August 14th, 2015

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41 Responses to “snapped”

  1. My head space, crowded
    my thoughts divided
    cant choose between the feelings provided;
    either I rise up and face them
    or I let them embrace me
    and neither feels like an acceptable choice, honestly…

    I’m tired, tripped up
    stumbling on thoughts and words in run on sentences
    where one thought would form, another would too
    until there were so many lines to my thought process
    that I could no longer connect the dots

    I snapped
    somewhere along the lines of needing resolve
    and needing absolution
    I lost the parts of me that were perfectly broken
    perfectly okay pieces of me that I thought were shards in other peoples memories;
    and I tossed them away, like fragments of someone else
    when it was really all along…just me.

    By teachthegirl URL on 08.14.2015

  2. Something inside Teresa’s head must have finally snapped, because before any of us could even take a breath, much less blink, Fred was on the floor with a bloody nose, and Oliver was howling in the corner, holding his arm. Just a second before, they had been chuckling, wiping their beer-frothing mouths with the corners of their beer-stained T-shirts, thinking such a woman of small stature could never stand up to their bullying. But they were wrong. Oh, how they were wrong.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.14.2015

  3. This was it. I am not taking another step nor saying another word without yelling this from the rooftops. I clenched my fists until they turned white.
    my voice was quiet at first “You’re being rude.”
    “Excuse me?”
    “I said,” I looked her straight in the eye voice in crescendo “You’re being rude. Ever since the day I’ve met you you were rude. You are a spoiled, rude, pretentious bitch and you need to get off your high horse and think about your consequences. You might not be bothered by it but others are. You almost cost someone their job because of your actions and your words caused me anxiety both social ad physical. You’re toxic Diane and I, we, don’t need you.”
    I snapped,
    I ruined my social life,
    But I’m free.

    By Michaela URL on 08.14.2015

  4. If I kept everything bottled up inside, it wouldn’t be long before I snapped and fell to pieces. This is why I write. It acts as a form of catharsis to me. I take the emotions from my breath and let them go, let them merge with my words.

    By Shr on 08.14.2015

  5. My past snapped every detail about to happen, some say its not the way but my deep conscious overlapped the rime with insurmountable ecstacy. Hey you I know you ever before this time in the past castles of my own .

    By eswarama on 08.14.2015

  6. Never before had his line snapped.

    “Oh, what the fuck,” Nightwing sighed as the familiar tension gave way to stomach-flipping freefall, all because of a deft move and a sharp knife.

    By Julia A. URL on 08.14.2015

  7. I snapped. It was gonna happen soon and I knew it and I tried to warn ’em, I did. The pressure in my head just kept on building till it had to burst. None of them deserved it and all of them did. People. Goddamn people. I need them, but they’ll destroy me one day. I never meant to destroy one myself though.

    I can feel guilt. I talk to God. I ain’t a monster. Please, believe me.

    By Amanda on 08.14.2015

  8. Glass heart shattering

    By cecilia URL on 08.14.2015

  9. My heart has snapped.

    I am falling, falling, falling into a pit of tears and as I pack away all my things, I realize that my heart has snapped in two because college is breaking the tight bond between me and my family. I will not be there for Sunday’s dinner, I will not be there to hug my mom after a long day, I will not be there.

    By H on 08.14.2015

  10. I couldn’t breathe. I held his arm tight against me. I pulled hard, trapping his shoulder between my legs. Seeing his other arm reaching for the gun on the ground, hearing my kid scream, I just yanked the shit out of it till it snapped. And I heard him yell. He grimaced. And I rolled around to grab the gun.

