May 23rd, 2015

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51 Responses to “shallow”

  1. He was a shallow man. The kind that keeps his mind locked up in a balloon of dust. He liked listening to his own words in this balloon as they resonated the same tones of a banging drum.

    By Saliha on 05.24.2015

  2. The tidal pools by the sea beds were very shallow you see things in there you can’t see with the water there. There’s still water but not that much it is shallow.

    By Nicole on 05.24.2015

  3. cool word

    By Nicole on 05.24.2015

  4. The water will swallow me, even though I know that I am stronger.
    I breathe a little bit and try to stand but my legs keep failing.
    Frost runs through my mind and I know I should have miles to go before I sleep
    but this aquatic nap seems so appealing, I let my mind wander a little bit
    because survival doesn’t mean the same to me any more.
    I laugh, because this will sound so damn sad on the news when they say
    “Local Girl Drowns in 4 feet of water”

    By kayls on 05.24.2015

  5. Only shallow like a my bloody valentine with this voice like a Butcher. “Only in dreams you see it what it means,” Rivers sings…Pop! Layers dissolve like a jawbreaker in place of a wisdom tooth. It’s saccharine and bloody like a penny, factorin’ like a mechanical hand, a real “noblest” of “nobles” Calculon.

    By Intuition on 05.24.2015

  6. shallow, as she stood there, changed her mind, why?

    Deep, I long her, underneath the sunset’s mountain dirt hills…

    We stared eye to eye, my future’s eyes glossed over.

    By Milad URL on 05.24.2015

  7. Jeff knew it would hurt her feelings, but he had to be candid. The statement she had made would be a blemish on her public image, and one she could not just slither away from. He had spent years building up her persona from the shallow, ditzy blond for which she had become famous, into the respected spokesperson for womens’ issues and motherhood for which she now gained much respect, and he did not want to let that all slip away.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.24.2015

  8. this cave is very shallow, the ocean has a very shallow sea floor, and this door is very shallow

    By isaiah on 05.24.2015

  9. Shallow waters are an expanse below me. I stare into the pool longingly, wondering if I dare take a dip in it. I know that I won’t drown, but it’s not that I fear. It beckons… I dip my toe into the water and nearly forgot that I will melt–I am made of sugar.

    By Lina Bean URL on 05.24.2015

  10. “You’re so fucking shallow you know that Dean?” Cas shouted, red faced.
    “Yeah well that’s rich coming from you,” Dean spat. “You disappeared for weeks and I didn’t know where you were.” Tears were welling in the corners of his eyes

    By jensenradckles on 05.24.2015

  11. The pool’s icy temperature shocked her skin and she put her feet into the water. She walked down farther into the pool and relief washed over her. Today was a really good day to go to the pool and she was glad to made the decision to do so. She turned her head and watched as her friend jumped head first off the diving board, making her smile. She was also glad she made the decision to invite her best friend, ____. She swam deeper into the pool and made herself float, closing her eyes to soak in the warm and happy sun.
    “Winona!” The second she opened her eyes, ___ splashed her roughly, making her shriek in surprise.

    By Mijanou on 05.24.2015