May 4th, 2015

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48 Responses to “stencil”

  1. Stencil, like the single line drawings you ruined a pencil with. the shape of an unknown fish that doesn’t connect or circles. lots and lots of circles you put your pencil through to turn your stencil into a hand saw.

    By StatiKink URL on 05.04.2015

  2. “What’s a stencil?”

    “The stencil is both the resulting image or pattern and the intermediate object; the context in which stencil is used makes clear which meaning is intended.”

    She points at the google images, black-and-white marioheads, Darth Vaders, skulls, Mona Lisas, kung fu pandas, Marilyn Monroes.

    “So it could be anything, then. Anything can be a stencil.”

    “No,” she said, “Not everything. Not everything can both be intermediate object and the resulting image. A book, for example. A book is an intermediate object. The resulting image in your mind – there’s no telling what it might be. It’s different for everyone. A stencil, on the other hand, prints the same image over and over.”

    “You don’t know what a stencil is either.” She had had to look it up.

    “I just learned,” she said. She learned from a vague, one-line definition, and the definition melded with opinion into something that had turned into a fact in her head. All while he was still pondering over the definition.

    By Holden URL on 05.04.2015

  3. I trace around the lines with the edge of my finger. I can feel the indentations made by the blue pencil in the soft paper. I held that pencil, years ago. I pressed hard and struggled to stay inside the lines. Filling the white blue sky with periwinkle intensity.

    By Archanza on 05.04.2015

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    By ana paula on 05.04.2015

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    By ana paula on 05.04.2015

  6. There were over a half dozen stencil paintings on the side of the overpass, like they had been inked in by God’s trembling, overly zealous hand. Most of them were nonsensical or way too simplistic to give meaning to – a half-eaten circle that almost looked like a mutilated war hero Pacman, a triangle, a face that had no name. The last few, however, were slightly identifiable. They all reminded me of places, and people, that I knew, though I couldn’t figure out specifics.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.04.2015

  7. no not this why =( well i like stencils tho like i have never made one but they look cool i just cant write about them ya know

    By gegr on 05.04.2015

  8. terrible i know

    By gegr on 05.04.2015

  9. A stencil a stencil… Why couldn’t I write about a pencil, a paper, a desk… Ah! School, thats what draws near in my mind. it dubious!

    By Gallagher Goodland on 05.04.2015

  10. They placed the stencil on the small of her back and began the tattoo that would show a heart and eagle feathers with her husbands name.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.04.2015

  11. I took out my pen and opened the case which held all my stencils. There was a woman shape and a man shape and several children shapes. The woman blew out into a triangle. Why was she stuck in a dress?

    By Laura on 05.04.2015

  12. i used to have a stencil of a house. it lived inside my house. the house i used to live inside. the stencil is gone. the house is gone. but i am still here. why?

    By aa on 05.04.2015

  13. She placed the stencil on the paper as her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. She brought the pencil to the paper, slowly and carefully following the etched lines. She bit her lip in concentration and moved on to the next letter.

    When she was done, she smiled brightly down at the paper.


    By brittany on 05.04.2015

  14. she dropped her pencil
    stencils were always no good
    b/c following the edges and holding at the same degree
    just didn’t fly
    her pencil however, must’ve had an avian past life
    sometimes she wants to be an art major

    By Kairn on 05.04.2015

  15. Excellent education service provider

    By Sarath on 05.04.2015

  16. Stencils are a thing that you use when you want to draw a shape but suck so much at even the most basic manner of drawing that you can’t make them yourself. Some stencils are more complex than others, but the basic principle for using one is always the same: you suck at drawing.

    By Atro on 05.04.2015

  17. I used the stencil to draw an amazing magical pony with his owner, a nature fairy. The stencil was a basic outline but I used that to get me started and then I drew the rest myself.

    By DolphinDreams on 05.05.2015

  18. His forehead was screwed up in concentration as he used his penknife with care, following the pencil marks he had drawn just an hour earlier, making his very first stencil.

    By K on 05.05.2015

  19. Mary gestured to those colourful stencils on my table. I bought them just yesterday, and I was excited to use them.

    “What are those?” She asked. I rolled my eyes. How can she not know what these were?

    By suje0ngz on 05.05.2015

  20. “Never had any formal training. Couldn’t afford it. Used lots of stencils as a kid.”
    “Stencils? That helped?”
    “Yeah. It was like having my own little art instructor. Never came very easy to me, but I’d eventually get to where I’d memorize the motions.”
    “Nice. I’d say it was worth it, considering what you can do. You’re still a dick for selling a blank canvas for a hundred thousand, though.”
    “When you get good enough at something, you don’t even have to do it to make money.”

    By Brandon Steward on 05.05.2015

  21. stencil are those things which i never able to use because i never needed them during school projects. my school projects were made by my friends and they were too lazy to use stencil for me.

