December 27th, 2015

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34 Responses to “spun”

  1. you spun me round with a glance and then it was over…you walked to your house and me to mine. And i was dizzy for you…again.

    By leelou on 12.27.2015

  2. I just saw a picture on Facebook today. It’s about a roller coaster designed years ago to be deadly; one high plunge and then several loops designed to kill anybody since the heart will be unable to pump blood enough to support the g-forces, or so the article says. Scary.

    By Beth on 12.27.2015

  3. She pulled on the filaments of web spun around her, a tight cocoon that would soon be her coffin. In less serious moments, she always said she wanted to go back to nature, and not be buried in a sterile coffin; but suddenly these thoughts didn’t sound so noble.

    By Craig on 12.27.2015

  4. He spun a tale about the sun, the moon, the stars, the beasts in the brush, the fish in the ocean, all the world around them and why the Gods had created it all for their benefit. Faces around the fire stared intently, hanging on his every word.

    By Krejgo on 12.27.2015

  5. spiders web and soft silk dancing into patterns in the soft breeze. Two lovers dancing underneath a cool spray of moonlight, silver in their own private world. Honey winding around a wooden spool. Candyfloss around a paper cone to be handed to a small, bouncing child.

    By Ella on 12.27.2015

  6. As Frank spun his brand new light-up top that his mother had gotten him for Christmas, his much older cousin sat in the living room, playing the piano. She had been practicing multiple carols and songs, but now that the holiday had come and gone, it was back to the classics. She was about to take a crack at Beethoven when her father, Frank’s uncle Sean, walked in hiccuping and slurring.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.27.2015

  7. My head spun in circles at the thought of n being your love.

    By Lori on 12.27.2015

  8. she remembers: the wheels spun round and round as she watched him bike past her window. that was the last time she saw him. his brown hair tussled in the wind gathering behind the dorky sweatband he always wore around his for head.

    By maggie on 12.27.2015

  9. I remember when my life spun.
    It was full of good and bad moments.
    But it contained amazing stories.

    Now I feel like I am stuck
    in this life I don’t know anymore.

    By Pili on 12.27.2015

  10. It was the third time that she had been to the fair since her dad died. However, it still felt wrong. She watched as the ferris wheel spun round and round and imagined that she was sitting there with him, a handful of cotton candy, and time.

    By Maggie on 12.27.2015

  11. The water turned on and ran through the hosepipe, pumping out at the end into a high flame of cool, wet spray. Beneath the flowing cascade of water, the children spun in glorious mid-summer bliss as the effect of the water cooled them from the midday heat.

    By Murray Ingram on 12.27.2015

  12. honey wool car spinning out. I think of honey for some reason. I think of my grandma spinning wool on her old spool. I also think of spoon.

    By k on 12.27.2015

  13. Gramma spun and spun her sweater, trying to make the perfect gift for her grandson. It had trains and owls on it, so he was sure to adore it.

    By Timn on 12.27.2015

  14. The world spun. I couldn’t have a care in the world. My head was in the clouds, literally. I was flying and nothing could ever hold me down. Except gravity, which was spinning me through the air uncontrollably. I didn’t really mind though. It couldn’t hurt me anyways. I thudded against the ground, absorbing the impact and bounding back into the air. Flying, again. Suddenly I face-planted into the road. I dragged myself to my feet, my head pounding.

    Drugs are bad for you…

    By Rykett on 12.27.2015

  15. The hands of the clock spun round with purpose, detailing the time passed. He clutched his head in his hand and moaned, staring at the aggravating clock with growing annoyance. He had no time left, and he had a job to finish.

    By Amber Rivers on 12.27.2015

  16. it was a marvelous lie, woven intricately and delicately and crafted with the steadiest of hands. like a spider’s near-invisible thin threads, it captured the intended and left them dazed and unaware.
    it was a perfectionist’s paradise.

