’m not as popular as I’d like to think. Still, the left over spread is in the fridge covered in foil. Eat all you want and join me upstairs. I’ll need a back rub in the morning.


    By penny dreadful on 07.09.2013

  33. Sat on my pillow was a gift. It was wrapped in a white box and had a golden bow on top. I knew who it was from but the question was did i want to open it? Id been so mad at him when I left for my mother’s last week and I honestly thought that it was over, even accepted it. Opening it would mean I would taking more than a few steps back. We werent sixteen any more and cute gifts neatly wrapped just wasnt going to cut it this time, this kind of damage was beyond that. I let go of breath I wasnt aware I’d been holding and turned around to leave.
    “Arent you going to open it?”

    By Yolanda on 07.09.2013

  34. Christmas in July. Silly sweat soaked wrapping paper. “Here I brought you this Georgetta, it’s about your father. They say he was a great man.” “Yeah he was also great at the great art of the infomercial. Do you like infomercials, Johnny?” “I like what you like, sweet Georgetta. Why don’t you scooch over a bit?” “Are we playing that game where we only communicate in questions?” “Will you play with me?” “Will you promise to keep your hands to yourself even if I tease you?” “How hard will you tease me?” “How hard do you want it?” “OH, I lose, you win forever and ever you win now scooch.” “Le sigh, boys are so easy especially the older ones that are still pretending to be young. You lost, Johnny, you always lose against me.” “There are so many things I’d like to lose against you.” “Oh wit, oh fervor, oh silly boy humor. It’s late and my father is too famous for you to scandalize his daughter.” “Your father was a professional boxer. Your father is an Olympic gold medalist. Your father is an ordained Baptist minister. Then after all his glory your father let them use his name on a fat reducing grill. Your father is a joke, come joke with me.” “My father is a joke and so are you. Go get wrapped up in your hand I’m done with being your lean mean fat reducing machine. Take it out on your wife.”

    By becca Loo URL on 07.09.2013

  35. I wrapped my bones with skin
    and fragile tissue,
    tied a bow around my skull
    and said I was for you,
    I wrapped my head around the idea
    that you didn’t want me anymore.

    By asfd on 07.09.2013

  36. Wrapped in the sheets, our bodies so tightly entwined it was impossible to tell where she began and I ended, there was nowhere else in the world I wanted to be. Still, as the first rays of sunlight pierce the curtains and my eyelids both, I couldn’t help but groan and turn away, the action mimicked by Isabelle only moments later.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.09.2013

  37. The gift was wrapped in a packing filled with kaleidoscope of colors. On top was a tiny white ribbon. I reached out with trembling hands, and picked it up.

    By Nauman on 07.09.2013

  38. He snuck up on her in such a profound way, such a way in which she didn’t know anything had happened at all until everywhere she went she was met with his eyes in the street or his hair in a shop. Every turn she made he was there. Everything was him, every wall and step made her stop and breathe out the word.

    By Sarah on 07.09.2013

  39. He works in a coffee shop, coffee shoppe. Aren’t you jealous? Can’t you just get high off the steam of fun that evaporates into a cloud of camaraderie around the coworkers? Today is a weekday it means we care less about the banter that people overhear simply because there are less people. It’s a weekday. It’s also happy hour. $3 pints so it’s fun to watch the one or two people chug and chuckle drunk. It’s fun to watch the newbie couple laugh. Today is Tuesday which means we’re getting ready for the restaurant weekend which is Thursday through Saturday and Sunday morning if we’re lucky, lucky in work I mean, we’re always lucky outside of work (winkety wink wink). His name is Jose they love him for it here in Texas because it makes them feel less white working with an immigrant, oops I mean, a second generation Mexican-American. Jose don’t mind none though he’s glad to be able to fit in for once. He used to work at a bike shoppe before this. You couldn’t imagine the white pretension that followed him everywhere. It’s not the same as working on cars; when you work on bicycles for some reason white people don’t think you belong as if bicycles were too fragile for tiny Mexican hands. If only those white men knew what he could do for their women with his Mexican hands. Silly thought. They’d hate him more. Plus most white women suck at true intimacy. It seems like almost every person he’s been with at least knew the rules of intimacy. Fucking is always so much better when someone can actually hug you back. Race divisions know well how to run through the beds of infidelity.

    By becca Loo URL on 07.09.2013

  40. I wrapped my arms around his neck
    his whiskers bristled
    all of him bristled.
    I unwrapped my arms from around
    his neck.
    We both let out our breath
    and called it
    the end.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.09.2013