    By shrey chhabra on 05.05.2015

  22. stencil.

    she had carefully
    mapped out her life,
    she had created a stencil
    of her future
    that others had concurred was
    successful; something that she
    could be proud of.

    yet, try as she might
    she couldn’t help but
    colour outside the lines.

    By Chrissie on 05.05.2015

  23. And we are all paint by numbers.

    Crude approximations of what society expects of us.

    No different from our forefathers.

    By srrwb on 05.05.2015

  24. in my visible stencil, a cookie cutter imagery, you are not in complete of the lines; breaking free from the paper. you are not my model, you are already art

    simple as the night sky you are
    cookie cutter majesty

    yes you are
    yes you are
    yes you are

    By c.a. on 05.05.2015

  25. you are the cookie cutter dream
    in the shape of a knife
    you break yourself the away from the pack
    a stencil is a outline
    you are a visible traffic stopper

    you may be the color
    but maybe not the taste

    By c.a. on 05.05.2015

  26. i’ve written this a million times, you are not who you say you are. a stencil in the form, but where’s the organs inside?
    mystery embarks across the outline of a smile, while you grit your teeth and pretend to grin
    you are the least of my problems, cookie cutter man


    By c.a. on 05.05.2015

  27. Trace the edge, the hard-worn line, the outskirts of the negative space. Feel the grip of graphite on paper, the dust settling off the trail that has been blazed. Hold the pencil lightly and let it take its own path. Remove the cutout, admire the object that has appeared upon the page.

    By emay URL on 05.05.2015

  28. “I drew using a stencil that my brother made for me out of cardboard.”

    By Brandon on 05.05.2015

  29. She drew the outline of the cat, realizing that the person her friends knew was only a stencil. The outline she’d created, her facade. Come to think of it, did anybody, even in her family, truly know her?

    By Callida on 05.05.2015

  30. The clock was broken. It had to be. There was no other explanation for why time was moving so slowly. Javier made stupid sand castles as he waited for her. For the past four days, the girl with the purple bathing suit and black pigtails would arrive on the beach at noon with her mom and sister. Anticipation building, at 11:56, Javier smashed his sand castle and began to write “will you be my girlfriend?”

    By Soft URL on 05.05.2015

  31. There were of course some protests, some members of the colony objecting to the hunt, believing that if any native species existed, they should be left alone. That was the policy that they had taken with the flora they found, which had helped their agriculture takeoff at a flying pace once they determined that several of the indigent plants were very fertile, and very tasty. They moved slowly, deliberately, lighting up each section as they moved forward, like mountain climbers attaching ropes to the rock face as they progressed upward. In fact, the team leader was an ex-climbing instructor, chosen for his ability to control a team in a stressful situation. As they moved forward systematically, the lighting for each section was switched on once they had positioned and passed it, so that they would not be dazzled by their own lights but could see clearly the ground in front of them. After almost two hours of this work, one of the team called out to the leader, half whispering, half screaming. In the half light before him, he could see an outline, a vague stencil of a face, staring back at him. All available lights were focussed in that one direction. The best flinched, squinted, then froze for a moment, before it started moving very slowly.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.05.2015

  32. When I was little, I had to use a stencil for my artwork if I wanted it to look good. Nowadays, I trace things out of magazines and off my computer screen. I’m hoping that someday I can draw things freehand or using a still life.

    By Blunz on 05.05.2015

  33. Can’t believe that this is the word! I spent all day yesterday Googling large floor stencil and wondering if I should paint the tile in my house. The colors and designs are overwhelming, but if you stencil, you are truly creating something new.

    By ellbee on 05.05.2015

  34. no choice but to paint the shape already given. we are our parents and i am a loose replica of the zygote and embryo and all things sexually organic. from the belly of beasts comes man’s own sin.

    By Andrew Keiper on 05.05.2015

  35. I put the stencil flush to the corner of the wall and dipped my brush into the paint. My pregnant belly sat on the top step of the ladder and I inhaled deeply away from the fumes of the paint.

    By Bridget on 05.05.2015

  36. Life is comparable to a stencil. We are given our surroundings or outlines, but it is up to us to fill the insides of our stencil.

    By Philip Nenni on 05.05.2015

  37. You used to have a set when you were a kid. You’d draw flowers with overly elaborate petals and you’d grin because you created something perfect even if you had help. When you write, your fingers cramp and they are too stubby to play the piano like your mother wished you could. You were artless. It is an art.

    By mimo URL on 05.05.2015

  38. And the words left him wandering about their meaning. He had this stencil image of what she was trying to say somewhere tatooed on his body. Each night by the trembling light of the candle he would promise himself to give it another try.

    By Stef on 05.05.2015

  39. Just an outline. A guide. Shows not where to go, but how to get there. The path to take is yours to choose.

    By Joey A.M. on 05.05.2015

  40. Us e to write about something and used to draw use your imagination and let it go Cr azy

    By zyzy on 05.05.2015