July 24th, 2014

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41 Responses to “tutoring”

  1. He’d always known his younger brother had never really fit the mould. His brother wasn’t normal. Simple as that.
    So why did everyone else see that as a bad thing?
    Why did they try to cram him into their stupid little boxes, when clearly he’d never fit into any of them?
    Why did they insist he was a freak, when his abilities and talents meant he towered over them in superiority (and didn’t he just know it)?
    His brother didn’t need tutoring. He didn’t need to be forced into any kind of shape or person- he needed to remain himself.

    By some weirdo on 07.24.2014

  2. I had been tutoring Glenn for three years now, and he had improved his grades tremendously. Still, he had told his mother that he was not ready to end the sessions just yet. In a way, I understood that. The relationship we had was different than most of his family connections and his friendships. I may have been scrutinizing his academic work, but I never exactly “judged” him. I was an outsider helping him trace out his future in graphite, ink, and computer code, and Glenn, as a result, was extremely grateful for my presence.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.24.2014

  3. Kenshin likes tutoring Kaoru, it makes them closer and the fact she blushes each time he brushes their fingers together only makes it better.

    By feedererde on 07.24.2014

  4. The Healer stared at the young apprentice’s work. “Well, my boy…” he trailed off. After a long lecture, the boy left wiser in the ways of his Master’s work.

    By Kaitlyn on 07.24.2014

  5. Perhaps you may need some tutoring in these anonymous stories I’ve been sending out, hoping you might see them. De-coding. Summoning. The moments. The lines ran – recounting all of it is an attempt to –

    By Ella Emma Em on 07.24.2014

  6. As much as I knew I needed a tutor – my parents were right – I sat on my bed thinking that I didn’t want to admit it. I didn’t want to acknowledge that I couldn’t do trigonometry on my own, and I chuckled.

    By jupiter on 07.24.2014

  7. he stood there, wonderment glared over his wanting eyes. The wrecked, homeless man wearing a black tank top, which was not noticeable because of his scuffed hairy face–stood there in wonderment. I, and, my womanly accomplice drove away from Starbucks, hoping he was pulling a gest on himself. To deny our notion, he grabbed two metal chairs, belonging to starbucks corporations, then stuffed them in to his already-full target shopping cart. I blasted into laughter, with it, exploding with her joying laughter, together. “I cant believe he would do that”, she astounded, with phasing laughter. “People will do anything for livability”, I smiled. Our laughter degraded to slow touches on the arm, then deceased because of the drowning voices of hip hop music. I finger-flicked the volume knob, zoned into an oasis hosted by Robin Thicke, enjoying the sheer beatification of her company–her brown eyes, innocent like a goat–her brown hair that rooted from black, but had the capability of two-toned coloration because of her fine dark south American eye brows. Amidst this sensation of love, I pushed down the gas pedal, accerlating to craigslist job ads. Finally, I met the etching that I longed for.

    By Milad URL on 07.24.2014

  8. “Again.”


    Her temples throb, and she grits her teeth. Abigail puts all her energy into the sparking at the end of the yew wand. It fizzles out, and she can hear him start to speak.
    “Merlin’s Beard! Would you just shut up!” she screeched, turning. The tutor hems and haws, and she throws the wand at him. “Stop! Stop speaking. Leave.” he sighs, likely marking this on her record.
    The door slams shut, rattling the windows. If only she could get the hang of her magick, then she could move on. Abigail’s tempted to break her wand. It lies on the floor, innocuous. She can’t. That would be the fifth one this month. Dean Larson would refuse to compensate her for it. If Abigail had progressed to Magi at the last testing, she wouldn’t be in this situation. There wouldn’t be tutors, she wouldn’t be alone in the Hall of Housing. Well, she could stay with Auntie, but that was against the point of her coming to the Institute. This was her chance at freedom. It might be Abigail’s only chance. Auntie wanted her to get married. To save magick for party tricks like Abigail’s mother and grandmother before her. It was only by the grace of Dean Larson (and a few favors owed to her father) that she was able to afford the tuition. Coming here had been a dream, witches weren’t often educated in proper magick. She’d made fast friends with the two other girls enrolled. Cora and Lucy were lucky, first of their lines to have the powers. Cora’s parents had encouraged her to go, selling heirlooms right and left to afford her books and wand. Lucy’s brother-in-law had helped her, donating his grandfather’s wand to her schooling. But none of that mattered. Why should they progress so well, when they were mere First-Borns, and Abigail had so much magick in her veins she glowed. Abigail kicked the wand farther away. That was the kind of thinking her father had, what he’d said when he found out her failure. Auntie, he said, was waiting for her to give up. If she didn’t make it next semester, he was sending her home.

