June 2nd, 2015

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47 Responses to “investigator”

  1. Search your heart
    Peaceful ones
    Find out how it works
    Peer at it as close as you can

    It may leave you one day
    Stranded ones
    Looking for solace
    Thrown in the deep end

    Do not leave it
    It’s a crime scene
    Do not let others in
    Close the door

    It’s the best you can do
    Sometimes loneliness is the best cure
    For realizing what’s important
    Do you know what’s important?

    By Finifugal Spitfire URL on 06.03.2015

  2. The chief investigator paced up and down the room, waiting for someone to give themselves away. He knew the culprit was here, of that there was no doubt; so he just had to wait until one of the recruits flinched, quivered, looked at him funny, or showed some sign of weakness. But no such sign was forthcoming, because what he did not know was that there was no weakness, no guilt, no uncertainty in that room. All twenty four recruits had sworn an oath to each other, to do the right thing, to protect each other, and see this battle through to its conclusion, no matter what hardships they faced. That, they knew, was what their training had taught them.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.03.2015

  3. As I stared at the hard, damp pavement, I thought to myself, “Why the hell would someone choose this location?” I took out a fresh cigarette and furiously clicked my lighter. I muttered to myself, “How in God’s name were there no witnesses?” The rain began picking up, washing the blood away. I was running out of time.

    By brewbaccacoffee URL on 06.03.2015

  4. I am currently being the best kind of teacher: an investigator. I am doing my best work investigating all sorts of things I can do with my new teaching position as a 6th grade literacy teacher, and I am thoroughly excited about all the opportunities I will have in this new adventure.

    By HartwigJen URL on 06.03.2015

  5. I’ve learned to look for the beauty in the world. What we seek we find. When I look for trouble, I find it. So, I look for beauty, for love, for ways to be helpful. I look for justice, for harmony, for the things that make life worth living. Love. Always love. When I find myself looking for something other than this, I know where I’m headed. So I turn again, aim towards the things I want more of in my life.

    By emay URL on 06.03.2015

  6. She knew that he was after her. Too many clues left in too many places. But she was happy. Maybe she self-sabatoged, because she is tired of running. Running from someone she know she can’t outrun. Maybe, just

    By Christina Wagoner on 06.03.2015

  7. investigated the crime
    found the murderer
    locked him up in jail
    but it didn’t really matter
    nothing could change
    the damage that had been done

    By pearlmilktea URL on 06.03.2015