July 8th, 2013 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “delight”

  1. Seeing you waiting for me across the plaza, every day.

    By LB on 07.09.2013

  2. it’s a delight to see people u love after a long time, just like it is a delight to eat an ice cream on a sunday afternoon or even hearing the jingle of the ice cream van

    By zeenat on 07.09.2013

  3. friends, letter chrismas and birthday cards, ice cream my partner on Saturday my work on Friday and sunday outing beach walks at night

    By zeenat on 07.09.2013

  4. One direction, Lovely, useful, briight, Happy, love, fight, jelly, clight, light, buy, best, clarity, unknown, killing me, big time rush

    By ximena on 07.09.2013

  5. Wonderful light embracing dark. HE was at the edge of his hand trying to reach for the starts, but his mother said “please don’t go away”.

    By lukas on 07.09.2013

  6. The idea of you loving me was more powerful than the feeling of it.

    By Rose on 07.09.2013