April 6th, 2014

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64 Responses to “single”

  1. lonely depressing. Unsettled. Opposite of being in a relationship. By yourself. Glad I am not single, I don’t want to be single. I understand why Tara hates being single. Not as fun as people make it out to be, instead it’s mostly just lonely.

    By jasmine on 04.06.2014

  2. The single thing i cherish the most in my life is my daughter. she has cancer, she is terminally ill, without a single hope in her life. she cries, days on end, grieving for the loss of her young life. her short severed life.

    By Nina on 04.07.2014

  3. 7 minutes until zero. Glinda glanced at her watch, then to the closed door, then back at her watch. In seven minutes, she would finally meet her soulmate.

    5 minutes. The store was starting to close, but she begged her boss to stay open for a bit longer. Reluctantly, he agreed.

    3 minutes. She rubbed her wrist impatiently before remembering that she still has her apron. She took it off, dusted invisible dirt on her shoulder, and sighed.

    1 minute. Only a minute left. Glinda began pacing. What would he look like? What would she do? What would she say? What if it wouldn’t work? What-

    “Hey sis, your ride’s ready!” A woman from the backdoor called nonchalantly.

    “Are you still open?” A man hurriedly opened the front door.

    The atmosphere froze. Glinda looked at both of them, confused.

    “Did your clock just-” started the man.

    “Yeah. It did.” The woman smiled.

    The two stared at their eyes, corners crinkling, then they laughed. They closed the gap between them and hugged.

    Glinda stared, eyes wide.

    By teddygit on 04.07.2014

  4. A long time since I was single and why is it that when you order a drink at a bar they want you to order a double rather than a single………

    By Alexandra on 04.07.2014

  5. The single time where it is very memorable. The single time that would reminds me of him. The single time where he helps me along my life… But now is gone….

    By Koh Swee Hong on 04.07.2014

  6. I’m single but not single. I’m a twin, and I’m not in a relationship. I’m not alone, but I have no one. My sister is my partner in life, in crime, in fun; we live together and play together. I can say anything to her. But I have no one to hold me and kiss me and show me the intimate pleasures of love. I am single, but not single. I’m a twin.

    By twowritehands on 04.07.2014

  7. There it was, one single piece of gold. Shimmering in the moonlight, I knew that the door must be somewhere near. I took a few steps forward when…

    By Scmidaldhaven Guptra III on 04.07.2014

  8. A single moment can change a life. Life is made of one single breath after another. Single is what it means to be without a spouse or a partner. Single threads, single entry, single is always singular. Aren’t we always kinda single no matter what? For we are single with ourselves, and in a relationship, isn’t it two single people wishing to be heard by another, wishing to love and be loved, wishing for company on this journey of life…

    By Janick on 04.07.2014

  9. As she looked into the woods she saw a single tree that caught her attention. It’s twisted branches spun up through the others as if it were dancing.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.07.2014

  10. only
    one step one

    By Ricardo Lima on 04.07.2014

  11. I have been single for far to long, but now I knew I want that to change, I’m not sure how to meet the right guy. I don’t want to date just anyone, that’s not me, so how do I find Mr perfect

    By kirsty on 04.07.2014

  12. She was single. Single and singled out b/c of her diagnosis. She didn’t believe it was fair to get involved with anyone becuase she was dying, but somehow, Augustus manages to trick her into letting him in and falling in love.

    By becky neitel on 04.07.2014

  13. She was single and singled-out because of her diagnosis. She was single b/c she didn’t believe it was right to get close to anyone b/c she was dying. But Augustus manages to change her mind on that.

    By Mrs. Neitzel on 04.07.2014

  14. She had always been single and didn’t know what it was like to be in a relationship. This bothered her. Not so much because she wanted a relationship, but more because she thought that something was wrong with her, that she should be in a relationship. One day she went to a bar and tried to pick up a guy. One day this didn’t work. She was at a park and she met a man and decided to go home with him.

    By Crystal on 04.07.2014

  15. I’ve been single for so long I don’t hardly remember when I wasn’t single. I guess I’m just to darn picky. But I’m tired of being single…. What should i do? Who knows, certainly not me.

    By just a girl on 04.07.2014

  16. It was the single regret he had in his 40 years of life. He should of married her, and now it was too late

    By Jerri on 04.07.2014

  17. A single egg stood on the infinite counter top, wobbling with every wind gust, every slight disruption in the air. This egg had learned not to be afraid of the world around it. After all, the place was familiar. The egg had known nothing else. The egg knew every sparkling piece of glass embedded in the counter’s smooth surface, every note in the endlessly looping music. But this time, a sound disturbed the music. It was far away but audible, close but faint.
    The egg heard, but could not answer.

    By Isis on 04.07.2014

  18. the single is the unit of the whole, and the whole is the unit of the single. the two are eternally necessary, which is to say, the single is impossible, and the foundation of all existence rests upon this fact of dialogue and love.

    By dominguez URL on 04.07.2014

  19. The angels take their clothes off
    Lay on the riverbank
    And sleep

    Rolled to one side
    Propping a wing

    A bird sings high
    In a flooded gum

    crushed by love
    Devoted, doe eyed

    When the creek bed is dust
    Still we sing in our dreams

    By david URL on 04.07.2014

  20. i am lonely gets freedom best state need no man i am for myself i get to know me your self is the most important thing epicness

    By jele on 04.07.2014

  21. I am a single woman living alone with two cats. sometimes I wonder if I will be come one of those dreaded “cat women.” because i’m still single at the age of 48. being single isn’t bad, it’s just lonely at times. I enjoy being single because I am not accountable to anyone at anytime, at the same time, that’s a problem because no one would know if I were hurt or injured.

    By biddyg on 04.07.2014

  22. I guess I’m supposed to wait here at the edge of the bar, sheepishly sipping the cheap drink that I bought myself, waiting for the right moment to lock eyes with somebody across the bar, also awkwardly nursing their drink…

    By asavas on 04.07.2014

  23. Not a bad word or a scary word. It means freedom from obligations other than yourself. Total control over feelings and emotions. One. Not alone in the lonely sense, but alone with everyone. To be single is to be alive.

    By Melissa on 04.07.2014

  24. what does it mean to be single. does it mean to be alone or independent. i am single, but arent we all. unless we have to count singles as multiples. then to be single is to be multiple.

    By Jose on 04.07.2014