    By chi URL on 12.27.2015

  17. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do moving forward. I guess we’re all constantly doing that, but I’ve been doing more now than ever. I just got to college and I have no idea what I want to do. Everything seems spun.

    By Dylan Behr on 12.27.2015

  18. Back to his body. The world fell underneath him, and the water slapped him in his face, drenching him in its coolness where he had been standing during his contact with the spirit of the lake

    By FuMashu on 12.28.2015

  19. Turning, slowly at first and then more and more slowly, a spinning that is just barely decipherable from non-spinning, you can’t tell if it’s just the head turning a little, or someone pursing their lips in a somewhat odd way.

    By Roy Cutler URL on 12.28.2015

  20. I got off my feet instantly, turned around to see him enter the room. He was, as always, dazzling. A straight, simple dark suit complimented his ever-so-slightly tanned skin and short raven hair.

    By Guillaume URL on 12.28.2015

  21. he could have spun a story about anything. and he was so good at telling the stories that i struggled to tell what was the truth and what was real. it doesn’t pay to hang out with someone like that. but we weren’th anging out . i was his social worker, he my client. i was forced to listen to him for ninety minutes per week. i spent that time trying to work out what was rea, and what wasn’t and whether he was indeed a sociopath.

    By Ellaandlara on 12.28.2015

  22. Spun..
    a tall tale
    out of control
    done with spin class
    puns that start with s

    Out of control… I have been there.

    By Dezi on 12.28.2015

  23. ***

    By Dezi on 12.28.2015

  24. It started off as an mild embellishment and spun into an epic tale fit for a movie. As they gathered around her, she felt obligated to make it worth their while. In a self-absorbed trance, her tongue went on autopilot and words just came. The basic premise was true but the devil was in the details, and she had no problem adding more than a few.

    By Soft URL on 12.28.2015

  25. The stories she told surrounded him. He looked into her eyes as they darted around the room and back to his, crinkling with laughter, and then quickly circling back the the world to describe the things only she could describe. It was incredible to watch. It was more incredible to be given, as she gave him everyday, unaware of the enormity of the gift. To her, it was a Tuesday.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.28.2015

  26. Despair spun through him when he saw more blank spaces rather than brimming smudges of assurance that his narrative might lead to something. He felt robbed of impetus to go on when he realized that he doesn’t even have the luxury of crumpling the empty page right in front of him.

    By nom de luc URL on 12.28.2015

  27. Dizzy full of life – she was giddy and spun laughing her hair flowing in the wind she was creating

    By Ali on 12.28.2015

  28. vertigo with a set
    of handle bars – you,
    you are not as advertised,
    you are not “as seen,”

    and I, I may have become
    the hurricane.

    By Pandatry on 12.28.2015

  29. Round and round the web spun around our helpless hero. Trapped with no sign of possible escape there was little left to do but hope and pray.

    By Baz on 12.28.2015

  30. I seem to have spun around in circles for the past two years. I think it is affecting my family relationships. I want to have direction in my life and personal relationships. I am looking for wisdom in attaining that. I want 2016 to be a very focused year with no regrets.

    By AJ on 12.28.2015

  31. Mary spun around in the chair. Her boss warned her about it but she did not listen. Mary was hardheaded and did not listen. It resulted to her getting fired. Her boss showed no sympathy. With one word all of her stuff was thrown into the street ans so was she.

    By Trinity on 12.28.2015

  32. The little spider spun her web just right
    so that she could catch any insistent fly

    By skyler69 on 12.28.2015

  33. I was spun around by my ballet teacher. The whole world seemed to open up around me. I being boy realised I shouldn’t be ashamed that I like the art of ballet and that its the same as any other sport boys my age do its just practiced less frequently.

    By Richard on 12.28.2015

  34. Round and round he spun me, it was dizzying. This was what falling in love with him was like. He pulled me closer as the song ended and kissed my forehead. We swayed for the rest of the night, in his kitchen while the fridge illuminated the room.

    By Martie Faye on 12.28.2015