October 4th, 2016 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “worth”

  1. Every day, you must ask yourself what you are worth. This I learned from reading Amy Tan’s “The Joy Luck Club.” She was talking about women and how we see the value of ourselves as people; how some of us are ticketed and tagged from an early age and live with that valuation for the rest of our lives. Some do. Others of us find out along the way that what we learned as young girls was not the truth; was not who we really were or what we are worth now. Amy Tan’s book had a profound meaning for me; I could picture myself as one of the women or girls in her stories, a woman with my own story of how I came to see myself, starting in my childhood and threading through my life until now. One of the great terrors of seeing yourself as worthless is that you will pass this self-loathing on to your own children. If you are a good parent and a vigilant one, you will know this early on and seek help if what you are teaching a child is harmful to the child. But if you are not so fortunate, things can take a turn that you would change for anything. In any case, you will arrive with your child at the adulthood and see your work first hand. Your prayer should be now that you will be proud of the person you helped to create.

    By rubyluby on 10.05.2016

  2. The value of someone, or something.
    The plastic watch is worth nothing to me.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 10.05.2016

  3. Everyone is worth somehing in this world. they either bulid things or manufactor items but everyone does something that is valueable to the world.

    By Rayway16 on 10.05.2016

  4. Don’t think, just write. Worth. It isn’t value or price. Worth is inherent, not based upon market context. Self-worth is inherent too. Who could benefit from the knowing that worth is independent of the size of your house or bank balance, how many of your 30-before-30 life goals have been ticked off, the size of your engagement ring, the make of your car? Your worth is within you, and it is unlimited.

    By Loren Dean-Austin on 10.05.2016

  5. For what it is worth, I want you to hear what I say, I know what i have to say is worth you hearing and the process will be of benefit to us both

    By Shona on 10.05.2016

  6. What is your self worth? “$1” Is what I used to say to my sister Judy to make her laugh. She gave me the dollar and I glued it in my journal. She’s been gone for four years now and I can still hear her laugh. If it’s one thing she taught me is that my worth is much more than the $1 I teased about. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you are worth. Think long and hard. Don’t let anyone lower your worth. Are you worth it? YES! Strive to be worth more every day. Know. Your. Worth. Don’t forget that only you can determine your worth.

    By Luna Pinole on 10.05.2016

  7. You are worth more than a thousands stars to God. That is why he died for you and me and everyone else. You might think or say that you are worthless, but you are NOT! Don’t listen to what people say about you, instead, listen to what your Creator has to say about you. And He says that you are worth more that gold!

    By haylee on 10.05.2016

  8. You weigh the cost, and you weigh the benefit. The investment of your time. You carve it out and fold it neatly, making sure the creases are crisp. You’ve paid for this. It’s a business deal, this investment of time. This investment of space. It has occupied you for weeks. Your heart has started and stopped and you’ve puzzled over the scant comforts you’ve collected. You weigh the cost, this investment, and you weigh the benefit.

    By H URL on 10.05.2016

  9. I glance at it.
    I do not know.
    I look closely.
    I see the complexity, the roughness.
    I know a little better.
    I slowly, hesitantly reach out with out permission and touch it.
    I feel it shrink away, but I just press down harder and feel the smoothness.
    I know even better,
    But I need to know more.
    I raise my hands up high and bring down iron fists.
    It shatters open.
    I know for sure now, every bit.
    But it means nothing.
    It’s gone.

    By Ami on 10.05.2016

  10. “$11.50″he says.

    “What is that?”she replies.

    “It’s money, you idjit.”the cashier rolls his eyes.

    “No, I know what it is, but what deos it mean? What is it…….”

    By Deandra on 10.05.2016

  11. What am I worth? The world tells us that we are worth our bank account, or our friends list on FB, or how beautiful people think we are. Jesus said you are worth this much. And He stretched out His arms and gave up his life.

    By Melissa Husted on 10.05.2016

  12. i am worth the world to my family but some people do care what your worth or they think they are worth nothing and cover it with a fake smile

    By Amber on 10.05.2016

  13. Your wroth nothing to me. So goodbye and don’t try looking for me because you wont find me.

    By Abigail Smith on 10.05.2016

  14. you are worth less than the most but you’re worth more than me. what am i worth? nothing
    youve made me worthless, i am so upset yet i am scared that even without you i would have been worthless. without anyone to blame..

    By yas on 10.05.2016

  15. I don’t think the money you have is worth anything at this point because of its age, you should save it.

    By pendergast on 10.05.2016

  16. Value..is contextual. You are worth everything, but also nothing. It depends what you compare to. You’re worth less than 3 people. Majority before minority. Unless you’re a child.. then you’re worth more. Innocence is valuable. Unless, they TOO are children. But what if your mother gets to decide?

    You might be intellectual, beautiful, kind and funny. Everything that is valuable. There are still scenarios where you are worth the least. And that goes for everyone. Ugly, mean and old. You could be the most valuable person in the room. Your value doesn’t lie in your qualities. It lies in your opportunities.

    By ybsx on 10.05.2016

  17. This dog right here is worth a lot of money i don’t think i can give you her for that much she is the kind worth a lot more than people may think she is a loving kind dog that likes to play she will be worth every penny trust me.

    By jasmine grider URL on 10.05.2016

  18. Some things are worth more than others to some but other believe those items are worthless. You may be worth it to me, but am I worth it to you? is a question I might ask someone I care about. Worth.

    By Lupa on 10.05.2016

  19. “Okay, so you’re trying to tell me that this is worth five dollars, right?”
    He nodded, an uncomfortable prickling beginning at the back of his neck.
    “If this is worth five dollars, then why are you carrying five hundred dollars on your person?”
    He shifted, glancing between the two officers. If was going to get out of this, he had to be quick.

    By The Wanderer on 10.05.2016

  20. A horse is worth a great deal of money. With all of its vet bills and especially if they are a prized racer or jumper they’re worth even more.

    By TessaAnn on 10.05.2016

  21. Worth is an interesting word.
    It is a very subjective thing.
    Can mean different things to different people.

    By Jenny on 10.05.2016

  22. when a people or thing is recognized for your value and deserve it

    By carol on 10.05.2016

  23. Actions are worth more than words.

    By Lucien on 10.05.2016

  24. the value of someone or something can be vastly different to another person. value is placed in the beholder.

    By Seth on 10.05.2016

  25. a humble and trust worthy person that people can trust with their life someone who can keep secrets and is trust worthy.

    By jessy URL on 10.05.2016

  26. “Why is this worth again for the second day?” I asked my mother. “Just restart the page.” She replied. so then I did, but it didn’t work. So here I am. Typing about worth again.

    By Samantha on 10.05.2016

  27. a word used for someone who knows how to keep something private that is not ment to be told to anyone else.

    By jessy URL on 10.05.2016

  28. an amount of money that someone is worth of like if you are worth $15.

    By jessy URL on 10.05.2016

  29. its was worth a lot of money so i couldn’t buy it and i was so sad, so i saved a lot of money from doing extra chores and things like that.

    By ashton on 10.05.2016

  30. it is when you or a person is given a specific amount of something to prove your worth.

    By jessy on 10.05.2016

  31. worth is spelled like this w-o-r-t-h and is money
    you like m-o-n-e-y.

    By jessy on 10.05.2016