    By blahblahchoi URL on 08.14.2015

  11. The boy with the shaven head and the aqua blue eyeballs didn’t even bother to say hello. He just skipped straight up to the bar, pulled my bra strap and snapped it straight back against my stinging flesh.
    He was brazen. “I could fix that for you, you know. I could take away the pain. I could take away all your pain.”
    “Perhaps you could take your ugly bald head and gigantic ego away to play with someone who thinks you are remotely entertaining.”
    “Seriously” he leaned forward and put his mouth to my neck “if you let me kiss you right here, let me kiss this delicious skin on this delicious neck then I promise you pleasure. And then when I kiss your ear and you can hear my breath getting heavy, because I know I will be panting, you most likely fall to your knees my friend.”

    By bb333 URL on 08.14.2015

  12. Will I ever know
    Forever wondering
    What caused it
    No signs, no warnings
    She snapped

    By Alex on 08.14.2015

  13. Thank you.

    By Alex on 08.14.2015

  14. It was just another day to me but I couldn’t get passed the fact that my manager kept bugging me. I didn’t understand why she had to constantly tell me things that I already knew. She kept going and going and eventually I snapped. I couldn’t take it. I let all my frustration out on her. Let’s just say I won’t be at work for about three days. And in those three days I plan on sleeping, drinking, and looking for a new job.

    By Darrius on 08.14.2015

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    By Kelly URL on 08.14.2015

  16. no

    By SmallEmbers URL on 08.14.2015

  17. As his arm snapped in two, I immediately knew the outcome of this excursion. He wasn’t going to make it. He cried out in pain, with such horror in his eyes that I’ll never forget what he said next: “I don’t want to die. Don’t leave me.” He knew I had to, yet still he begged.

    By Spencer on 08.14.2015

  18. “No, no,” I screamed, looking down at my hands.
    The sound… The sound it made let me know it was too real.
    My hands were now a blur.
    “Vivian,” I cried, letting my hands, dead weights, fall to the side.
    Her dark hair, in curls, framed her beautiful face, now twisted unnaturally into her shoulder.

    By H. on 08.14.2015

  19. .

    By H. on 08.14.2015

  20. As I stood and listened to his words, I could hear my heart breaking,like it was snapped In half like a tree limb. One minute he says how much he loves me, then its how I snapped at him at the store. Snapped, a feeling of loosing all your senses. I loose my mind when he tries to convince me of how I had bitched and went crazy, like I’d snapped in to. I had but I knew If I’d said anything then it would have just given him more ammunition. Snapped, no baby, not yet, you’ll know when it happens.

    By Donna Underwood URL on 08.14.2015

  21. I took a slow shaky step forward – towards the illuminated rock that just fell from the sky. I looked down to see a branch, snapped in half from my weight. Once i look back up, I look into the most mesmerizing eyes I have ever gazed into.

    By Caitlin URL on 08.14.2015

  22. i snapped. trying to jar something in my head
    snap snap snap
    maybe there will be a spark, i’m not asking for fireworks, i’m not asking for TNT you have to drive two hours to get and bring back to your home town
    all i want is some fire
    something i know will be great.
    am i asking too much?
    am i being too lazy?
    should i just write what comes to mind or should i write what i hear my mind trying to say?
    am i writing with my heart or my mind?
    am i writing at all?

    By Lo on 08.14.2015

  23. He snapped the brittle gum stick into two halfs and handed one half to a gaunt women sitting opposite of him on the acute bus. The frigid cold outside was slowly melting away as the toasty air from the vent under his feet snuggled his face with a pleasant gust of warmth.

    By bellewald URL on 08.14.2015

  24. i was creeping in the under growth, keeping an eye on the two smugglers. Snap!

    “Hey, what was that?” asked one of the smugglers. He had a black beanie pulled low over his forehead and was dressed in camouflaged clothes.

    “I dunno. Probably a deer. Just loosen up, pal, we’re fine out here. Nobody suspected we were smuggling these rhino horns,” replied the other smuggler. He was bald and was also dressed in camouflaged clothes. I hated these men. Who would be some cruel as to poach any creature, especially rhinos?

    By DolphinDreams URL on 08.15.2015

  25. tighter and tighter I wrapped the rope around the pole to secure the parcel, but it was all in vain.

