May 5th, 2015

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66 Responses to “planter”

  1. Today was my favorite time of the year. It is that time where I am a planter. I plant everything from flowers, to tomatoes to corn. Planting is my life and I don’t know what I would do wothout my planting. Planting helps calm my nerves and it makes my house and yard look extra pretty.

    By Cassidy on 05.06.2015

  2. There is a plant there, it is a beautiful shade of green and it almost seems like that there isn’t a planter there. It matches with the ground that if you just look at it, you can not tell what it is.

    By Morgan Clemons on 05.06.2015

  3. you were so young when we planted you. I never knew that something could grow up to be so beautiful and bold. you didn’t let anything get you down and I love that about you. I was your planter and you were my little plant.

    By hannah applegate on 05.06.2015

  4. I dropped my mom’s favorite planter, just in time for Mother’s Day, the ceramic shards flying like my feet the moment I turned 18. The dirt showered my toes, trying to trap me with roots I didn’t want, and so I kicked it from my skin and turned the other way, not even bothering to clean up my mess.

    By Maggie on 05.06.2015

  5. The man stood above the cold dead roots, his calloused fingers roughly brushing against its splintered wood.

    “Why must they do this?” His voice was rough like the stubble on his cheeks. “Why must they destroy all that I care about?, what have I done to them?” His wrinkled worn skin broke as a sliver of wood pricked him. He sighed, death would arrive soon.

    By Brandon on 05.06.2015

  6. What even does it mean though. Once upon a time a big King was lived in a castle of mystery. It had sharigators and Muslims in a moat to keep people out. The king thought that was pretty swood. After about nine years the king thought that he needed to go outside. He was then beheaded on camera by the moat Muslims. This is sad and so is the real word. Swag bag.

    By Joey Ward URL on 05.06.2015

  7. The planter was busy planting his new garden at his new house when suddenly a snake slithered up to him. It wasn’t a large snake just a small garden snake. The planter didn’t know what type of snake it was so he freaked out. The snake said, “wait I’m a good snake! I just want to make friends.”
    The planter fainted where he stood…

    By Chastity may on 05.06.2015

  8. That one planter that is always knocked off the porch.
    Onto the sidewalk.
    Drenched in rain.
    So cold.
    Days before picked up but then falls right back into its old place.
    That poor planter.

    By Blake on 05.06.2015

  9. One time I had to get surgery on a planters wart on my foot the size of a penny. True story

    By Samantha Ross on 05.06.2015

  10. Islamic State

    By X-Wing @Aliciousness on 05.06.2015

  11. Paralyzed, unable to avoid what’s coming to you
    Latching on to what ever strength you have left
    And you always seem to have very little
    Never having enough energy to go on, You just sit
    There, waiting to be held. Until
    Everlasting pain, fills my
    Retarded brain.

    By Anonymous on 05.06.2015

  12. I am not a good planter, as my grandma just passed we received tons of flowers that has to be planted. My mom made me plant all of them, hopefully I done a good enough job so that they don’t die.

    By Christian on 05.06.2015

  13. She was the planter of her own future. She scattered her dreams throughout her life like seeds, waiting patiently for them to grow. She carefully chose what she planted in the garden of her life, filling her destiny with beauty and color.

    By Gabrielle Merrill on 05.06.2015

  14. memes

    By Memes on 05.06.2015

  15. The words planted images in her head that the planters perhaps hadn’t intended to plant, but she was so easily influenced. To get rid of these images, these impressions, was difficult, but not impossible. She just had to remember that she wanted to know the truth, not rumours and gossips.

    By A Bananie URL on 05.06.2015

  16. The dirt fell between my fingers slowly as I scooped the soil over the delicate flowers. I patted it down carefully, trying not to disrupt the natural phenomenon of the growth.

    By Bridget on 05.06.2015

  17. Tiny little fairy, planting ideas of romance into your head. Doodle hearts in your notebook and smile in a goofy way to yourself, enjoy the feeling. Little fairies like this only come once in a while.

    By Katie R on 05.06.2015

  18. He had been stupid, Hiro thought. So, so stupid and so, so hopeful.

    That party had planted a seed. Once he saw the prince kissing that mysterious girl, he knew that it was all in vain. How could he have ever thought that he had a chance? Did the prince even swing that way? Hiro would never measure up to that girl. He was a peasant, merely residing in the castle as his home was being repaired. In was a gesture of gratitude, and he would be gone from the prince’s life once it was done.

    But, oh, how he wanted to stay. He wanted to be part of this family, to accept the leadership position they had offered him. Nevertheless, Hiro knew that he’d only be torturing himself in close proximity to the one that holds his heart.

    He had to say no…for the both of them.

    By A Paper Flower on 05.06.2015

  19. The window sill was splotched black from water spilled turned to mould. The dark hands that flicked over the pots did so with a familiar clumsiness. The nurtured leaves rustled in the wind from the open casement.

    By TZ on 05.06.2015

  20. He stood there, seeds in hand. On one leg and panting. Norman tossed the magic seeds on the ground and hopped up and down, singing “I will jump! Jump! jump! On your grave! Grave! Grave!”

    By Louis on 05.06.2015

  21. There is a planter outside. There are flowers, and bees, and dirt, but that doesn’t matter to Patrick. He only cares about the one macademia nut balanced on the edge.

    By rocketthebunny on 05.06.2015

  22. Plant a seed. Water it, watch it grow and progress and finally bloom. Only then will you know how I feel about you.

    By rocketthebunny on 05.06.2015

  23. Under the pale moonlight, a girl in a wide brimmed straw hat strolled through the garden. She carried a pair of immaculate chrome garden shears and had an air of stiff authority about her. She plucked a single white rose from the thicket brush and gave it a sniff.

    By Hope on 05.06.2015

  24. planter that you put plants in a man in a white coat in a hot country in africa walking down rows of tea plants picking the tips off the smell of warm soil and moist earth and an elephant plants the rhinoceros planter why did J buy this? why spend money? why does she want plants to have to take care of? I dont understand

    By emmasea on 05.06.2015

  25. We’ll plant these seeds as best we can
    And tend to them as best as we know
    We’ll wait for the fruits of our labors and hopes to be born
    For the magic to allow new life to grow
    If all our efforts fall to dust
    We shall build again from the ruination
    Having the courage to start anew

    By Shr on 05.06.2015

  26. Today’s word is a planter in of itself. The word inspires us to write something by planting an idea in our heads. The word “planter” is a planter. Fascinating. I can’t think of anything else to write. “Planter” is not a very good planter.

    By Blunz on 05.06.2015