June 6th, 2015

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33 Responses to “pitch”

  1. is the sound of the persise ear not all can experience what greatness pitch is. but those who do have a very spcial gift. its an art to sing. let alone sinning on pitch is t

    By paige on 06.06.2015

  2. Its hard to avoid her, isn’t it? Always having to see her around, hear her voice, see her laugh and have fun with other people. Does it make your heart hurt? How unavoidable she is? How you’re simply having to see her from afar… how you only hear over-hear voice nearby because she’s not actually talking to you… how you see her laugh and have fun, but it’s not because of you?

    By jolyssa on 06.06.2015

  3. Pitch perfect. Movies with friends and laughing and crying but not crying because the movie is sad but because the world can seem to be so much sometimes and life is hard and all you can do is continue to try to look like you’re laughing

    By perpetual-fighter on 06.06.2015

  4. anyone can pitch a ball, but you need to be a good pitcher to play in the MBL. Maybe one day my son will be a pitcher that is where the money is from what I hear. Or maybe he can pitch me a lemon so I can make a pitcher of tea. lol

    By Sammie on 06.06.2015

  5. I’ve got one, or will have one, I hope my arm works, I hope I don’t get to enticed by the drama of pressure and forget to think about throwing. I don’t have a hat or the grass or the sun in my eyes, impatient to start, waiting, I don’t want to have quick conversations in elevators.

    By K. Healy on 06.06.2015

  6. The boy gripped onto his baseball bat tightly. A bead of sweat trickled down his temple, he swallowed. The pitcher studied the batter with a smirk. The runt looked too weak to hit a baseball. Slowly, he got ready for the pitch. 3… 2… 1…

    By Steph URL on 06.06.2015

  7. have you seen the new pitch perfect movie? it was amazing! funny and aloy of good pitches. I loved the slogan “we’re back pitches”

    By natalie on 06.06.2015

  8. Their voices shifted upward, louder, as Hadi listened in. He breathed with a painful quietness as he strained to make out words from the uncommon language, words he hardly knew.

    By Thalia-Aine URL on 06.06.2015

  9. Pitch Perfect. A great movie about a cappella singers. They made a sequel recently. I saw it a couple weeks ago. It was pretty good for a sequel, although I did not think that the new character was very likable. She was really just annoying and not funny. Also, I did not think that the songs were as good as in the first movie.

    By Acela URL on 06.06.2015

  10. The first pitch was excellent; it sunk into the catcher’s mitt like an old friend, the satisfying thoomping sound exciting the entire crowd. The second pitch was too high, and it narrowly missed the batter’s head, and he arched his back in partially sincere, partially exaggerated surprise. The third pitch was low. It was getting hotter and hotter in the ballpark as the first inning began with as much speed as a crawl. I pushed my cool cup of beer against my head and sharply exhaled.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.06.2015

  11. chuck, throw, toss, get it over the line, past the goal, don’t let it miss, you’ll fail- fall- so far down the rabbit hole no one will be able to rescue you. do you see? do you? it’s one last chance to make the world owe you instead of the other way around. is it ever the other way around?

    By WrittenOut on 06.06.2015

  12. fall through adjust pitch discard, upset stutter first bring it to mind the loss the smile begin

    By soulfulbubbles on 06.06.2015

  13. I was born perfect pitch. Every time someone tries to sing a song, that bothers me, and this applies to every single one including myself. I belong to school choir and band. Take a moment to think how disgusting it is for me to stay in band or choir with some people with absolutely no sense of pitch or musical talent.

    By yeseong on 06.06.2015

  14. I pitch the baseball ball accross the field and hit a home run! I am a champion and i have never played baseball before.

    By Pei Pei on 06.07.2015

  15. “Higher… lower… okay, just right. Choir, begin now.”

    The conductor waved her arms about gracefully as the 10th Benedict Chaplain’s XXXVII Children Choir commenced.

    The audience hooted.

    A corpse jumped out of the floor and groaned, “Kill the pig!”

    By betaveros on 06.07.2015

  16. Her voice hit a high pitch that resonated through the auditorium. Once she stopped singing the aria, she smiled with sweet satisfaction. There was only one person sitting in the audience–her coach–but he too, knew what this meant. It was her breakthrough moment. The perfect note.

    By Lina Bean URL on 06.07.2015

  17. Pitch the perfect story, the perfect idea. Brainstorm. Jot notes, lines, anecdotes furiously on paper with ballpoint ink. Get it all down. You can’t forget any of it. Don’t trust your best nuggets to your memory because they’ll slip between the folds of your brain and you’ll never be able to excavate them.

    By Ashi URL on 06.07.2015

  18. We use the word pitch to indicate the site where people play football,for tenii we say court and rink for ice skating.

