January 30th, 2016

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49 Responses to “sobbing”

  1. Uncontrollable. Wet. Hiccups. Blubbering. Loss of dignity. Soul bearing. Relieving.

    By Claudia on 01.31.2016

  2. Uncontrollable. Wet. Hiccuping. Blubbering. Heaving shoulders, sinking stomach. Noise. Crinkled eyes. Fallen mouth.

    By Claudia on 01.31.2016

  3. what do you want me to say?

    By Claudia on 01.31.2016

  4. she was sobbing into the side of her shower. The cool tile panels pressed against her forehead. Fingers wrapped around her arms, a wet, slippery, self embrace.

    By MSaf on 01.31.2016

  5. The sky was sobbing
    Grieving for a time
    when people looked up
    and breathed
    and loved the beauty of it all
    A time before the machine
    the grey and mechanical clankings
    Before wind up people
    grinding gears
    and faces that cursed
    a healing rain

    By Stephanie on 01.31.2016

  6. sobbing is really just crying without saying words.

    By Polly on 01.31.2016

  7. I have sobbed. My children have sobbed. It is a sadness that is overwhelming. Crying, with no sense of hope. Sobbing is tears of despair and is all encompassing.

    By Anita on 01.31.2016

  8. I was crying so hard that a hurricane looked like a light drizzle. I was overcome with grief and sadness. I tried to pull myself together but it was no use. I was so far gone and no one could pull me back. Not even him.

    By Meghan on 01.31.2016

  9. She was a pretty crier. Sobbing quietly, tears pooling at the corner of her eyes; her tiny frame, more glass-like with each heave. She was the kind of girl whose weeping form could launch a thousand ships, raze empires, and enchant anyone into tracing with hungry eyes the glistening tear streaks draping her face like garlands.

    By MarinadeMaterial on 01.31.2016