June 3rd, 2015

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48 Responses to “sting”

  1. An external force brushes lightly on my arm. A small insect is poised to attack with its dreadful ass-needle and inflict a poison upon me so painful I nearly disintegrate into dust.

    By Coby on 06.04.2015

  2. “OW!”

    Carey rubs his arm.

    “What’s wrong, Carey?”

    “Some little shitcock of a bee stung me!”

    “Oh, you got The Sting!”

    “Winona, what the actual fuck is wrong with you?”

    By Kirby on 06.04.2015

  3. It hurts. It burns. I thought I was ok, I thought I could trust her, but I was wrong.
    I feel stupid. I feel like getting back at her… at the world. It’s just wrong. It’s just so, so wrong.

    By abc on 06.04.2015

  4. they used to sting each other untill one of them started to bleed. They hated the blod color, they were afraid of it and each time they saw it, it was a clear signal that they should stop. relax for a while

    By Stef on 06.04.2015

  5. She held in a yell of frustration as the shampoo began to sting her eyes. She was late, and the day was off to a crap start.

    By Frankenstein URL on 06.04.2015

  6. It’s spring time in New England. Flowers, leaves, sunshine, bikinis, cookouts, and the bugs. Everything has a seedy underbelly….even teh warmer months. little did she know that the sting she received last weekend at the beach party, would have such an impact on her life.

    By Eric Herlihy URL on 06.04.2015

  7. Ouch! That frigging hurt. I didn’t see that coming. I really didn’t know that bee would sting me today. But hey its nearly Friday :)

    By Louise URL on 06.04.2015

  8. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The sting of agony. The sting of rejection. Sometimes these are more fatal than a bee sting. At least the man Sting is harmless. He only sings.

    By Raquel Rojas on 06.04.2015