February 9th, 2016

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69 Responses to “whimper”

  1. I am surprised this word came up again. I guess that’s worthy of a whimper. I was looking for something different to get my mind going but I suppose revisiting a classic isn’t a bad thing. I whimper when the alarm goes on every morning. Another day of boring work. Does it have to be this way forever, I wonder? People like their jobs, right?

    By Gigi URL on 02.10.2016

  2. i whimper to myself as i see the number get higher and higher. i was entrusted with a duty. WIN THAT AUCTION. will i do it? will it go up to budget? will my competitor cower. only time will tell.

    By Adriana on 02.10.2016

  3. I heard a whimper, “Oh sorry! I didn’t see you there.” I said reaching down to pet my dog. She wagged her tail and licked my hand.

    By Em URL on 02.10.2016

  4. There it was again. A sound like a mouse trapped in the walls. I looked around the bed, behind the dresser. Tapped the walls and listened for signs of life. Nothing. No – there it was again. It must be outside. Through the house and around the roses and begonias, I traipse through the over long grass and peer beneath the lilacs. Covered in mud with a bleeding paw, is a tiny yellow dog. It’s mangy fur and floppy ears caked with filth. Two black eyes stare back at me with fear a low whimper comes from his throat.

    By flowerpups URL on 02.10.2016

  5. the hurt puppy wimpered as the thorn was being pulled out of its foot

    By Gods Girl URL on 02.10.2016

  6. A little kid played a game and didn’t win the prize so he whimpered.

    By I h8 writing URL on 02.10.2016

  7. A little kid whimpered because he played a game and didn’t win the prize.

    By I h8 writing URL on 02.10.2016

  8. My dog whimpered after it got into a fight with another dog.

    By kv3146 on 02.10.2016

  9. I was running for my life trying to get away from the horrid whips, but I was out of luck they caught me and whipped me just as I was about to scream for help but it came out as a whimper.

    By Carter Brost on 02.10.2016

  10. The dog looked at me, with those big brown sad eyes. It was shivering in the cold and whimper. I just wanted to grab him in my arms and take him home, but every time I tried to get closer, he would back away from me.

    By kd3295 on 02.10.2016

  11. a person or animal makes a series of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain, or discontent.

    By that one guy on 02.10.2016

  12. When a dog whimpers it means it is trying to make you feel sorry for it, when in reality the dog is perfectly fine and just wants a piece of fried chicken. I don’t blame him, fried chicken is pretty good. I would just show him that he has perfectly good little brown pellets and okay no, those are disgusting and JUST TAKE THE CHICKEN AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, DOG!!!

    By taeya on 02.10.2016

  13. As I lay down on the ground, I whimper from gym. I was playing basketball and hurt my ankle. I didn’t know what the doctors would tell me, so I stayed at school and whimpered the rest of the day.

    By Emily on 02.10.2016

  14. I force my eyes open hoping it was all a nightmare, but it wasn’t. The stench of the room made me cringe. In front of me was the operating table and the bloody tools lying scattered across the room. That was it, it was just a dark room with one single operating table and it tools to go with it. I look down and see a red bandage wrapped around my chest, I begin to whimper at the thought of what they did to me. Am I going to live?

    By Rylie on 02.10.2016

  15. hi

    By Rylie on 02.10.2016

  16. It was dark and I shivered as I pondered around looking for warmth, it was only 4 days since I last saw the city before “they” came. I finally came upon a cave with blue walls and sticks all over the ground. I laid down and whimpered, while I think of my family.

    By Spencer on 02.10.2016

  17. She tried to pretend she was a statue in a game of freeze tag. But the stakes of this chase were much higher. She’d learned long ago that holding her breath was futile, so she took air in silent gulps. A familiar shadow dimmed the light streaming into the slits of the closet panel. She shrank back against her mother’s coats and when the door flung over, she could only brace herself and whimper.

    By Soft URL on 02.10.2016

  18. It’s a given fact that most of her charm emanates from her aureating wit and awkwardness, but she’s such a klutz that if you take your eyes off her for a few seconds, some ludicrous event was bound to happen. One time during one of our trips at the library, she accidentally bumped her toe on one of the large hardwood bookshelves lined at the lobby and she can’t do anything about it but whimper and internalize all that pain she was feeling. It was very funny, but very damn cute at the same time.

    By nom de luc URL on 02.10.2016

  19. actually english is not my native language so, adon´t know what that word means. mmm i think it colud be a good dog´s name

    By silvia navarro URL on 02.10.2016

  20. He was full on yelling at me. His anger radiating off of him. The look in his eyes was enough to make even the toughest guys cower if fear. I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by a sudden stinging sensation in my right cheek. He slapped me. I backed away from him, whimpering, tears streaming down my face. This was new, no matter how angry he has ever been with me, he has never hit me.

    By Caeli Wells on 02.10.2016

  21. Our new dogs name is Kibbles of all things. One of the kids asked, “who names a dog after the food they eat?”. Ha! She’s adjusting well to her new home but when we leave the room, I can always hear her whimper. It breaks my heart every time.

    By rachelgi on 02.10.2016

  22. “so this is how the world ends: not with a bang, but a whimper”
    she always expected him to go down fighting. yelling, cursing his enemies. but here he was, crying and whimpering, because he was afraid. he had he wasn’t afraid of anything. he lied?

    By bridget URL on 02.10.2016

  23. I heard a whimper in the distance. It sounded like a cat, so I went over to check it out. The whimper guided me toward a park where there were kids poking sticks at a raccoon. I ran over and chased the kids away and yelled maniacally. They skittered away, but they did too much harm to the poor thing. The raccoon had a few bite marks on its side gushing with blood. It lifted its head toward me, sighed, and then died.

    By Susan E. Rother URL on 02.10.2016

  24. Power

    By Guadalupe Garcia Garcia URL on 02.10.2016

  25. I whimpered. Not the most dignified of sounds, I will grant you. However, upon seeing one’s own hard work picked up off the ground, set on fire, and scattered to the wind, is it not understandable? Why are people so mean?

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 02.10.2016

  26. I couldn’t take it anymore. With a roar of the engine, the car sped down the I-85. Other motorists either swerved to avoid my onslaught, or got banged out of the way. My passenger whimpered in the seatbelt. It was all he could do to stay awake, but I’d get him to the hospital on time, or kill us both trying.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 02.10.2016

  27. The sound of whimpering coming from the next room infuriated me. Just stop and get out.

    By kf URL on 02.10.2016

  28. She whimpered in pain when she realized that her dad had passed. She loved him. He was always concerned about what she would say about him when he was gone.

    The only thing that she could say is, “he was always there for me. Always there.”

    By Stephen on 02.10.2016

  29. I wanted to name the dog something different from what other people named their dogs.
    “How about Tammy?” my mother said. My brother hated it.
    “That’s so sissy. Tammy! That’s a girl’s name.”
    “So what?”
    “So all my friends are gonna make fun of me if I walk a boy dog with a girl’s name.”
    “Your friends are stupid anyway.”
    I suddenly thought then that maybe whisper would be a good idea.
    “How about whisper?”
    “Whimper? That’s even worse! That’s like a wimp or something.”
    My mother shook her head. “Do you know what a whimper is?”
    “Yeah, it’s somebody who’s a real whimp.”
    “That’s it. The dog’s name is Tammy.”
    Accepted by all. Without a whimper.

    By nyla on 02.10.2016