April 26th, 2014

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61 Responses to “smiled”

  1. She turnd to me. It had been the first time all day. I suppose I had not been expecting it because I just continued to look her in the eye, gawking. Then she smiled. As if in some way to let me know my appreciation of her beauty was okay. And she welcomed it. I will not forget that day. I will not forget how kind she would become.

    By ocadd URL on 04.26.2014

  2. We were jumping on the ice for hours. And we had been doing it for hours for years. And then it was not the same as it had been for years. He jumped and the river smiled. Not the kind of smile you would like to see. But one that creaked and cracked around him.

    By ocadd URL on 04.26.2014

  3. eren feels his heart jump to his throat, heat spreading through his face and neck like a rapid fever.

    levi is smiling. levi is smiling and it’s the most amazing thing he’s ever seen.

    he could die at this moment, he thinks with the dainty fondness daisies seem to hold for the sun, and when levi even goes so far as to laugh, eren really does melt, going lax in the bed, eyes wide with surprise and awe.

    “what’s with the face?” levi asks incredulously. his expression has returned to its natural, sullen look.

    eren smiles, a daft and lovestruck little thing, and rolls over to embrace levi tightly.

    “no reason.”

    By heartful on 04.26.2014

  4. His eyes smiled, but his mouth didn’t. I could tell that his carefully sculpted charade of emotionless neutrality was slipping, but he was trying his damnedest not to let me see. I gave myself an inner pat on the back, knowing that I was slowly breaking him down. I loved that boy, and I was slowly but surely making him love me back.

    By Kristen on 04.26.2014

  5. He smiled as I stroked his hair. His white teeth reminded me of pearls that my older sister got from Chuck last Christmas. She looked very beautiful every time she wore them. Sometimes I wish I could get a present like this from Chuck too. It’s not fair.

    By Sherloki on 04.26.2014

  6. He studied her, lifting a cautious eyebrow. “Why /did/ you do that, anyway?” he asked.
    Tears welled up in her green eyes. “I’m sorry, Greg! I didn’t mean to-”
    “SHUT UP!” Adrian yelled. “YES YOU DID!”

    By Hornets-In-My-Eyes on 04.26.2014

  7. I ran away many times, but I always got caught
    The evil nun always smiled her thin Grinch smile
    Everytime they brought me back
    Lips devoid of love
    Thin grey pink

    By zoey benally URL on 04.26.2014

  8. Bee
    moving zips and curving back
    spawning vestigial paths
    to family
    living in one purpose
    one queen
    never questioning
    never answering
    The Honeysuckle
    pollinate and repurpose
    chores only performed by the humble soldiers
    stems and stalks
    they scatter florescence through gardens
    another cosmos

    The complexity our shoulders bear
    anvils of philosophy
    ricochet a steady music around our crowded conscious imagination
    we are blinded to our burden


    wouldn’t we give everything to be
    busy as a bumblebee?

    By Heather on 04.26.2014

  9. She smiled at the orange cat sitting on the window sill, licking itself over and over again. The cat ignored her and went about its routine. She glanced at her phone again. No missed calls. Her phone had not turned silent of its own accord.
    He was never going to call her. Not after last night.

    By E.K. Ross on 04.26.2014

  10. To put it simply, she had a gas mask on.
    The other strange part of it is that, in the place of eyes, she had smooth, poreless skin; not like a robot, but rather, like marble. Like a sculpture.
    I was terrified of her.
    She would feed me and sing me lullabies in a strange rasping tone that I couldn’t recognize. Whether or not she was human wasn’t the question. It was whether I would survive another night of her terrifying motherhood.

    By owl eyed on 04.26.2014

  11. She smiled, but it wasn’t a happy one or even a sad one. It was a devilish grin that chilled Ariadne to the bone, one that spelled danger, the long blade her bony fingers were wrapped around screaming death.

    For some reason, she couldn’t move. Her mouth was frozen in an ‘o’, her eyes filled with terror. Her legs wouldn’t budge; might as well accept death rather than fight it. Maybe…maybe her time was up on earth…

    A scream ripped from Ariadne’s throat as she jolted forward, drenched in sweat. A dream. A nightmare. That’s all it was. And despite the strong arms wrapping around her, soothing her, she knew she would never be the same.

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.26.2014

  12. She smiled, thinking perhaps, that it would help to change things; change him. She’d been told her smile could light up the room she was in. But it did nothing to change him. He looked at her, his eyes cold, no smile tugging at his lips. He’d never smile again. The dead don’t smile. The dead only glare. And he would always be glaring now.

    By greenwolf on 04.26.2014

  13. His smile was unexpected and beautiful. It was intense, lighting up his face, his eyes, transforming him from a rather plain man telling jokes to a beatific cherub.

    By Heather B on 04.26.2014

  14. I smiled
    he smiled
    how vile it was to watch a play back of insincerity
    he didn’t love me
    but yet he smiled
    amused perhaps by my naivety
    I feel used
    and stupid
    because of those still stretched pink slugs

    By Rebekah Wooten on 04.26.2014

  15. I loved the way she smiled at me when I scanned her books. I loved the way her fingers drummed against the wooden counter in a blessed rhythm, the timing succinct and the humming from the back of her throat harmonious. I loved the way she rubbed her thumb across her credit card as she handed it to me, the glorious grin never fading as I punched in the appropriate numbers.

    “Have a good day,” I told her.

    “Thanks,” she replied. “Have a better one than I will.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.26.2014

  16. I always loved it when she smiled. It was warm and so… comforting. That was before it happened. If only I could see her smile now. If only I could see her.

    By Ray on 04.26.2014

  17. He smiled simply. The sun touched his hair and warmed his heart. No pain could hold it back, with torn skin and battered lips; with holes where teeth once stood and blood spluttering, he smiled simply. For his heart was warmed, by the slight touch of the songs sung by the closest of friends.
    He smiled simply.

