July 8th, 2015

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49 Responses to “study”

  1. Oh no !
    I don’t want to study guys!
    I wanna have FUN!
    Yeah, much much FUN… DOn’t you?

    OMG, I think I still need to study anyhow…

    By Elise Dune URL on 07.08.2015

  2. jalfjlakjfdlksjaflkdsjlfkj

    By jalaj punn on 07.08.2015

  3. Study, study, study That was the solitary word of advice my parents gave me when my grades still remained mediocre. Here’s the thing, though: I WAS studying. When I wasn’t out running errands or working my part-time job at Mister Chu’s doughnut shop, I was sacrificing my social life, sports, and extracurriculars to stare at a biology textbook and wonder just what the f*** it was trying to tell me. The results were in: I was not the academic type, and no amount of note-taking or reviewing was going to change that reality.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.08.2015

  4. I need to study. My brain is wasting away as I continue to pursue frivolous things. I need to focus. i have goals and things I need to accomplish but I can’t seem to organize them. How about I try now. I need to focus on things by level of importance. I am trying to depend on ppl, but in order to succeed I have to be the best me I can be and then some.

    By Terron on 07.08.2015

  5. Ugh the word that had slowly begun to scrape out my insides. The thought of it filling me with guilt and stress. A lot of stress.

    By soph URL on 07.08.2015

  6. day

    By Allynne Alcantara on 07.08.2015

  7. It takes discipline to study, at least in a productive way. Studying can be a challenge for many people, because -often- people don’t like to study. I’ve studied at times in life when I’ve had to whether it was for a course or studying a person, perhaps, to glean knowledge. Studying can be a man’s best friend. :)

    By SDK on 07.08.2015

  8. As Logan went into his study to do some studying, he studiously ignored the strange man sitting on his desk. He’d seen the man before. The man obviously thought he was some sort of stud. Logan had no time for that man’s foolishness. He was conducting a study on studious things and that was due the very next day. He just hoped that he could pull it off and win over everyone with what he produced.

    By Platinu URL on 07.08.2015

  9. Word is unknown.
    Did you mean procrastinate?

    By Gabrielle McHugh on 07.08.2015

  10. I wish I knew how study. It will be my greatest struggle next year. I wish I could study schoolwork the way I study music and the lyrics and the harmonies of songs I love. I wish I could study schoolwork the way I study each and every detail of you.

    By Junco URL on 07.08.2015

  11. Something I’ve never been able to do unless it’s a class I actually cared for- which was nearly none.. yet I’ve still managed to graduate, so I did something right, or was lucky.

    By Nicole M. on 07.08.2015

  12. open a book. read a word. read a sentence. read a paragraph. read a page. trace the lines across the page. memorize the facts. but don’t think. don’t apply this knowledge. spit it back out on paper for that grade and then forget it. you won’t need it anyway. we’ll make sure of that.

    By WrittenOut URL on 07.08.2015

  13. i don’t have to study for anything anymore. I’m not in school. I don’t really feel the need to study anything else at the moment. I wish I could have something to study i never studied well in school. I’ve used the word too many times. this is very impulsice and i don’t like it.

    By liz on 07.08.2015

  14. i took my time to study the expression written in lousy format on his face. his mouth was slack and his eyes looked bleak, and i wasn’t sure if he was pleading or just playing with me. i sighed.

    “i’m sorry,” i began, wincing when i witnessed his face crumble. “i can’t.”

    By amandaxx URL on 07.08.2015

  15. Study a lot. I study today with my dad. Did you study last week?

    By Andressa on 07.08.2015

  16. keep it tight
    and to yourself
    delve into the dullness of lightining strikes
    kept apace beyond the void
    deepened understanding
    of deft stretches of mind and strain

    By Protean URL on 07.08.2015

  17. I like to study. Actually, I like to learn. If rather be a student than a professional. Whenever I see courses and their descriptions, I get excited and wish I had enough money to sign up for a course. There are so many things to learn in this world! Now about studying…. I don’t know if I like that to much. That sounds too much like having to remember things for an exam. I’m not too sure if I enjoy doing that. I feel like I don’t really learn anything if I simply shoot and study it. But I could be wrong. Maybe, I have not yet figured you how to study like an adult, like Scott Sonnon was talking about in one of his posts.

    By Vino on 07.08.2015

  18. I hate studying for anything. It is so hard to focus. In order to study, you have to put all of your energy into that one subject and be able to put all other thoughts aside. For me, that is very difficult. Especially since I always had so much on my mind in high school. Having to study made life very hard.

    By Acela URL on 07.08.2015

  19. Poring over. That’s what studying is. Study is a scholarly, virtuous thing to do; it is to devote oneself to knowledge of a particular art. I am not studious. I am not of virtue.

    By bijju on 07.08.2015

  20. How hard i’ve studied subjects i never thought i’d ever come across in real life but papa always taught me to love learning. but how can one love learning with memorization is preferred over a true quest for knowledge?

    By taylor on 07.08.2015

  21. I studied those large tranquil eyes and couldnt believe what my brother had uttered. How could he say something like that with such a calm, collected look? How sure he sounded! It terrified me. Mother had done a lot of terrible things to both of us, but never for me to wish damnation upon her soul.

