February 10th, 2016

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68 Responses to “families”

  1. We went to a valentines day party on Saturday and there was a lot of families there.

    By I h8 writing URL on 02.11.2016

  2. There was a lot of families that went to the fair last week.

    By I h8 writing URL on 02.11.2016

  3. I sometimes see families and they are so happy. And then I reflect on my own and realize that something has gone terribly wrong. Granted, I may not be privy to what happens behind closed doors. But I still believe other families get along while mine does not.

    By Gigi URL on 02.11.2016

  4. The best thing in life is to be loved. To know there are people who see inside of you- the good bits and the ugly parts and love you anyway. The people who become our families. Biological and chosen. It is essential to be part of family- a community of no matter what love.

    By rachelgi on 02.11.2016

  5. Families are wonderful! Many families have traditions and memories that they share together. Our family has many traditions that are fun and bring us together. Memories rock!

    By maureen wagner on 02.11.2016

  6. My family is the best family in the whole world. A family is a group of relatives of mom and dad and sister and brother and baby makes a family a family also takes care of you they raise you‍‍‍

    By Vanshika URL on 02.11.2016

  7. People you live with and love and they care about you they also feed you

    By Joey on 02.11.2016

  8. The family is kind
    The family is nice
    The family is good

    By kalu0889 on 02.11.2016

  9. I have-families

    By Dekell on 02.11.2016

  10. Hi guys!

    By Vanshika URL on 02.11.2016

  11. They are loving, kind, people. They pick you up after school. They play board games with you.

    By Ayden Hahnfeldt on 02.11.2016

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    By Caitlin URL on 02.11.2016

  13. I love my family

    By Ayden Hahnfeldt on 02.11.2016

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    By Caitlin URL on 02.11.2016

  15. families are made up of people who love one another. it does not mean you are blood related. a family to me is considered people who are there for you through thick and thin. they will always have your back. to be a family, there must be trust and love. family will always mean something to me, whether i show it or not i truly love my family, i always will.

    By Kellian URL on 02.11.2016

  16. Since I find kids annoying and love too gushy, I plan on having a bunch of cats when I’m fresh outta college.

    Or maybe a bunch of cows.

    Or perhaps a cult of cows and cats.

    All around town people will know that little box-scented house on the corner of the road as the Cow Cat Cult.

    (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)

    By cowmom URL on 02.11.2016

  17. my families had not merged; they hated their new positioning, their new perspectives. they had to come together had one, because of me. and I was not enough to sweeten the deal; they could not do away with the bitterness. handshakes were dry, a bit harder than they ought to be; smiles were crisped, almost always forced or mocking. to not go on a limb, they would simply be said to be clashing… but it went deeper than that. and they barely recognized that the cuts they meant for each other cut me the deepest.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 02.11.2016

  18. To me I have two different families. My parents are separated so I don’t just join them all together. Families means more than one. I considered my friends to be another family in my life.

    By Maddygeorge URL on 02.11.2016

  19. I just finished writing a paper relating to my family, so no more. I’m done. Goodbye.

    By Hello URL on 02.11.2016

  20. They don’t need to be blood. They don’t have to come from marrige. A family is a group of people who love you and everything you do. They care about you enough to do anything for you. Even if they don’t always agree with you they will still help you. If you make a mistake they will be there to pick you back up and send you forward. They are the ones who will cry with you, laugh with you, and just sit with you. A family is the most important thing anyone can have. It’s better than a new house, car, or winning the lottery. Those things only last for a short time. But a family and the love and support that they give to you. That is what really makes it worth being alive. It makes everyday better. A family is forever.

    By Tem URL on 02.11.2016

  21. The number is up to eight. Eight different law enforcement families have lost loved ones in the past six days. I’m supposed to continue to promote my article, “The Police Officer’s Wife.” I’m contacting groups, companies, foundations, ministries, and even literary agents. Wives, from support groups I’ve joined because they’ve shared my work, have asked me how not to worry in the middle of the night. I tell them I don’t know. I tell them I pace and pray. I don’t sleep. I climb up and down my stairs like a zombie. I tell them I wrote an article but I’m no expert. I’m typing this with shaky fingertips, with sweat dripping onto my keyboard. Eight. eight. eight. eight. eight in the past six days. Eight and counting.

    By Melissa URL on 02.11.2016

  22. Not all families are full of love and fond memories. Some are wrecked and only continue to go down a path of destruction.

    By Nikana URL on 02.11.2016

  23. Blended families. Blended families are harder to work with. Sure, you all love each other but it’s harder because maybe you didn’t grow up with those people and there’s two different parent figures. My family is blended. It sometimes causes problems for my mom and her husband they sometimes fight over us kids. Blended families can be hard but it just means more people to love you.

    By Love is all you need on 02.11.2016

  24. What family? I have a few members, that’s it. Parents? Nope…

    By QueenBee URL on 02.11.2016

  25. Unrelatable relations. My life and choices have always been compared to those around me and those before me. So may say that I’m so different. I don’t live up to the expectations of my name. I give my name one of its own. And hopefully, it’s a good one.

    By sans URL on 02.11.2016

  26. families are very important and caring and several other thing’s they mean everything to everybody even if you don’t have one you will someday. So love your family. Even if it’s hard just love them that’s all that matter is that you love them.

    By Glory URL on 02.11.2016

  27. Families can make or break you. They can show you where you belong and give you an example of who you want to be, or they can show you what you never want to become. They can set you up for failure or give you success. Families are backbones.

    By Hannah on 02.11.2016

  28. I’ve been having stomach cramps every day for the last week. I’ve been freaking out about my taxes and repaying my student loans and applying to schools and bills, and FAFSA. I live 1,500 miles away from my mom, but I try to call her everyday so that she knows I’m already. During today’s call she was quiet for a moment and then said, “Honey, are you stressed?”

    I started crying.

    By embr URL on 02.11.2016