    There was a knock at the door, and it opened to reveal a boy with carrot orange hair. “Excuse me, I was looking for the girl who sent Tutor Miles running ‘cross campus. Would that be you, Miss?”
    “Miles? The one with the big nose?”
    “That would be him.”
    “Then yes, I’m the one you’re looking for.”
    “Lovely, I’m his replacement. Thomas Under-hill at your service.”
    “Abigail Woods. Pleased to meet you, Fairy-boy.”
    he laughs.
    “You and I will be fine friends, Miss Abigail.”

    By Maddie K on 07.24.2014

  9. the child wanted to be a doctor but his grades were far too short. the triple digets needed were more like double, sometimes even singular in form. the dreams were dashed, smashed headfirst against the chalkboard, blood dripping down into the chalk tray. no amout of tutoring could ever save him now. but his parentss tried girl after boy after girl to no avail.

    By ainjel on 07.24.2014

  10. two to a row
    under benches
    they scour the hour
    often looking for their escape
    ’round every corner
    inside each soul
    never leaves the people they love
    gathered together they look like paintings.

    By babington on 07.24.2014

  11. tutoring is hard. i typically hate it not because i hate teachong but beacuse im so bad at it. i thingk it takes some skill, patience and kindness to tutor. im just no the kindof person eho can, i will tell you how, show you, but then, im done

    By cait on 07.24.2014

  12. Harry stared at the books in front of him, daydreaming about nothing and everything, when Hermione reached over and poked him on the shoulder. His green eyes focused once more and he glanced down at the sheet in front of him. Tutoring, they’d said, to help Harry focus, not that it was doing much good at all.

    By silly URL on 07.24.2014

  13. My fourteen-year-old daughter is tutoring 3rd graders. She does it feverishly, as if the world is coming to a careening end and nothing will save it but the satisfactory reading comprehension levels of 8-year-olds.

    By vmontes on 07.24.2014

  14. The tutoring was always more than just that. It was the catalyst of our friendship. I taught you to master bearings, graph piece wise functions, understand the unit circle, etc. But you taught me to, “go with the flow,” and dive into life heard first, without fear of any repercussions. You taught me to always face life with a smile on my face. In those tutoring sessions, you taught me more than you could ever know. Thank you.

    By Junco on 07.24.2014

  15. The tutoring was always more than just that. It was the catalyst of our friendship. I taught you to master bearings, graph piece wise functions, understand the unit circle, etc. But you taught me to, “go with the flow,” and dive into life head first, without fear of any repercussions. You taught me to always face life with a smile. In those tutoring sessions, you taught me more than you could ever know. Thank you

    By Junco on 07.24.2014

  16. she was to be his tutor, something which neither of them were too pleased about – he didn’t want to appear dumb to her, and she didn’t want to be forced to spend all of her time around him simply teaching him. all of her friends, however, considered her very lucky – he was very cute, and they’d be able to spend so much time together through all the learning! she disagreed with this very strongly, however.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 07.24.2014

  17. He was behind me, my back to his back.
    I was glowering over my notes, he was idly perusing books.
    “Are you done yet?”
    “Are you stuck on something?”
    Yeah, you’re too close dummy.

    By Cdt on 07.24.2014

  18. It was supposed to be a tutoring session, vanilla all the way. Of course, when it came to Dana nothing was really vanilla so, all in all, Ariella wasn’t really surprised when the brunette pushed her back onto the bed, straddling her waist.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.24.2014

  19. Give it to to me
    let me hear
    mind wide open
    pour it in let it be mine
    the drudgery of lessons
    timeless act of new
    cascades of words
    sometimes awkward
    sometimes absurd

    By Protean on 07.24.2014

  20. He taught me about a new kind of love. His tutoring was odd, but gave me lessons in how to love without asking anything in return. I’m not sure I would pay for that type of learning now, but at the time, it seemed like the perfect lesson.

    By Laurie on 07.24.2014

  21. Well my nephew came by last week, my husband took him out and showed him how to flirt with woman to get a girl friend. I was concerned by this because my husband has so much charm when he tries. He could talk the most hard core feminist into waiting on him hand and foot. I was not sure My nephew Peter was ready for this type of tutoring.

    By Bethany Herrington on 07.24.2014

  22. Ohara had learned from her sister that the girl he was looking for worked at a school in Kawagoe, just north of Tokyo. With a little help from her sister, and a few little white lies, he got into her apartment. The large wardrobe full of party dresses told him that she did a lot more than just tutoring schoolchildren. He would have to start scouting the local hostess clubs.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.24.2014

  23. It was not as hard as it appeared; that was tutoring the summer classes that was held for the second formers at the high school where I had offered my assistance.