    By Jose on 04.26.2014

  18. He smiled. Actually smiled for the first time since she’d met him. It transformed his face, smoothing the hard lines on his forehead and softening his eyes. She automatically smiled back. She wished he’d smile like that more often.

    By 709 on 04.26.2014

  19. On a summer afternoon, a man was strolling through the park and saw a small child running with ice cream in her hand. She tripped and dropped her ice cream so the man purchased her a new one and the child was happy again. He walked away and smiled as he thought about what happened.

    By Levi on 04.26.2014

  20. minho smiled. he smiled so wide and then suddenly his whole smile just toook over his entire face oh my god said taemin thtas such a big smile and then he got eaten becaus eobviosuly mouths dont have brains they just eat shit and key was like oh god and then he and jonghyun eloped and onew cried in the co

    By n on 04.26.2014

  21. The little girls squealed with joy at seeing each other again. How long had it been, a week? Today had the extra excitement of meeting another cousin, Miho, whom they had not seen since she was a baby. The normally quiet house was filled that day with the laughter of children; and their grandfather, whom the family had gathered to remember on the first anniversary of his passing, looked down on it all and smiled.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.26.2014

  22. they smiled together
    like their lips were sealed with the same wax
    and sighed together as if their lungs
    were blown by the same wind.
    yet they sailed in different directions
    and the horizon was so far away.

    By Kairn on 04.26.2014

  23. He smiled. He SMILED! And not just to himself–he smiled AT ME. I thought I’d go into cardiac arrest at the dazzle emanating off of him! Be still, my beating heart!..

    By Leah Wright on 04.26.2014

  24. He was creepy. That was the only way to describe t. His red lips curled backwards in an owfully cheerful snarl, and his eyes were tinted with sadistic pleasure. In his hand was a colorful bouquet of daisies, drooping.

    By Jenny on 04.26.2014

  25. only you
    only you get my smile
    only you see past the wrinkled lines
    that furrow around my lips
    and eyes
    you see me
    as i am
    when all i can do is smile

    By Caroline on 04.26.2014

  26. Was how you had me.

    By Tiffany Jillian Go on 04.26.2014

  27. she smiled to me like it was the first time she ever saw someone who completely understood her. She smiled like she just found what she was looking for…

    By Rubie on 04.26.2014

  28. the dirt smiles but I
    can not bring myself to
    smile back, teeth buried
    in each other.

    toes curl rings of fire
    into my sole, and I cannot
    help but think of the evils
    followed on her path,
    just on the edge of
    yet another end.

    knees nest homes in
    working soil, and I cannot
    do anything but weep

    and weep
    my heart just below
    the worms.

    By Pandatry on 04.26.2014

  29. Neither man smiled as Yusei pulled up his pants and fixed his shirt, all without breaking their eye contact.

    Ushio’s hands formed loose fists as he thought of what to say, but nothing was coming to mind.
    Yusei didn’t make any suggestions either.

    Without a word the pair exited the alley and got on Ushio’s motorbike. The engine roared a moment later.
    Yusei didn’t ask where they were going.

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 04.26.2014

  30. I know he fell in love with you, but it wasn’t because of the person she was or even for the person she made him (so much better than he could ever remember being before) only in fact, for the reasoning that he felt his heart flutter every time that she smiled. Her smile was the most beautiful thing in the world to him. And I don’t think anyone else realizes that love is not in the person it is in the light surrounding their heart.

    a story I wish I were part of.

    By Madison on 04.26.2014

  31. The feeling I get no matter what every time I catch a wave or see a custom car. The automatic response to a loved one doing something funny.

    By tyler on 04.26.2014

  32. The world was dark and gloomy. Even the spring flowers seemed to be drooping towards the floor in defeat. Hope seemed to be absent from the world. Angela took a second to look up off the ground where her eyes seemed to be glued and saw one thing that changed everything. He smiled.

    By Bri URL on 04.26.2014

  33. I walked into an empty room.

    The walls were barren and on a stainless steel table lie a gun, a piece of cheese and a knife.
    Sitting in the dimly lit corner was a cat.

    By Evan on 04.26.2014

  34. she smiled at me…and what a smile can do i witnessed that. it made my heart fill with joy…a warm and uplifting smile has magical powers,,,,
    i forgot all my worries and felt that i can overcome evrything with her support…my Mother’s smile!!

    By Sarah on 04.26.2014

  35. Smile

    By Sarah on 04.26.2014

  36. Tch. That dobe.
    There was a substantial amount of blood and Sasuke was having a difficult time looking away. The idiot had gotten himself injured on a skirmish just outside of the Fire Country. And yet he just smiled. “Hey Sasuke! Did I look cool?”

    By Arra on 04.26.2014

  37. I really smiled at you last night, smiled with you and smiled for you. for miles of thoughts ran through my head of ways last night could’ve derailed, but it never happened because i was busy smiling.

    By youth URL on 04.26.2014

  38. smiled adalah senyum dalam bahasa Indonesia, sedangkan di Sunda orang menyebutnya seuri. Meskipun seuri juga berarti tertawa, tapi ya sudahlah jangan dipikirkan, cukup diketahui saja. Terus? saya juga tidak tahu, ini hari Minggu tapi saya kok kerja

    By firman on 04.26.2014

  39. The dog paused, looked up at his owner, and smiled. Smiled? What? How could this be? There it was — unmistakeable in its character. Creased, happy eyes; upturned mouth. Clear.

    By Arun on 04.26.2014

  40. He supposed that she was smiling. Or grimacing. To be honest, he wasn’t entirely certain which was which whenever she used them. Still, her mouth was doing something, and that was all that mattered.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.27.2014