December 26th, 2015

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34 Responses to “contained”

  1. everything all bottled up
    “I’m good” I say to no one that asked
    and I think I really am.
    but that frustration nagging in the back of my mind still exists.
    wondering where I’m going and what I’m doing.
    how to get out of this cell I’m trapped inside

    By Josh Miller URL on 12.26.2015

  2. Every last memory of Brigade General Johann Brokowski was contained in a single flash drive. I had never seen so many photographs, and yet there they were, all blazing with different colors and textures and sights on my laptop screen. Johann even had pictures from before he medically transitioned, and seeing the muscle build and the facial hair appear was almost disorienting. But the smile got brighter with each lapsed year, as he posed for his military photos in a bright blue uniform and with a bayoneted gun slung over his shoulder.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.26.2015

  3. i feel so contained within my own mind….demons screaming…myself suffering. and my mind being pulled into many different directions. Why can’t I ever be happy with my self…why can I ever release myself and just be me…and not feel so contained within my relationship, work, and school life.

    By WaitingtoExhale on 12.26.2015

  4. I’ve never been in good in captivity, though I’ve been contained.

    By Anika on 12.26.2015

  5. Excuse the errors

    By Anika on 12.26.2015

  6. Everything swirled around her in a shimmer of shadows and light, everything that was once contained within the vault. Contained for the safety of all. Contained for the sanity of all. Contained to keep the order. At least that’s what the government had said.

    By Legacy Knight on 12.26.2015

  7. Although I was feeling very upset about the whole thing I only contained my feelings to myself. This is better than letting anyone knows what is going on inside of me.

    By Ros on 12.26.2015

  8. she was like a time bomb, regardless of the overused metaphor; her feeling were contained, all of them, and it was only matter of time before she would let them loose.
    for now, though, she kept special care to make sure they stayed in her. it hurt her. but she did it anyways.
    because that was the kind of person she was.

    By chi URL on 12.26.2015

  9. I tried to resist the pull–
    the tide of your smile–
    the physics of attraction.

    But why should I resist happiness?

    I might as well live without air.
    I might as well die.

    By crashedtime on 12.26.2015

  10. She contained her excitement as she waited for the love of her life to come, though she didn’t know for how much longer she would be able to.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.26.2015

  11. Today I met the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. i had to get my excitement contained because if I showed all of the happiness I got from just looking at her, I would have made a fool of myself. But damn, not showing how she makes me feel also is killing me.

    By Pili on 12.26.2015

  12. Contained within this space…this space of incompetence…this space of futility. I don’t even WRITE well. Jeez, have a lit

    By Bradley W. Lloyd on 12.26.2015

  13. I am contained in my emotions. They are over-taking everything. I miss the kids. I miss my Mom. I miss being a kid, myself. Life is so hard.

    By Kali on 12.26.2015

  14. It stayed box-bound
    tape-buckled and
    in layers
    of wrap

    caged and
    contained in all
    its claustrophobia

    until I simply
    placed it at your feet.
    You thanked me
    and ripped into it –
    setting it

    By dinamspice URL on 12.26.2015

  15. you gave me your nail polish
    so many contained glitter
    they’re under my bed now

    By rory on 12.26.2015

  16. The sound of the grinding metal made Zach’s ears bleed. The stench of the black smoke burned his nose and mouth. He struggled, but flopped uselessly against the metal chair on to which he was tied to. He hated being contained like this. The Captain told him that he’d get caught if he tried to accomplish the mission all on his own. But of course he had been too impulsive. All he had wanted was to simply save his little brother, Ben, who had been captured by the enemy three weeks ago. He had foolishly snuck into the enemy’s base camp against The Captain’s wishes. And now he was paying the price. A metallic shriek filled the air and Zach froze.
    “Hey, Zach,” called a weary, but familiar voice from behind him. “Don’t be so tense. It’s not good for you.”
    Zach turned around as much as the chains would allow. He looked into the mischievous face of his younger brother Ben. “Ben!” Zach exclaimed. “Don’t worry. I’m going to get you out of here.”

