October 4th, 2016 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “worth”

  1. Baby, I’m worth it –
    But the real question is if you are.
    Because I remember this time – not so long ago – when maybe you weren’t. You weren’t worth the night of revelry, the crazy self-hatred that came along with a moment (or ten) of weakness.
    But now…
    Call me crazy as I sit up at night and wonder.
    Hey, baby.
    Were you worth it?
    I still don’t know.

    By Thirteen URL on 10.04.2016

  2. That’s a pretty big toy i bet its worth a lot sorry but we cant buy that.

    By Abigail Smith on 10.04.2016

  3. It’s worth it to buy passes for Disney World it’s truly a wonderful place to visit and walk around. My favorite park is Hollywood Studios.

    By Josiah URL on 10.04.2016

  4. The value of an object, or person. That plastic bottle is worth nothing.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 10.04.2016

  5. She hesitated, wondering if it was worth the risk. She looked up at him, his expression stoic as he waited patiently. How long had she known him? How long exactly had it taken from the moment she had met him for her silence to become a lie to a good friend? Her hands had begun to shake. “I don’t know where to start.” She said finally.

    “Start with what you think was most important.”

    By Stella on 10.04.2016

  6. “So what’s it worth to you, friend?”
    “I…I don’t know. I don’t guess I’ve ever really thought about it.”
    “Well, now’s the time.”
    “I…I mean, what do I even ask for?”
    “Heart’s desire?”
    “I…I suppose.”
    “I’ll help. What do you want most, right now, at this moment?””
    “To not have to make this decision!”
    “Excellent! Aaaand…done! One soul for me, and you’re free to go. No more decisions to be made.”
    “. . . “

    By Brandon Steward on 10.04.2016

  7. It’s worth taking the risk because in the end, you will not ask the question what if?

    By franz on 10.04.2016

  8. “How much is that horse worth?” “Which one?” the seller replied. “That one right over in the corner the dark chestnut.” the buyer motioned to with his finger.

    By TessaAnn on 10.04.2016

  9. i thoght about getting a bike that was worth a lot but mom said i

    By Ashton URL on 10.04.2016

  10. why don’t you go for what it’s worth.

    By lucien URL on 10.04.2016

  11. what is worth? Am i worthy enough? or is life even worth trying anymore. someone please give me the defintion of worth because im not sure what i

    By caleb on 10.04.2016

  12. when germany started printing money after the first world war it became worthless. there was so much paper money compared to gold in the banks. hyperinflation meant that it was cheaper to burn money than buy firewood. i think the same applies to people. the more copies there are of someone the less that person is really valued. and that is why you should always honestly truly be yourself

    By Daisy Leason on 10.04.2016

  13. Her worth. Her worth. So tangled and woven into other people’s opinions. Is she good? Bad? Somewhere in between perhaps, like everyone else. But what was good enough for everyone else was never good enough for her. Without perfection where was her worth?

    By Kelly on 10.04.2016

  14. I didn’t know my worth until I became a teen. Sometimes you think of yourself as a mirror of your aren’t and not as an individual…so i did not really see me but alays saw the son of so and so. So off I go to school and people ask tell me about you and I’d begin by describing my parents before moving o to me so over time I began to realize my worth and who I am. I’d think that this unique to me I’ve found out that many people I know feel the same way you want to ask when they grew out of it but realize that some people never really do. They don’t see themselves they see a mirror of someone else. So, is knowing yourself and your worth really good for the journey that we all need to take in life . I think so. And, I hope my children never define themselves as the son or daughter of so and so but as the people that they really are.

    By Mike ezeeki on 10.04.2016

  15. “So your evaluating my worth through a five question quiz?” I asked the teacher annoyed.
    “Exactly!” she said with her robotic smile. Her literal robot smile. She was actually a robot. It was the year 3000, and if I failed the quiz, I would be ejected into space, off of Air Ship USA, my home.