    By victor URL on 08.15.2015

  26. Tighter and tighter I wrapped the rope around the pole to secure the parcel, but it was all in vain.It snapped under the weight of the content and fell back into the sea

    By victor URL on 08.15.2015

  27. Her head snapped up as she thought she heard the familiar cry of her cat outside. He had been missing now for two days and she couldn’t sleep for thinking of him.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.15.2015

  28. I am not saying that anything snapped in my head as I lived this life to its fullest, but being there in the present just put my head where it was supposed to be. In the present…No worries or anxiety.

    By trkstr67 URL on 08.15.2015

  29. She snapped it up like it was red meat and she was a ravening dog. She’d been starving, hadn’t had anything to eat in days, and the leftover bread in the garbage can was maybe just enough to keep her going for another day. Maybe. She hoped it would be, because there was nothing else for her to eat.

    By Kimberly URL on 08.15.2015

  30. It was instantaneous. She flipped her hair over her shoulder as she spun around and let loose. “You think this is easy for me? You think I wanted this to be the story of us? No, Mark, I didn’t. I didn’t want this at all.” He rolled his eyes dramatically, “Oh, here we go. The guilt trip.” She almost slapped him. She should have slapped him.

    By Bridget on 08.15.2015

  31. Hunter snapped his fingers. Elwyn stood to attention. “Take this arrow from my bow and run it over to that target!” Elwyn complied. “No; not there,” Hunter continued, “stick it a touch off-center of the bull’s eye. I don’t want anyone to think I cheated.”

    By richpee URL on 08.15.2015

  32. when i picked up my friend his back snapped and i was very sad because he was crying and i was crying and I was sad because he had snapped his back and I spent so long holding him that I snapped my back and that is how the snap back was invented I think.

    By Euan Mitchell URL on 08.15.2015

  33. this is the worst piece of writing I have ever done

    By Euan Mitchell URL on 08.15.2015

  34. The tree branch snapped under her feet. “Shit!” She hissed, and quickly tried to breathe the words back into her, unheard. She walked like she was taught, heel to toe, creeping along the edge of the woods. Trying to find a way in and out of the field that illuminated her presence to the world.

    By Amanda URL on 08.15.2015

  35. “Stop that right now!” She snapped.

    The scuffling motion and high grunts ceased, bodies frozen as they registered the displeasure of the one in charge. Twin pairs of brown eyes looked up, assessing.

    By Percy on 08.15.2015

  36. she snapped
    under the lights
    the two beams formed knives
    that split her right down the middle

    she had been thinking
    of life
    of college
    of love
    of lust
    of how she could possibly consider
    all the things that she needed to ever consider

    there was joy in the cracking

    she finally learnt what lay beneath her skin

    By sevenwords URL on 08.15.2015

  37. The branch snapped in half under the weight of the large red robin. the robin fell to the ground, unable to fly, snapping its leg. The child picked up the injured bird, placing it inside her pocket and snapping it shut. The mother snapped at the sight of the dirty bird in her daughters jacket, screaming out loudly.

    By Trista URL on 08.15.2015

  38. “How many times must I remind you, It’s Sir Yes Sir”

    “I’m sorry”

    “Don’t apologize, get down and give me 20!”

    No, this wasn’t book camp. It was my home. He wasn’t a drill Sargent, he was my father and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    By Tempestt Mars URL on 08.15.2015

  39. The crocodile snapped and clicked it’s horrid teeth into the walls that were separating us. Just one more minute. One more slither of time before he would catch me and eat me alive. It was failing, time was failing, I was failing.

    By Sophie URL on 08.15.2015

  40. you now how I snapped the bonding sticks that were holding me back. I took control of my mind. I accepted control of my mine. I took responsiilty of my mine . I began to love my mind. and now we do what we want to do and what we need to do with a clearer mind.

    By ajloopy URL on 08.15.2015