    By Teeny Duckie on 12.26.2015

  17. I am contained within the confines of my insecurities. But I will no longer be contained. I will break free.

    By Demerick91 on 12.27.2015

  18. I was contained and cool. Everything one might want to scream out, was held in, controlled, boxed in and sorted, so that there were no awkward edges, no misplaced boxes sitting at ugly angles, just symmetry

    By Roy Cutler URL on 12.27.2015

  19. There is too much pressure contained in his head.

    By bb333 on 12.27.2015


    By LIPI on 12.27.2015

  21. The house contained the marks of us, the notches in the baseboard from my mother’s rocking chair, the holes in the mantle from the hooks for Christmas stockings, the water stains on the floor from getting out of the shower and the smell of our childhood everywhere. It was impossible to pack it up.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.27.2015

  22. Contained, by its very definition, implies being restricted or limited. While this is often a good and necessary thing, too often we contain what shouldn’t be restricted. For instance, the laughter or enjoyment of child should never be contained.

    By hektor on 12.27.2015

  23. limitless i die while contained into your fist. I keep pushing out but your fingers are warm and they are comforting. So the pushing becomes slower, weaker till I remain contained. Crushing a flower has always been your pleasure. I was made of steel and dirt. Now I am not.

    By Mindy on 12.27.2015

  24. The alarm sounded and the cacophony of voices in the hospital went silent. All that was heard was the screeching of the red beast, until one of the doctor’s shouted, “Everyone stay where you are! This is a containment alarm!”

    Kelly – the nurse next to me – looked at me with eyes full of fear.
    “That alarm only goes off when a deadly disease is airborne,” she whispered.
    I stared at her, disbelieving.
    “S-so… what happens now?” I stammered out.
    She glanced at me, swallowed, and looked out over the hospital beds in room.
    “We try to survive.”

    By Phoenix on 12.27.2015

  25. she couldn’t contain her disdain. she openly groaned.

    “that’s a stupid idea,” she protested. “it won’t get us anywhere!” the group stared at her with annoyance, which led her to further her opinion.

    “think of it my way or think of it yours. but which one is going to bring us from here,” she pointed at the floor, “to here?” she pointed a red nail at the ugly beige ceiling.


    By amandaxx on 12.27.2015

  26. I have never felt claustrophobia. But the fear of being contained within someone else’s control scares me everyday. How do I let someone else close their grip so tight around my neck that I can’t breathe anymore?

    By Mindy Mint on 12.27.2015

  27. the little leaf falls from the tree
    and as it blows through the cool wind
    its is contained on this earth
    it has a destiny
    even though the wind makes its path
    it will eventually end up on the ground

    By rose on 12.27.2015

  28. Feelings in a way should always be kept contained. Too often we put our true thoughts and emotions on the line which tends to scare individuals away or we end up confusing ourselves by over thinking every situation. By containing our feelings, not all of them, but some of them, we can only hope that the mystery of us will be just enough to keep someone coming back for more.

    By Theresa on 12.27.2015

  29. to hold within.

    By Tigerflame on 12.27.2015

  30. An object being withheld from someone. A secret locked a way never to be seen. A secret. Something that is hidden and never seen by anyone.

    By Richard Gouws on 12.27.2015

  31. Emotionally I feel contained. I can’t show all my emotions at times and that hurts.
    I feel I will be judged if I show my true emotions. Contained describes my emotions.

    By Sharon on 12.27.2015

  32. I’m contained. Contained next to my window listening to the traffic go by as my children nap. Or at least one naps. The other busily, quietly scrolling through the recesses of YouTube for kids.

    By Seiyes on 12.27.2015

  33. self controlled, boxed, quiet, disciplined, structured, balanced, protected,

    By susan Johnsonn on 12.27.2015

  34. I’m contained. Contained next to the window listening to the traffic go by as my children nap. Or at least one naps. The other can be heard quietly giggling as he scrolls through the recesses of YouTube.

    By Seiyes on 12.27.2015