September 27th, 2015

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52 Responses to “wallpaper”

  1. wallpaper is the stuff you put on a wall and my den needs new wallpaper and so does my bedroom and my bathroom also there wall[paper sucks

    By damascus URL on 09.28.2015

  2. My mother hung wallpaper while we were in school. She hung it for friends and then started doing it for clients. She was good at it. It takes precision and patience, she had both. She used to carry around with her these long bags full of rollers and rolls of wallpaper. She had buckets and trays for the paste. It was exhausting work. She knew how wallpaper worked. Could tell the difference between the good kind and the bad. The bad kind did not stick well and the bad kind left large sections of paste on the wall, and sometimes refused to peel off. This wallpaper required her to pick and pick with metal spatula.

    By meg on 09.28.2015

  3. Wallpaper is something you put on your walls to make them pretty.Sometimes it is expensive.

    By harmony booth on 09.28.2015

  4. paper on the wall. wall with paper. wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper

    By darcy URL on 09.28.2015

  5. She walked through the old room admiring the wallpaper which was peeling everyday. She remember this is where he sat, he watched her sit on the stool posing for her painting. Smiling nwhen he caught her looking st him.

    By bailey on 09.28.2015

  6. the wallpaper looked werd in my new house i tolde my mom but she said ”it lookes fine tome now stop complaning ”,

    By Caleb gayton URL on 09.28.2015

  7. Our dining room from our old house used to have wallpaper, but after we left they replaced it with paint instead because the wallpaper was falling apart in some places. It was flower striped.

    By Emily on 09.28.2015

  8. Wallpaper is something that is a paper that you put on walls to make it prettier. Wallpaper can also be ugly too.

    By MMcKee on 09.28.2015

  9. She changed it the moment he died. You don’t need a wallpaper of a dead boyfriend — or ex-boyfriend. At least, if he had gotten the chance to break up with her, that would be what she’d call him. But now, he’s just her dead boyfriend, and the wallpaper of them laughing together had to go.

    It felt just like it was laughing at her, telling her she had no right to grieve a man she loved who went and died loving someone else. She’d never tell, though.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 09.28.2015

  10. Wallpapers are papers on walls.
    Why would someone put paper on walls when paint is so much more beautiful.
    But I guess that paper is easier to change.
    Although it could be ripped off so easily.

    By June URL on 09.28.2015

  11. “Gross. I mean, what is it?” Jon wandered to himself. “Some sort of dog? A flower? A weird vase?” Maybe he was overthinking it, but it seemed almost obnoxious of them to put such an unattractive mess all the way around the hospital room. What if the surgery went bad and this was the last thing he saw?! Surely they had considered that?! Had they no empathy?! How dare they–

    His increasingly furious internal monologue was interrupted by a sudden knock on the door before the doctor stepped into the room. “Alright, Mister Jones,” he smiled, “Let’s fix that pinkie.”

    By Brandon Steward URL on 09.28.2015

  12. Wallpaper! My wallpaper used to be a chibi pikachu, but my sister changed it :( Now i want some Anime wallpaper

    By Neko-Chan!! on 09.28.2015