    By Assassin URL on 07.08.2015

  22. I have to study for an exam tomorrow. I don’t know what to do though. It’s for chemistrey and I’m horrible at it. I can’t help but worry that I’ll fail. If I fail, I won’t pass to the next grade, and I need to pass. My mother would be so sad if I failed, so, I have to study.

    By Hailey URL on 07.08.2015

  23. These a fun. Probably gonna be doing them all night. It will also increase my typing skills.

    By Hailey URL on 07.08.2015

  24. I don’t know what to do. I could sit and study for my exam all day, or I could go and make up with my friends. But why should I? They know how much this means to me, and how much I need to pass. Plus, what does it matter? So, they hate me. Just a few more people to add to the list.

    By Hailey URL on 07.08.2015

  25. Ad I study the wolf’s eyes, I can’t help but feel a connection. Did I know this wolf? Of course not, what I was feeling was a connection to nature. All from studying that wolf’s eyes.

    By scarsleftfrombattle URL on 07.08.2015

  26. study is important for life. we all are studying to make our life happier. and i really don’nt know why it is good for. But still i do it . and i am out of the theme but whatever. i agree it is a good treiner for writing

    By sona on 07.09.2015

  27. I don’t like to study. Study is no fun. I have to study. Study makes me sad. It’s hard to achieve incredibly awesome things like fly planes if you don’t study. Guess I have to study.

    By Pei Pei on 07.09.2015

  28. One word…….
    Can i have words……………????????????

    By Sheetal on 07.09.2015

  29. study is something that helps one’s thoughts to organize. It helps to focus our brain on certain things. It organizes our brain.

    By Dora Babu on 07.09.2015

  30. Studying God’s Word is the best way to know what God is trying to say to you. He tells you what He want’s to say in the Bible. If you have a question for God, just pray and He will always give you an answer. You might not hear it, or see it immediately, but God will answer you. that’s a promise.

    (I hope I can keep that promise. I’m still sure God will answer.)

    By DolphinDreams URL on 07.09.2015

  31. Ain’t gonna study war no more.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 07.09.2015

  32. “Not now, I have to comb through this evidence.” Leo dismissed Lilly’s passes. “I promise honey, I’m not trying to be an ass here…”
    “It’s alright. I understand.” She stared at him for a few moments before chuckling. “I don’t even think I saw you study this much in college Leonard.”

    By Lucas Coon URL on 07.09.2015

  33. Acid rain is corrosive.
    Nuclear war is corrosive to society.
    Fear is corrosive to the world’s societies.
    C is for cataclysmic
    O is for OMG
    R is for radiation sickness
    R is for riot
    O is for: “It’s all over!”
    S is for silence
    I is for inuendo
    V is for vice
    E is for everything involved

    By Marsha Stolte URL on 07.09.2015

  34. Interesting

    By Marsha Stolte URL on 07.09.2015

  35. it’s time when i drunk and spent a lot of time on funny bullshit. yeah.

    By Alex on 07.09.2015

  36. She’s gone…she’s really gone ran through his head again. He tried to chase the thought and strangle it with so what?, but it was gone before he could grab it. A sad sappy rock song about losing love played suddenly seemed too loud in the background. He turned the radio off and tried to read the same page he’d been stuck on for an hour once again.

    By Soft URL on 07.09.2015

  37. “Come on, bro, let’s go out to plaaay!!” Hellie’s voice was as innocent and jubilant as usual. Hector shook his head. “Sorry, sis, I really need to study for the big test tomorrow.”

    Hellie’s smile slowly turned into a frown. “Fine. Be that way. I’ll just go play with my imaginary friends then.”

    She stalked off. Hector turned his head and looked at her sadly, just in time to see her imaginary friend yank her from the floor and deposit her on the ceiling beam in a shrieking mess of gore and antigravity.

    By betaveros URL on 07.09.2015

  38. I do not like to study. But, I have learned to be successful you have to. Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t like to do. Even though I do not like to study I still do it. I have learned that in the end it really does pay off.

    By Ralph Fisher on 07.09.2015

  39. Ew!!! That’s gross. I can’t believe that is actually a word you have to write about! I’m just won’t write long today.
    As the girl entered the room, she was blown to a pulp by her parents yelling at her because she went to a party instead of doing her studies. She had gone to bobby’s house last night along with a few of her friends. “Aw, come on; I wouldn’t have gotten it done anyways. It was only a few hours.” said the girl whose name was Brittany. “It stopped early anyways.” she said. “And how did that happen?” said her mom.”Well, I don’t know” said Brittany.”You guys got caught by the cops.” “How did you know that!” exclaimed Bittany.”I can see it in your eyes” said her mom. Then she grounded Brittany for the rest of her life and everyone lived horribly ever after.

    By David on 07.09.2015

  40. I close my eyes and am alone
    the field has drawn closer
    a nightbird drops a stone
    into the moon’s throat
    and slowly the stars turn off

    my ears thrum
    my breath rolls up like prayersmoke
    I sit among fallen flowers
    under the wet blackness

    i will kiss you
    in falling snow
    i will kiss you
    in blindness

    i will kiss you
    as flowers fall
    in a fever-dream
    i will kiss your lips
    till they’re stung with blood
    and your name
    circles me like birds

    i will kiss you
    in dark stillness
    until our tongues
    are a hot ember

    By minimalist URL on 07.09.2015