January 1st, 2016

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43 Responses to “tyrant”

  1. In the middle of nowhere he reached for a fistful of sand and held it high in the air. “This,” he claimed, “is what I yearn.” And with a breath of black madness he let go the one thing he held dear.

    By Claudia Perez on 01.02.2016

  2. That’s what they called her. She was cold. She was cruel. She was heartless, they said. She didn’t mind being called a Tyrant. In fact she loved being called the Tyrant Queen. Why? Because it showed that people feared her.

    By DelusionalDoll URL on 01.02.2016

  3. The most debilitating tyrant to my ideas and progress is me. At each moment, I get in my own way with fear and perfectionism. The greatest goal I have for now is to act. To just do. To not fear failure. To not research and wait and hold myself back until I know all there is to know and don’t risk making a mistake.

    By ina URL on 01.02.2016