January 31st, 2016

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80 Responses to “clever”

  1. Clever is smartness or having a quick mind. Being able to make something of nothing and being able to use scraps to make riches or convenient tools. Cleverness is also a certain mental skill.

    By Christian on 02.01.2016

  2. Being clever is the most important thing for everyone. If one is not clever, they will not be able to solve problems effectively and efficiently. These problems may include day to day issues, or occasional ones. Being able to solve problems can only be done if you are clever.

    By AAZ on 02.01.2016

  3. A clever doughnut she was. Stealthy and wise she knew how to blend in with the other doughnuts. Standing out was suicide, a hand to come take her away was something she never wanted to happen.

    By Kaizen on 02.01.2016

  4. clever: smart or very sharp witted

    By Caden on 02.01.2016

  5. I’m clever sometimes. Being clever is to come up with ideas or things that are smart and may be hard to think of.

    By Em on 02.01.2016

  6. That boy is very clever! He won the state math contest1

    By Caden on 02.01.2016

  7. My brother is so clever becouse he can make a lot of things out of legos and other types of toys that we have at our house! He has made diffrent cars or a robot and other things.

    By Caden on 02.01.2016

  8. I am so clever. all that goes though my mind is fandom stuff. I love Doctor Who. The Doctor and River are OTP. Sherlock is amazebeans. I ship Johnlock. John married a murderer. I don’t like her. Supernatural is so amazing. I love my moosey Sam. Destiel for life. Superwholock meatings are so awesomesauce. We have tea and pie.

    By Caeli Wells on 02.01.2016

  9. A cleverly concealed hatch was under a table at a very deserated town and nobody knows why its there.

    By Caden on 02.01.2016

  10. One of my favourite words that my Aussie friends use is clever. It makes me laugh (in such a good way) each time they use it. You are such a “clever” fellow they coo to their babies. Or “clever girl” when a fellow photog takes a great shot. How kind to make people feel so smart!

    By rachelgi on 02.01.2016

  11. one foot before the other
    love your father like your mother
    does a friend make a brother
    is that tech cool if it can hover?
    pickles, crystals, tricky systems and icicles
    green, obscene, mean and lean but unclean
    red head’s dead by the hand of fortified lead
    no matter what the color, the purpose, the reason
    Justify your thoughts however you please, then
    Ask yourself am I doing my best?
    The obsessed and stressed do the best on tests
    But when it comes to being clever
    Natural endeavor and pressure result in pleasure
    Leaving the rest of the best to be the lesser.

    By molly kinyon on 02.01.2016

  12. you’ve always been clever, haven’t you? i can tell, you have a sort of way of acting. you’ve always been too clever for your own good. too quiet too. well, it’s not going to change. you’ll go home. they won’t listen, because you’re just too clever and too quiet and they will never understand what you’re trying to say.

    By bridget on 02.01.2016

  13. clever you left me stranded and alone in a field of nightmares disguised as dreams, a maze that only you knew how to navigate, and i’m here.. but where am I? all i can see is open sky, and the uncertainty lying beyond the stars at night.. i’m afraid, but I keep going. doubting the person I am because of the mistakes I’ve made.. such a shame to live this way. I can’t help but to beat myself up, but over what? clever – you didn’t leave me anywhere but with myself, and it was there that I found my demise, I found out who my worst enemy was, it was me all along, clever for you to allow me to see the real me.. hiding behind the person you always thought I was, could be – and the person you wanted me to be, for me… I was there all along, just waiting to pull myself under. The devil isn’t on my shoulder – the devil is within me. I am the devil, and I am afraid of myself.

    By chelsea on 02.01.2016

  14. i slept with him once and never saw him again. not very smart of me.

    By Dan on 02.01.2016

  15. I was born amongst clever people. Sadly I was not blessed with this gene. I will become clever.

    By Nathan URL on 02.01.2016

  16. That’s it. Easy now.

    Her scaly snout felt cold in my hand.

    She chittered menacingly.

    By Gentry on 02.01.2016

  17. I’ve already done this word. I want another. Eh, whatever. *munches on sour gummy worms* Uh, so, yes.

    By Gentry Fuller on 02.01.2016

  18. I know many people who are clever. One of my best friends is really clever. Clever to me means really smart. I think if people have clever ideas that those are the ones that actually come alive.

    By Maddygeorge on 02.01.2016

  19. omgomgomgwhatdoiwrite

    By broken on 02.01.2016

  20. I’m supposed to be clever.

    I’m supposed to be witty and quick and ready to respond to anything at any time, just like you were. I’m supposed to be a genius, carrying record-breaking test scores on my back, just like you did.

    I’m not you.

    By garbage on 02.01.2016

  21. I like the sound of that. Clever. Cunning. Important. Through her darkest days she showed that she was clever by waking up and smiling anyway.

    By No Name on 02.01.2016

  22. I like the sound of that. Clever. Cunning. Important. Through her darkest days she showed that she was clever by waking up and smiling anyway. She thought she was clever until he saw through her disguise. She knew she was done when he looked into her eyes.

    By No Name on 02.01.2016

  23. My mentor asked me what I’d like my writing to be. I told her gritty, witty, smart, hard, honest, strong, real. I told her clever. She said “clever” didn’t belong. She said clever isn’t real; clever is a trick. I’ve never agreed with her, though.