    By Samantha on 10.04.2016

  16. I thought my worth was based on how much money I have. Turns out. That does not even matter. I think.

    By HG on 10.04.2016

  17. Was it worth cheating on me. To lose our home. To lose a part of you paycheck to me. Was it worth the embarrassment. Was it worth the lies. The loss of trust. Was it worth the shame. I think it was.

    By Scorned on 10.04.2016

  18. I managed to break away from it all ten years ago, escaping in my father’s beaten up minivan while he was sleeping at five in the morning. Was it worth it? Even now, I’m not so sure. I’ve worked odd jobs since I ran away – at restaurants, auto shops, retail stores, even construction sites – I’m kind of a poor man’s Renaissance individual. Sometimes, I wonder if staying home and enduring my father’s abuse while continuing my education would have resulted in anything better.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.04.2016

  19. The worth of souls is great in the sight of God.

    He ran, tears streaming down his face. The soul-hunters had come for him, and if he didn’t want to be dragged down to the Devil’s domain, he needed to run.
    He looked back and saw his best friend at the head of the pack.

    By Shadow Writer on 10.04.2016

  20. How does one quantify their own worth? This is a question I have asked myself time and time again. It is hard to imagine a world in which you have none, so something about you must have worth. Does it come from something intrinsic to being human? Or is it some other divine gift that allows us to be what and who we are.

    By Connor on 10.04.2016

  21. The laughing rang in her ears. Everyone around her, laughing. They didn’t think she was worth anything, but she knew deep inside that she was. She ignored them, pushing the bad thoughts away and bringing in the good ones, because she was worth it.

    By Rain Imber on 10.04.2016

  22. Worth is an imaginary concept.

    By Rain Imber on 10.04.2016

  23. What am I worth? One dollar, or a million? Can my worth be defined like that? No, I don’t think so. What does worth even mean? Why is worth so important to us?

    By 4gabby4 on 10.04.2016

  24. “What’s it worth to you?” She looked at the golden bracelet behind the glass. She knew it wasn’t real good, but it was one of the few things that she had left. When it had gotten stolen, she felt that part of her life had gone with it.

    “I can’t say, in terms of money. But my mother gave it to me.”

    The man looked like he was going to soften. A slight smile played on his lips and his eyes looked misty. But then he straightened up and the smile turned into a grimace. “A mother’s love doesn’t pay my rent. I’ll let you have it for $5. That’s what I paid the guy who pawned it.”

    By chanpheng URL on 10.04.2016

  25. haha…we’d do well do discover our worth in Christ. All else is vanity…

    By Billy Sandoval on 10.04.2016

  26. Is it worthy to go through life without deciding to think for yourself? It may cost some lost belifs and lost delusions, which apparently can be very painful, but better to live in truth, than illusion. Actually the world is more beautiful than our imagination can even grasp. To give it up in the hopes of being safe is not worth it.

    By Sona on 10.04.2016

  27. what am i worth a million dollars or two pennies or three whennies or sixteen loves and fourty eight doves and seven thousand pieces of paper and add that to a vanilla wafer and you might see what you’re really worth by giving birth to a turtle or two

    By Colton Adrian on 10.04.2016

  28. it was worth it.
    the climb. the stretch. the fire in your lungs to reach the top of the mountain.
    we’re one– you and i.
    because i know the fight and i know the tears and i know the this-hurts-so-much-i-can’t-even-breathe nights.
    but this was worth it. take a look out there.

    By Cally D URL on 10.04.2016

  29. What is it worth to you? To spend your time and money on things that will fade. Spending time with those you love is much more important. That time is worth more than gold.

    By Macayla on 10.04.2016

  30. I knew my worth and it was more than what he had to give. Yes, he was wearing designer clothes but from two seasons ago. In my lifestyle you learn how to spot how men dress and he was trying but it wasn’t convincing to me.

    By Michelle M on 10.04.2016

  31. He had a titanic berth full of Werther’s.
    He turned downed my dearth of earthworms
    claiming its worth “a firth of burgers”
    or “a titan’s attic filled with wheatgermers.”
    He concurred the Titanic’s girth in girders.

