September 26th, 2015

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26 Responses to “mustard”

  1. “Excuse me, boy!” barked the lady from the counter. “I ordered this without mustard. Without! Can’t you get anything right?”

    I stared as my coworker blushed a darker red than I ever thought scientifically possible. It was clear that he had some sort of mental disability, and I knew he was trying his damn hardest. So I reached over, snatched the burger from the woman’s fingers, and snapped, “Here, we’ll fix it. But could you go a little easy on one of my best employees?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.26.2015

  2. mustard is yellow and it tastes bad and I don’t like it. I hate mustard it is stinky. Why is mustard a food is is disgusting! >.<

    By poo poo URL on 09.26.2015

  3. mustard on the table. on my sandwich. I hate mustard. I asked for ketchup, what is this. and apparently it comes form a plant. like little seeds. are the seeds yellow?? how do they get it this color.

    By Kegan on 09.26.2015

  4. ‘The man is as disgusting as the condiment.’ Mrs. Peacock thought to herself, as she watched him chow down his food.

    By Veronica on 09.26.2015

  5. The colour of all her favourite things. Handbags. Scarves. Autumn.
    “I need a new autumnal dress”, she’d say, leaves crunching underfoot.
    “Something…mustard yellow, you know.”
    She couldn’t eat it though. It turned her face upwards in funny angles, and down again in disgust, any time she tried it to see if this time, maybe she would like it.

    By XcC on 09.26.2015

  6. Seeds are scattered on the ground, and the birds that try to pick them up choke on the poisoned dirt.

    Slowly their claws wither and wings shrivel, beaks snap and eyes deaden.

    They wait in silence for the seeds to grow into trees.

    By Anna Meursault on 09.26.2015

  7. He played a hard game. First game ever playing on Varsity. As a Sophmore he was not expected to do much. He did much more than even the Juniors and seniors. When his body Gave way to cramps he was given the mustard packet, the mustard packet, trick of the trade a old player might say.

    By ajloopy URL on 09.26.2015

  8. Jimmy took a tablespoon size serving of the mustard. It burned his mouth, and he started to cry. For the rest of his life, he avoided anything yellow.

    By Kimberley on 09.26.2015

  9. Way better than ketchup. Tangy, delicious, sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy. A much more pleasing color than red. Perfect on hot dogs, hamburgers, ham sandwiches, french fries, onion rings, in stuff on stuff everywhere but not your shit ’cause that would be unfortunate.

    By Courka URL on 09.26.2015

  10. I sat at the most boring lookimg restraunt ever. like seriously. the most exciting thing here was the mustard coloured… everything. everything was just mustard. the chairs, tables, and curtains. even the ceiling. it was ironic because they were currently out of stock of mustard (i asked)

    By kiki on 09.26.2015

  11. I just bought a beautiful mustard yellow sweater. Great for fall, fit in with the golden yellow, burnt orange and fiery red colors. I had a green sweater that tore in the wash. Nice replacement for it. Can’t wait to wear it to work.

    By Kristina Weber on 09.26.2015

  12. My belly heaved and hoes as I stuffed every morsel I could into my gullet. My thin frame wasn’t used to this kind of expansion. This assault on it’s borders, but I had to make weight. I rubbed every last condiment, crumb, and sauce off my plate and smeared it hap hazardly against my lips. I felt ill, but it would be worth it.

    By Michael THompson on 09.26.2015

  13. When I was five, I broke my brother’s toy car and he wasn’t kidding when he said he’d kill me. I nearly drowned in a pool of mustard.

    By E on 09.26.2015

  14. I went to a newly opened supermarket and my friend and i was in awe. Minutes later while we are happily looking round, I saw this particular, one in a million yellow-looking bottle. Of all things, this exorbitant priced bottle of mustard caught my eye. Oh, it’s my all time favourite mustard.

    By Anne on 09.27.2015

  15. I think I caught a glimpse of you. You wore that mustard-colored cardigan I made for you. You said you were not really crazy about the color but since you love the works of my hand, you’ll wear it. I picked that color because it reminds me of how you brighten me up like how the sun bleeds mustard when it rises. I’m surprised, really, that you still wear that cardigan now that we are no longer together. I gives me this bitter-sweet hope that the sun will rise for us again.

    By Savannah Krouge on 09.27.2015

  16. I spread the mustard on my sandwich, thinking about what he’d said. “You’ll never escape it.” I’ll never escape what? I didn’t even know who that guy was. What did he mean? It was a mystery to me.

    By Grammar_girl URL on 09.27.2015

  17. I like mustard. It tasts good on hot dogs. Don’t get it on your shirt though because it won’t come off very easily. I ruin more shirts that way. It really goes good iwth ketchep too! Mustard also goes into potato salad.

    By Peggy on 09.27.2015

  18. She tried to concentrate, but again her attention was drawn to the hideous mustard-coloured blazer the woman was wearing. Idly, she wondered if she could burn the thing without being arrested for attempted homicide.

    By Sheila URL on 09.27.2015

  19. Despite the frequent drizzling and the occasional heavy rain which not surprisingly draws out the gloom and somber mood out of everyone, she remained jovial and looked sunny as a daffodil as ever. You can see some hints of her unseasonal joy from the way she wore that mustard dress earlier today.

    By nom de luc URL on 09.27.2015

  20. Yellow, sticky and gooey mustard. My favorite condiment of amongst all. Hotdog wouldn’t be complete with it, it goes well with nachos and just everything!

    By kirarisakura on 09.27.2015

  21. Her jumper was a violent shade of mustard and was woven from what looked to be the itchiest wool available on the market. She carried it off though, somehow – perhaps it was her angular cheekbones that allowed her to wear it with a model-like confidence, or her casual Parisian elegance. Either way, by the time I’d realised I thought she even looked good in mustard jumpers, I was desperately in love with her.

    By Kat on 09.27.2015

  22. It’s such a dividing condiment, really. Splat some mustard on your food and half the room immediately looks as if you’ve just poured molten glass on an infant.

    By Yuvonne Watson on 09.27.2015

  23. The hot dog cart man looked just like he sold processed food for a living. He was pudgy, and always seem to wear a white t-shirt with a mustard stain right on the chest. I could imagine him as a father, with a daughter who was too embarrassed to tell her friends where her dad worked. I was jealous of her though, I would have killed to have a father like hers.

    By Taylor on 09.27.2015

  24. The light reflecting from the shining yellow surface shone brightly in her eyes. “I didn’t want mustard on my sandwich,” she said, shoving it across the table to her friend. “It’s disgusting.”

    By peppermint on 09.27.2015

  25. mustard stains my fingertips that yellow that blinds your eyes at the picnic. my shirt still holds the scent of my mood that day. nothing could make me happy. everything goes wrong under those circumstances.

    By Lin on 09.27.2015

  26. What a polarizing condiment, mustard. You put it on your food, and half the room instantly contorts their face into a grimace as if you have just poured molten glass on an infant.

    By Yuvonne Watson on 09.27.2015