May 22nd, 2015

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40 Responses to “slither”

  1. I could feel his hand slither against my hip, and that was when I pulled out the gun. It slipped out of its holster like meat sliding from a greasy package, and it felt wet and foreign against my palm as I raised the barrel and pulled the trigger right between the bastard’s eyes. I expected a delicate hole in his head, a trickle of red. I did not give him a beautiful death. His head very much exploded, like a volcano, and he toppled to the floor with his blood and shattered bone pooling around him like magma.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.22.2015

  2. Slithering, that’s what he said she was doing. She didn’t quite understand why. The only thing she did was denying truths and confirming lies.
    Just because she tried to avoid what she did, didn’t mean she was sneaky. She was no snake.

    By Eve on 05.22.2015

  3. The girl slithered into the room in all her regalia. He presence gave me a creepy sensation as if spiders were biting me in all the tender places. If she had made one move toward me I would have decked her. Apparently she sensed this and slithered over to the bar.

    By jean moore URL on 05.22.2015

  4. fun

    By jean moore URL on 05.22.2015

  5. I felt my hand slither softly over the surface of the table and then the cold steel of the knife.

    By Eve on 05.22.2015

  6. THE snake slilthered into the garden. And ate everything he saw.

    By AVA on 05.22.2015

  7. slither, what the snake does with its split tongue,
    feeling the energy, and snapping under the warm summer sun

    By JV15 on 05.22.2015

  8. The sound of rustling leaves, funneled down an alleyway by a gust of wind. A cold drip from the storefront eaves on the nape of your neck. A whisper in a language you do not speak. A shiver through your belly–indigestion or premonition?

    By Yona on 05.22.2015

  9. Snake scales shimmer in the sweltering sun. There’s a still silence as a stealthy slithering snake slips slowly and simply through the sweaty sheen of dewdroped leaves.

    By Juliet Winters on 05.22.2015

  10. It’s all about snakes and slugs and worms and the way the summer sun slinks along just below the horizon when you’re up here in the Northwest, and the happy feeling you get.

    By Marion R Kee on 05.22.2015

  11. The naga slithered towards you, and you could feel yourself breathing heavily already. Why? You weren’t sure. Best not to question, lest he threaten to eat you again.
    He leans in close, breathing in deeply. “You smell good.” As always. You still feel your heart beat faster, and you swallow hard.

    By Jessica URL on 05.22.2015

  12. She showed him her slither by the way she danced making him want her all the more, and she knew she had him by the gleam in his eyes.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.22.2015

  13. Small droplets of water fell onto the windowsill, slithering down the cold surface like one hundred tiny snakes. She watched one drop especially closely, watched as the water’s short journey started and came to an end. It was sad, honestly. Pitiful. It reminded her of her own life – for a moment, the water droplet had completely captured her attention, but then it was gone, without leaving a trace behind. No one would ever see those water droplets again. No one would ever care.

    By pearlmilktea on 05.22.2015

  14. Sssssssslither like the snake in the garden of the poet which history forgot. The man who loved men (as many men did) throughout time, right in front of our faces, and yet we continue to say that they (the men who like men) are strange and weird and new. The people who are not bound by conventions are those who are compared to the dangerous snake, ready to bite and end the world as we know it. But tell me – would that really be so bad?

    By K Taylor on 05.22.2015

  15. I’m a slithery snake. No just kidding, haha. That’s seriously what I think about when I see this word, though. That and actual snakes. Actual slithery snakes. I used to find a lot of snakes at my grandpa’s house as a kid. I had no fear of picking them up. Now, I just wish I could find so many snakes in my own backyard.

    By Acela URL on 05.22.2015

  16. Could it be? How did a little sense of hope slither it’s way into this world of darkness? It was all she needed to go on.

    By Belle on 05.23.2015

  17. She holds herself strong, she is beautiful. She is curious. She longs to go up, and always stretches upwards. She is often sleepy. She is energetic and moody and comes up to the glass to say hello when she sees me, her tongue flickering.

    By Archanza on 05.23.2015

  18. Snakes slither through brown grassy reeds. My mum always asked for “just a slither of cake” as it sounds like she is being less greedy. I think she actually got that term from my Grandmother – who, to be fair, is the sort of judgmental old lady who notices how much other people eat. On another note, I wonder whether JK Rowling considered Calling the Higwarts House, Slitherin or whether it was always just, Slytherin. I suppose that suggests the house members are more Sly. You can split Slither in two words: slit her, which doesn’t provide a pleasant mental image. Again, that perhaps fits with the Slytherin frame of mind?

    By Ellie on 05.23.2015

  19. Slippery, he slithered snake like into the bed, mouth open, reptile like. He placed his hand over her belly and felt the baby move inside her. His hand ducked lower, feeling further down until the soft peachiness of her skin was replaced by fuzz. He slipped his hand between her legs and felt her moan beneath him, he continued, she was enjoying it, responding. Her soft moan became deeper and then as she opened her eyes it became a scream.