    By Melissa on 02.01.2016

  24. He runs home as fast as he can. Hoping for that one letter. Hoping that it finally came in the mail. He runs through the door. Right where he sits, is a neat little letter. He picks it up. From Harvard. He opens it with care. Inside it reads, “We are sorry to inform you….” That’s as far as he wants to read. “Well did you get accepted?” His mother asks gingerly. He turns around and smiles. “Actually, no. I don’t think I am clever enough for such high standards, but I know places I can go.” His mother frowned. “They aren’t clever enough to see the potential that you have sweetie.” She turns and leaves the room.

    By Skeleton on 02.01.2016

  25. I wish I could be the quick-witted type of clever. The kind that is fast to crack a joke or a playful comeback. My best friend is that way, and it is a trait that I wholeheartedly admire about her.

    By cupcakes on 02.01.2016

  26. The person who put all of this website together. The knowledge he must have had to have made this all work so seamlessly.

    By Tem on 02.01.2016

  27. I, me, am not clever. I have neither sense of humor, nor wit. Not a single cell of personality. I am however, British. That means I fish and chips. I am not particularly inspired by this “word of the day.” Nonetheless, I will write. I am determined, however, and insist on making myself write, even if it is of no symbolic importance. As I read through the other posts, I am belittled by the intellect and ability of these natural born writers. I realize that even though some say I have “talent,” it is merely a kind gesture, as if to say: “There may be a glimmer of hope for you, just not in writing.” This, ladies and gentlemen, this is what I thought of when I saw the word CLEVER.

    By Just Kidding. on 02.01.2016

  28. She thought that her being smart made her clever, but she was so wrong. She didn’t have the key ingredient, creativeness.

    By S on 02.01.2016

  29. my bro says he’s clever because of his “ELABORATELY CRAFTED CONUNDRUMS”, but i’m pretty sure he’s just jealous he doesn’t have the backbone to admit my jokes fit the bill better.

    By sans on 02.01.2016

  30. The mouse climbed down the chimney string in hand. As the air pushed upwards against his feet, his delicate whiskers began to shrivel, curling at the ends. The dark tattered piece of cloth that he found in the gutter, flapped back and forth like a flag on a windy day. As the clever, white mouse reached the bottom, he plopped his feet out and landed like a gymnast, plunk. The long string that stretched from atop the building to the floor on which he now stood, was now occupied by the same clever, white, but smaller mice. This was their only chance.

    By Hello on 02.01.2016

  31. Clever is used when someone was or is trying to do the simple task. But what do you think of it really?! I honestly have never heard of what clever actually means. But all I know is that no matter what, there are always going to be different ways to say things and the different meanings of them all.

    By Brighteyes18 on 02.01.2016

  32. Being yourself. It’s clever. Live in the present. It’s clever. Forgetting some stupid boy who is only hurting you for his enjoyment? That’s clever. Even when you tried everything to get him back, be clever. Let him go. He will be sorry. It wasn’t your fault anyway. Be clever.

    By QueenBee on 02.01.2016

  33. She thought that her being smart made her clever. She was so wrong, for she lacked creativity.

    By S on 02.01.2016

  34. Well, isn’t she that one, isn’t she? She goes to school with a fresh, clean face, but on the way, stops by the friend’s house to make herself look like a slut. Makeup, mascara, all that crap. And the lipstick. So red, it looks like her mouth is a bloody mess. She doesn’t know that he knows she’s doing it; she doesn’t know that he knew that first week what she was up to. Like everything else, she’s a terrible liar, incapable of hiding anything from him. What he doesn’t stop to think about is that he makes her do these things; he denies her his trust and makes her go behind his back, where she has never really wanted to go. She could never be like him; never lie all the time and hurt people all the time. But this is what he’s turning her into. A liar, a person who goes behind others’ backs to do things. It would have been so much easier if he’d treated her with love and trust. But, like so many of his kind, he could never understand that.

    By nyla on 02.01.2016

  35. I have always wanted to be clever; to have that sly way about me. I envy those with a witty tongue and a bubbling sense of humor. That’s what I look for most in people. Their “cleverness”, if you will, reels me in and keeps me hooked. Maybe if I was as sly as I want to be I would soon grow tired of my silly games, but for now, I will wish for what I am not.

    By E Payne. on 02.01.2016

  36. i used to think i was clever

    then i met you
    and nothing made sense anymore
    (and everything made sense finally)

    and i began to value my heart
    (just as much as my mind)

    By crashedtime on 02.01.2016

  37. You know what’s clever? I’m clever. I’m perfect. Every entry I make seems to be about how perfect I am. I possess every trait that you lack. Clever makes me think of cleaver, maybe somehow cleaving my life in two. Or cleavage. That’s just a lil weird. fuck

    By Ivey Merrill on 02.01.2016

  38. “What a clever young thing you must think you are.” she scolded. She obviously did not notice the axe still hanging over her head. ready to fall at any moment.

    By Nicole on 02.01.2016

  39. Clever is a funny word to me. Who is really clever when the world tends to seek victory in our places? What is clever when we convince ourselves we can win alone when that’s not the case at all?

    By Kiya on 02.01.2016

  40. you’re not so clever you
    you know because
    I wrote you
    earlier in this

    By SteveO URL on 02.01.2016