April 26th, 2014

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61 Responses to “smiled”

  1. She’d smiled at her; she remembers that that was how it started.
    A smile – shy, small, soft, but so bright, so honest, it nearly took her breath away.
    That never changed, she thinks. The sight of her, of her smile, always made her feel like that. Like everything was good or, if it wasn’t, it would be. Soon, maybe.

    Now she wishes, more than anything, to see it again, to see HER again. Just one more time.
    It wouldn’t be enough – it would NEVER be enough – but it would be something.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 04.27.2014

  2. A faint twitch at the corners of her lips like the sporadic jolt of a pigeon before death.
    “Honey, like this.” He trailed his fingers from the corners of her lips up to the uppermost of her cheekbone. “Now, again. 1… 2… 3!” Click.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 04.27.2014

  3. My stomach felt like there were a million butterflies inside trying to break free. The sun seemed brighter, the grass greener and all the smells in the world were like a perfume to my nose. All because she smiled. I felt like a child and could hardly breathe or speak without smiling like a fool, all because she smiled.

    By kinta walsh-cotton on 04.27.2014

  4. Clive smiled at Jess but he never had the strength to tell her what he felt about her. Would she run away if she knew. Would she laugh and feel the same back to him. He cursed his shyness sometimes. He blushed wildly at her face.

    By RainbowBunnyRabbit on 04.27.2014

  5. She smiled over towards him – the truest smile she had ever given to anyone, ever. Her nose crinkled and her eyes lit up as if half of the stars from the skies above had decided to jump straight into her irises. She certainly wasn’t trying to give such a radiant smile, it just came naturally when she was around him. He couldn’t smile back, though. He was far too fixated on her.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 04.27.2014

  6. The last time i smiled was a long time ago. The last time i did it were were hanging out in the park on the last warm day of the year. A week later, the accident occurred. Your life vanished from mine and i had no one else to turn to. Still sitting in the park, its been a year later and i can’t smile with out you.

    By GreenShadeGray on 04.27.2014

  7. Ona uśmiechnęła się do niego, dlaczego on nie zrobił tego pierwszy – pomyślał. Jest naprawdę rzeczą prostą – uśmiech. Jednak zdobyć się na niego w sytuacji kiedy jesteśmy tak zaabsorbowani pięknem jest rzeczą trudną. Zdumiewające.

    By Karol on 04.27.2014

  8. Hmph. Too easy, you thought as you set your fingers to the keyboard and began typing. The network’s security was incredibly basic. You smiled.

    It would be under your control in no time.

    You should’ve known. The security was too weak to not be a trap.

    The grin fell from your face as the screen in front of you flashed with numerous windows.

    Damn. This wasn’t good.

    By Anonymouse on 04.27.2014

  9. He smiled. It was the kind of smile that lit up every streetlight in the neighbourhood, put Dumbledore’s Deluminator out of business, and also led Ron through portals to Hermione and Harry in the Forest of Dean. It was a beautiful smile and I cried looking at it because I was reminded of Harry Potter and that’s always a magical thing.

    By ato on 04.27.2014

  10. i scanned the room. there were a number of young women here as usual. i was looking for one that would look back at me unabashedly. i was looking for one who smiled.

    By Lee on 04.27.2014

  11. We reminisced about our youth. I compared us to two cobras: striking and falling back; always with our eyes on the other’s movements. Dangerous and enticing. And she smiled.

    By Jonathan on 04.27.2014

  12. The first time I saw her, I didn’t know what to think. In the middle of the Biological Anthropology 1A seminar, she smiled at me. We’d never spoken, but this girl just smiled at me out of nowhere, and I wondered, “What does she see in me that puts that beautiful look on her face?”

    By Kimberly on 04.27.2014

  13. She wanted to cry. Wanted to cry really bad, but couldn’t afford to be seen as weak. Although a lot of people say you’re not weak when you cry but to her it was ultimate sign of defeat. So she just blinked back the tears that were threatening to fall down her cold cheeks and smiled.

    By Andie on 04.27.2014

  14. first look at you
    nice eyebrows
    eyes that can keep all of my deepest darkest secrets
    and a smile

    you smiled and i suddenly hated everything i ever stood for, you had a smile that changed my way of life.

    By Maryam on 04.27.2014

  15. As she thought of him she smiled. He always made her feel as though it would be okay no matter what. And that was all that mattered right now,… that was all she asked for, no more, no less.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.27.2014

  16. Where was the horror in his face? The dread? The regret? That he could have chained all these in one act, in one pretense. And so I tried, I smiled, too.

    By Peskiper on 04.27.2014

  17. She smiled with all her front teeth showing. The pink of her gum line appearing as her silent grin turned to laughter. The mixture of bell like tones as she continued to light her gaze upon me with her eyes crinkling in at the edges. You can’t despise a smile. The ease as it crosses a face. The simplicity as it’s owner releases control to the joy cascading within them. Smiles, like the happiness they caused, are too ethereal for our understanding or dislike. We can simply enjoy abd revel for a moment in a feeling that can only compare to sun beams on colt mornings.

    By Isabella on 04.27.2014

  18. I smiled as I saw my family standing there. I couldn’t believe they held a surprise party for me, and so many people came. It was wonderful to see their beaming faces, and to hear them shout excitedly, “happy birthday!”

    By Bree Maurer on 04.27.2014

  19. Smiled is a movement of the mouth up in the past.

    By julius 640 URL on 04.27.2014

  20. I want to use the word but I will not because I aim to be different. I bet everyone aims to be different though. That’s the thing amongst things. You know what I mean darling in the main tank? Maybe you do maybe you don’t

    By Pool Bar Jim on 04.27.2014

  21. He smiled, looked over the books that she gave him. Just what I wanted. I love books about magic. I love you, too, for thinking of me and bringing me these books. You are magic, lady.

    By maruxa on 04.27.2014