    By Gemma URL on 05.23.2015

  20. A snake moves in this way across the ground and side by side. The slithering sound just makes you think of a snake. Beautiful curves they way it moves, no other animal like it. Doesn’t feel like it sounds though, quite dry bit smooth and silky. Lots of s sounds. Sibilance. Side, smooth, silky, slither, snake

    By Emma Bielby on 05.23.2015

  21. It slithers by. A beast with no eyes. Within and without. Corrupting. Contorting. Constricting. Comforting. The thought that you could break free, if only you felt the need. The serpent rises from the ocean. Splashing salt across this dried land. Murder murder kill kill. Entwine with me. Circle the Earth, in an endless loop. Jormungand. Jormungand. Remind me that I am not gone.

    By Yamuna on 05.23.2015

  22. The snake slithered on the grass, quietly, smoothly, waiting for its opportunity. There was a man on the grass, sleeping peacefully. Little did he know about the tragedy that awaited him.

    By B on 05.23.2015

  23. the snake slithers through the grass as it looks for its

    By CJ Hilton on 05.23.2015

  24. She slithered along the floor. It wasn’t sexy, it was disturbing. He watched her slithering closer until he was able to step out of her line of movement.

    By Jas on 05.23.2015

  25. I slithered back under the tree trunk as the human feet sped off the other way. It was a hot day and I was enjoying the sun beating down on my skin, allowing me to soak up enough heat to keep going over the next day or two. Clouds were forming and they were thick and angry.

    By Maureen Keegan on 05.23.2015

  26. Ssssssssnakes

    That is all.

    By Sarah on 05.23.2015

  27. The warmth and brightness that her face radiated could give a billion suns a run for their identity. Her glowing aura captured everyone’s attention but in an instant it disfigured into a disdainful look. A snake slithered past her, and so did the vivaciousness of her attire slip into oblivion.

    By kyungsoo on 05.23.2015

  28. He watched as skin peeled off her in thin papery streams, slowly dropping around her in a glittery pile.

    “You’re a – you’re a – ”

    Emma rolled her eyes. “Do we really have to take this slowly? Dra-cae-na. Dracaena. Not that complicated.”

    By Ella J. URL on 05.23.2015

  29. It slithers through the blades of grass, the thin green threads tickling its scaly skin and rustling a warning sign to the wary. Beware of the serpent.

    By Ashi URL on 05.23.2015

  30. A snake slithered to and from the garden of Eden. He was trying to make man go against God. He succeeded in the end.

    By Tamara Ruiz on 05.23.2015

  31. This was an interesting word.

    By Tamara Ruiz on 05.23.2015

  32. The snake slithered through the grass, its scaly skin twisting on the dirt, its entire body twirling and squirming into one giant heap of lime green. Its eyes are black, piercing black and they stare into yours with the same hollow look as it’s ever stared into anyone else’s. The pink tongue slips out, and the entire creature hisses before hiding its head back into the twirl its own body has made.

    By Belle on 05.23.2015

  33. To slither like the snake is something we don’t want – slither in and slither out, is to go unnoticed. we don’t want this. be bold. be loud. have presence… don’t slither.

    By Georgia on 05.23.2015

  34. A snake in the garden has slither past my leg and it felt weird to me and mom screamed and through a shovel at it chopped off it’s head. Then my dad took it and put the head on the fire place for safe keeping well till his friends come over.

    By Nicole on 05.23.2015

  35. This was a cool word to write about

    By Nicole on 05.23.2015

  36. A snake can slither up a tree like no other creature. Even though you can’t trust one, they care still very interesting beings. If one every come i contact with you, run the other way, because you never know what sneaky tricks they ave up their sleeves.

    By Juanesha Franklin on 05.23.2015

  37. Let’s place the blame on the serpent who moves silently through the garden, the one who whissspered in the ear of the young woman so long ago. And we watch it, now, protecting the plants from rodents, not interfering with anything but the cycle of life. It coils around itself, sleeps under the rock at the back corner of the squash patch. The dog bounces around it, but does not attempt to attack.

    By emay URL on 05.23.2015

  38. They were wont to spoon and on occasion fork, like tongues slithering where they will, speaking languages that hiss and writhe.

    By Intuition on 05.23.2015

  39. she slithers across the floor, who knew a snake could look so much like a person, a human, hair all around her knees falling falling down her back, slithering, except that what she’s doing too, towards you, away from you, she slides and glides and moves in one great big wave of motion an all-at-once kind of gliding which cannot be slowed down, contained, defined

    By maia on 05.23.2015

  40. The snake slithered through the brush, tongue flickering out to taste the air. The scent of prey was clouding the air around it, focusing its mind on only one thing. The hunt. Following the scent and the warmth of its blood, he closed in on his prey. Close, he was close and he coiled his body for the strike.

    By Katelyn on 05.23.2015