September 7th, 2015

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53 Responses to “society”

  1. asdf

    By brosfam on 09.08.2015

  2. We all live in one. Forget that we are only aliens to ourselves, forget that we used to feel a unity none did, forget I said this to you. We all in a society which cares about only one and that oneself. Fly lower to see the sight better.

    By Ayana on 09.08.2015

  3. society was an 80s “horror” film in which the characters kept morphing into other things like gigantic hands or big puddles of skin. I thought it was funny though.

    By reallyupsetting on 09.08.2015

  4. there was a secret under ground society that killed people if they tried to leave. this is a balanced society, you are making trouble where none should be, its time for you to meet your maker.

    By levi on 09.08.2015

  5. a colorful mash of beings
    both wise and new
    seperated by imagined barriers
    to withold all by the few
    perhaps if we bonded together
    we could see a sun arise

    By Dillon URL on 09.08.2015

  6. socity is people when

    By denny URL on 09.08.2015

  7. this is dume

    By denny URL on 09.08.2015

  8. Today’s society is a mess. Kids wanting to be 17 when they’re only 7, society is what’s wrong with the world not us.

    By bailey on 09.08.2015

  9. The flames burned down from the sky. The buildings were on fire and there was chaos all around. The children of the night rushed through the streets and the sleepers just shuffled away like half awake sleep-walkers. It was too much for her. Her REM chip was on the fritz and her day had be frazzled. She felt things she had not known since childhood and could do little other than piss her pants.

    By J.H.Maiorana on 09.08.2015

  10. Society binds us together. I am reminded of the contract that binds members of society, give and receive, work and reap, obey the laws and control the chaos.

    By Lindsay on 09.08.2015

  11. Society is important to the individuals well being. An individual cannot live in isolation therefore society becomes incredibly important when viewed in this light. An individual must support society just as society supports the individual.

    By Ethan on 09.08.2015

  12. society sucks its’s always hurting me the kids at the bottom and the top and we all sit here waiting to be better but we can’t because society is there hurting is and repression us and telling us what’s right and wrong when really we should be discovering that out for ourselves, writing our own rules, being our own kings, and living as we want , but the society won’t let us

    By jaxx on 09.08.2015

  13. The most cruel and destructive thing known to mankind. We judge, we are judged, we allow rules and regulations to control the air we breathe and the earth we walk upon. Individualism is a concept lost to society, as is the concept of sharing characteristics freely. Society is brutal and careless.

    By clokkerfoot on 09.08.2015