    By victor URL on 07.24.2014

  24. We told our parents that I was tutoring him. That’s how it all started. With tutoring. What we didn’t tell our parents was what subject I was supposed to be tutoring him in.
    Neither of us were taking anatomy classes.

    By Emily on 07.24.2014

  25. tutoring always makes me think of the old Ball State tutoring office, which was one of the best jobs on campus, and were thus impossible to get. I didn’t try very hard to get an on campus job, and I really wish I had. It would’ve been a lot easier, and would’ve made the work/ study balance much easier.

    By B URL on 07.24.2014

  26. I was thinking about all the
    pretty things – and the sad
    ones too – people has taught
    me during these twenty and
    an half years; I’ve learned
    when tears should flush over
    my cheeks and when smiles
    should be painted on my lips;
    I’ve became were of the futility
    of life and the greatness of being
    on this world; I’ve been taught
    with books full of ancient words
    and brave cold-hearted heroes.

    But there is one thing I still am not
    able to do – and probably it’s the
    silliest of all; there is one thing no
    one has ever explained me.

    How could I forget someone?
    How could I erase him from my memory?
    Does somebody know how to do it?

    By gargouillis on 07.24.2014

  27. It’s not hard, she thought.
    Everyone else in her class could solve this problem in minutes.
    Her tongue darted in between her teeth, licking her lips nervously. She could practically feel the stare of the older (smarter) girl next to her.
    Why was this simple problem such a struggle for her?

    By valdezy on 07.24.2014

  28. Lernen, immer wieder
    niemals hört es auf.
    Immer wieder etwas neues,
    am besten du kannst alles.

    By Anuri URL on 07.25.2014

  29. He placed his hand on her thigh, smiling gently when she flinched. “Come on,” he said softly. “This is how it starts.”

    She looked away nervously, but then flicked her eyes to his.

    “Here,” he said softly, “put your hand here.” And he took her hand in his and placed it on his body.

    By Kimberly on 07.25.2014

  30. Nolan sighed, placing the text book on hte edge of the desk.
    “Becca, help me out here, your sister isn’t undersntad this.”
    “Sure dad,” she said and tok the book off the desk. Nolan walked out of the room, and sighed, heaing for the kitchen he took a seat on the stool.
    “Tough time?”

    By Nadia on 07.25.2014

  31. I told her everything I knew, at once, in a flood of words that poured of a place within me that had been locked for years. She sat patiently, and when I was finished and the flood died down, she said:

    By Guillaume URL on 07.25.2014

  32. Tutoring, I thought to myself as I was reading the big black words on the screen. Now, what do I know about tutoring? As much as I know about law. Which is nothing. Im telling you, being 18 and having to choose a university sucks. Tutoring sucks. Everything is confusing.

    What? Once more? What is this website? Not sure if I hate it or if I love it.

    By Elmedina URL on 07.25.2014

  33. No matter how much turtoring the teacher gave him he could not concentrate. His mind was looking out the window, out across the fields and through the prairie wondering what his horse was doing as he was waiting for him to get out of school.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.25.2014

  34. Haha, I meant tutoring. Oh well

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.25.2014

  35. The last time I picked up a book, I think it was probably in grade school. Huck Finn, I believe it was. After my parents passed I had to drop out of high school to get a job. Reading not required. Now I met a girl, her walls are plastered with books. If I tell her the truth, I think shel’ll leave me. And I can’t allow that to happen.

    By Beka URL on 07.25.2014

  36. When he initially agreed to tutoring Maximillian, Angela’s ‘very bright, but slightly unfocused son’ Adam thought it would be a fairly straight forward weekly meeting of tutor and pupil. However his thinking swiftly changed upon their first meeting. Teaching anything beyond very simple addition was going to prove significantly challenging to an over exuberant labradoodle.

    By Erica on 07.25.2014

  37. The need for something more. It’s got to push through. What can i do? Seek assistance to fight the resistance or sleep it away. Give up, stuck up in this mind cemetery. Need a break, to the other side of this broken gate. And there it is, a tutor to show me the way.

    By Wattadoosh on 07.25.2014

  38. As I struggle to find the words to explain to someone concepts that they have never heard of
    I realize
    How hard it is to inspire a desire to learn in a stranger.

    By Mehak on 07.25.2014

  39. He was tutoring the young woman in the art of love. At least he thought he was. It is probably more the truth, that she was tutoring him in the art of seduction. He was under her spell but he didn’t know it.

    By frances on 07.25.2014

  40. Tutoring… Why would anybody have to go to a tutor class? Is it really helpful? I really don’t find it helpful. But I salute the determination of some people who wanted to tutor other people to help them succeed.

    By Charm Ming on 07.25.2014