    By omqwat on 10.04.2016

  32. Her worth was more than silver, more than gold, more than diamond. She was absolutely incomparable, and she just couldn’t see that. He could never understand why, but it just was. He always found her more than any worth.

    By Luna on 10.05.2016

  33. How can one quantify worth of a person. Does it comes from the wealth he possesses or how that person is beneficial for a society determines that. Can we compare different persons worthiness or each of human being is unique and can not be compared with one another.

    By yas on 10.05.2016

  34. Is it worth that much?
    pan pizza over hand-made
    two dollars more paid!

    Why so? Domino’s?
    thin and crispy is not less
    staunchly I protest!

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 10.05.2016

  35. My worth is in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and His chosen King, who was crucified and raised to life to buy me back from sin and eternal punishment.

    By Helianthus on 10.05.2016

  36. I like the haiku
    When you write them on Oneword
    ! Haiku-man ! smiles !

    Brandon Steward wrote
    not the good haiku today
    but good dialogue

    (I half-smiled so it was still WORTH reading. Bravo)

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 10.05.2016

  37. Everybody has an internal estimate of their own worth, it is usually wrong. Good people often undervalue themselves. They feel they have lesser worth because they are not movie stars, rich or popular on social media. True self-worth comes from within, from knowing that we are not defined by our outward appearances, by the number of friend or followers that we have online. Our own worth is (in my opinion) measured by our actions, by who we are in the world and how we treat others.

    By Kat on 10.05.2016

  38. It had been a while, but I was looking down at a blank page again. What should I convey to myself, in five year’s time? The letter from my past self stared at me from the edge of the table. The ink from the pages was seeping into the wood. My hand was blackened from handling it, and so were my eyes. I hadn’t expected it to contain so much blackness, so much that would drip from the very envelope when I held it again for the first time in so many years. I had forgotten the very words that were currently oozing into the wood grain, leaving a permanent mark of it’s presence. Five years younger, I was shouting, nashing teeth, “I existed!” But the reasons why were covered in stains I put there myself, so long ago.
    I looked down at the untouched page before me. I had to write gently, so as to not let the ink spill this time. Surely the person I will be five years from now will be stronger, but this was no longer a way to put myself back where I belong. I let myself smile, and took out a pencil. Whatever feelings follow may be just as temporary. But they won’t re-stain my skin.

    By Ai URL on 10.05.2016

  39. Worth. It’s something quite conventional. But you think about it all the time– no matter what you do, you say, you see– it’s always there at the back of your head. “Should I do it? Nah, it’s probably not worth it.” “Should I try to eat 8 whole slices of pizza? Is it worth my body?” “Am I ever worth anyone’s time?” And well, if you’re reading this, and you think anything like me, than the answer to that would usually be, “probably not”. Now, let me tell you– don’t object to me, or this, or what I’m about to say at all– that you /are/ worth it. You’re always worth someone’s time, effort, money, happiness– You are worth something. It sounds extremely cliche, but it’s the truth. You’re worth even more than the most expensive diamond, or NASA’s biggest mission or project. Clearly, if you’re still alive, still eating, still living, still breathing– still reading this, not starving or not living properly– then you’re worth it. Somebody out there worked hard to keep you like this, and that’s probably because they think you’re worth it. Hell, they probably don’t even know you. I could be the one doing something that would help you someday, and that’s because I care about you like I care about my family, and my friends, and my pets, and my country, and my environment and my WORLD. One cannot measure one’s worth on material things alone. Never doubt what I’ve said: you’re worth it, you always have been and you always will be.

    By Luna Canal on 10.05.2016

  40. She rubbed her fingers together in the universal sign of money. “Where is it?”
    Angela shook her head minutely and sat back down at the table, not making eye contact.
    Cynthia’s voice rang clearly through the restaurant. “What do you think you are doing?!”
    If Angela could have crawled under the table, she would have.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.05.2016