June 7th, 2015

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50 Responses to “tracks”

  1. Wrong side of the train tracks. Jeff’s scars — all over his arms. They’re tough to see, but once you do, they are impossible to unsee. Nasty ugly indentations.

    By AleksndraZ on 06.08.2015

  2. The rabbit made tracks as it was hopping down the forest path. It suddenly stopped to sniff some daffodils on it’s way to the rabbit hole. If he could just make it without getting eaten, the children would still have a father. He sighed with relief as he came upon the rabbit hole. Home at last.

    By SapphireSoul on 06.08.2015

  3. Animals always leave tracks where ever they go, leaving a determined path from where they’ve been to where they are now so they know if they are repeating the same steps again. What does that leave for us? What tracks do we have to make to know whether we are making the same mistakes again? Where do we leave our footprints?

    By Natalie on 06.08.2015

  4. Moosetracks was his favorite ice cream flavor. I knew a lot of little things about him… but none of the big things.

    I didn’t know his last name or his hometown. I didn’t know what college he went to or his religion. But I knew that he liked hiking. I knew his salary range and his height. That’s the thing about online dating, I guess. It’s all surface level.

    Little did I know, that was all about to change.

    By La on 06.08.2015

  5. she’d only be walking for about five minutes until she stumbled across the railway tracks. literally stumbled – they were covered in grass and wildflowers and she’d missed the slightly rusted metal until she felt herself falling

    By lightthisfuse on 06.08.2015

  6. i did tracks yesterday. what the heck gives? i don’t have more to say about tracks. i guess people have track marks. i have never seen that except for on tv. when i was a kid my knee got a growing disease. it hurt me. there is a truck in my backyard!

    By anna on 06.08.2015

  7. The tracks led to an abyss that led to the next world. I didn’t know what it looked like because I’ve never been there. I heard it’s scary though. I continue to walk down the tracks,

    By Zach Garn on 06.08.2015

  8. He stopped dead in his tracks. Something had moved from behind the tree. He took out his gun and was about to fire when he realised it was a deer. He laughed and felt relieved as the enemy crept up behind him and said he liked his tracks uit,

    By Steve O URL on 06.08.2015

  9. The tracks go on and on. See the trees in the distance. See the empty spaces between lines. See the splinter-less wood. The tracks go on and on. They stretch into the sunset. They stretch toward the heavens. They stretch for hope. The tracks go on and on. Listen to them singing. Listen to their hollow cries. Listen to the whistle of despair. The tracks go on and on.

    By Stephanie Tillman URL on 06.08.2015

  10. I stopped immediately in my tracks. I found animal tracks in the mud, the dust, the snow. What kind of animal? Bird, large wild animal, domestic dog or cat? Tracks. Something WAS.

    By Elizabeth URL on 06.08.2015