May 25th, 2023 | 7 Entries

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7 Entries for “worthy”

  1. What does it mean to be “worthy”? Is it one of those words which means nothing other than an emanation from illusory human constructs? We are all “worthy”, just as much as every other entity in the physical universe. Are stars worthy or not? What about trees? Frogs? The orbits of planets? Things just are. There is no “worthy”, nor “unworthy”.

    by Solar Flare on 05.26.2023
  2. Throughout my whole life, I have lots of worthy stuff. But one of them holds a special place in my heart.

  3. Every chess player knows that it’s not just about the king, but the game as a whole. Each piece, from pawn to queen, is worthy in its strategy. Checkmate!

    by ivyivy on 05.25.2023
  4. every star is a tale…a story of cosmic wonder deserving of its place in the grand narrative of the cosmos.

  5. He didn’t need a crown to be king. His actions spoke louder than any title, marking him as worthy in the eyes of his people.

    by Jaz on 05.25.2023
  6. the mountain stood before me. a worthy challenge. and I will love you from its summit.

  7. This is a hard word for me to write about. Maybe because I feel that there’s this [unnecessary] undercurrent of unworthiness that’s always been with me; this almost indetectable hum in the background. When I consciously think about it, of course I’m worthy of love and success. But in the stillness, there it is…