May 24th, 2023 | 12 Entries

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12 Entries for “effortless”

  1. I once heard someone say, “the best way to win an argument is to stop arguing.” Once the veil of conflict is removed, humanity tends to shine through. No one really wants to be right—they just want to be seen. Do I still argue? Why, yes, thank you very much.

  2. i find talking english quite effortless. it has always been a normal thing to me; to count, talk or think in english.

    by jan van grinsven on 05.25.2023
  3. I got destroyed in a game last night. I was trying really hard but my opponent beat me effortless. I guess I have to train harder next time.

    by Neo on 05.25.2023
  4. it went really smooth, effortless you could say. the mission was accomplished after just about an hour with plenty of time left before the cops came to check.

    by Tygo Steenvoorden on 05.25.2023
  5. I’ve done it many times. No effort is required for me to do that. You could call it effortless. Yes. That’s a good word. I’m doing it effortlessly. Some things require effort. This doesn’t. It’s effortless.

    by Ruben van der Linden on 05.25.2023
  6. it was amazing how effortless their technique looked. They looked totally relaxed while hitting clears and smashes.

    by Daan van Loon on 05.25.2023
  7. In an effortless attempt to break in, the robber fell on the slippery floor.
    although he was unable to stand up, he was arrested.

    by stijn toonen on 05.25.2023
  8. the trees stood tall in the forest, roots sprawling, silently, with a persistent and ancient ease,

  9. mesmerized by her, spinning on the stage with impossible grace

  10. words flowed from her mouth, cascading wisdom winding through the valleys of silence.

    by human_esque on 05.24.2023
  11. under a
    the night sky
    studding the
    black velvet
    with pearls

    by Em on 05.24.2023
  12. she made it look so easy. so effortless. she was pure, simple, elegant, and all anyone ever wanted to be. she never lost a thing. except, of course, for herself. she’d lost herself ages ago, sold her soul to make things easier. to make things effortless. now she was nothing.