    By nanonanonino on 06.07.2015

  19. There was a pitch invasion but it wasn’t by any of the fans at the game it was by a series of pods that landed, about six of them, on the nicely mown grass. From the pods there appeared a number of business men and women dressed in dark grey suits who began to make a sales pitch to the crowd. The fans boo’d and expressed themselves and took a dim view. This was modern advertising and was happening as the game played out. It was a pitch invasion of the modern day, sponsored by gigantic galactic corporations and people had become so annoyed it was reaching fever pitch. It was time to become unplugged.

    By Steve O URL on 06.07.2015

  20. She has an hour left to send her pitch to the agency. There isn’t much time. She had to make this work. Or else…

    By Francine on 06.07.2015

  21. A friend came up to me with his pitch, the blondie with the blue eyes that I’d been crushing on for months at school, “I know we’ve been friends for a couple years now, but I really like you, and I’d like to hang out, just us.” Of course, I caught the meaning. Or at least I thought I had.

    My stomach did flips when he arrived. We made out in my room as I vacillated between being both smitten and incredibly shy. I liked him so much, but I wasn’t ready to go further even though I wanted to, my mind was all yes, but the shyness I felt wasn’t letting up so I demurred in the end. We kissed goodbye a few hours later and said we’d see each other the next day and hang out. I got the cold shoulder the next day, then a few days later I discovered he’d told people I was slut even though we’d never had sex. Maybe there was a reason I felt shy or whatever it was that stopped me from moving beyond just “friends”. I decided then and there I would never ignore those feelings, and those feelings said “never let him close to you ever again”. And so it was and so it is.

    By Intuition on 06.07.2015

  22. Frank had to admit, he was nervous. He had made million dollar pitches to venture capitalists on ten minutes notice, but this was, well, different. All the other presentations, power lunches,business deals were just that; business. Babysitting millionaires, sweet talking them until they parted with a chunk of their wealth, were just fun and games to him, he won most of them, but even if he lost, it was just another day in the trenches, there were plenty more fish in the sea. but today, he was up against a different kind of target. This one he could not mess up. for his whole life depended on it, and he definitely only had one chance. Even as the meal began, his heart was pounding, and when it cam to the moment of truth, his throat was dry, and his palms were wet. He bit the bullet, and laid his offer on the table. “Nancy, will you marry me?”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.07.2015

  23. Pitch the sound of the imagination you find behind a cats ear, it is quite an interesting perspective to look and gleam at things from even when your ears not open and your eyes have escaped from the universe, everything is ok, when you see the pitch, in the pitch black on the pitch, and the elves they do dance

    By Naddy Sane on 06.07.2015

  24. The song was loud, and a bit off-pitch. It drifted through the alley, like a siren’s song. I crept down the cobbled road, listening to the sound. I could hear the age and wisdom in his voice.

    By Blackbird on 06.07.2015

  25. Pitch-Perfect, or so she thought…Good job her ‘producer’ could hear her…everyone in the nieghbourhood had plugged their ears…She sounded dreadful!

    By Vicky1 on 06.07.2015

  26. You’re gonna get pitch slapped so hard your ancestors will be tone deaf! Surprise pitches, I’m back!

    By SapphireSoul on 06.07.2015

  27. a pitch is when you say why you do things, what you do, and what makes you unique. You get people onboard with your mission and goals. They join forces with you and support your cause and purpose. You pitch them to benefit them, and share value with others. You need to know your pitch like the bac of you hand. print it out.

    By Tiffany URL on 06.07.2015

  28. his low mellifluous voice was so musically appealing to hear, I could sit there for hours, just smiling, and look at the love of my life and everything would feel right

    By fz on 06.07.2015

  29. She gave her pitch to the Arts Center and they went for it. Soon she would be teaching clay instruction to many students around the area, and hopefully making a difference.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.07.2015

  30. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
    But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

    By Ann-Christine on 06.07.2015

  31. It’s like the tree’s blood! Oozing amber frangance between my cold, ignorant fingers, beneath the owls musing in the night- how much more those feathered creatures know of this land than I, my body is too big for the delicacy of the ecosystem, I squash whole countries of ants beneath my violent feet. My frame is too tiny for the vastness of the sky- what was that?! A mountain lion? O o, o I will be swallowed whole. The bit of tree-goo now sticking to my face, where my vacant hand leapt up in fear- these floppy things won’t save me from gravity. I love you.

    By Rune on 06.07.2015

  32. In the pitch dark of the closet, she cuddled her teddy bear as her mother’s screams echoed from the hallway. The door to her room began to open as the screams faded away.

    By Logan on 06.07.2015

  33. Having good pitch is very important when it comes to singing. If your pitch is off, then the song will sound quite weird and unpleasing to the ear. If you’re singing above pitch, then you’re “sharp”. If you’re singing below pitch, then you’re singing “flat”.

    By Marisa Budnick on 06.07.2015