September 9th, 2015

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104 Responses to “serious”

  1. If you are serious you are constrained

    By jaden McDuff on 09.10.2015

  2. serious is somewhat type of a natural feeling which everybody gets by seeing something or by getting a shock. some has to stay serious at times because everyone cannot stay in the same feeling of happiness.

    By Ashwin on 09.10.2015

  3. mrs schoning :l candles spelling of serious

    By Noah on 09.10.2015

  4. thank you for the word.

    By Ashwin on 09.10.2015

  5. “Are you serious?” She is incredulous. Staring at me with a look of utter confusion, some anger slips in there sideways as well. It is not a look I dislike on her.

    “Of course I’m serious, why wouldn’t I be?”

    By Jennifer Appleby on 09.10.2015

  6. His face was scary serious. It sent chills through my spine down to my toes and all through me.

    By bailey on 09.10.2015

  7. When I think about serious I think of teachers when they are mad at you.

    By MSpieker on 09.10.2015

  8. My mom is always serious. She never jokes around. When she does I don’t find it very funny because the joke is on me.

    By E. Peters on 09.10.2015

  9. what i think about serious is about teachers giving us homework a lot doing every class

    By pvais on 09.10.2015

  10. Serious means to not goof around. I get really serious when I’m doing my homework so I don’t get any answers wrong.

    By MMcKee on 09.10.2015

  11. I just thought of the Serious song from Legally Blonde.


    By Brosnan6 on 09.10.2015

  12. being serious is a good thing. my mom is a serious thing.

    By carter d on 09.10.2015

  13. I am serious about chocolate! I love it. When I’m down I eat some and I feel much better. I think it should be mandatory for everyone to eat chocolate at least once a day!

    By lisa on 09.10.2015

  14. Things had gotten a little too serious. Amy knew that the current predicament that she was in was entirely of her own doing. Now here she was, hunkered down on the back side of a parking lot in the pouring down rain.

    By Gail on 09.10.2015

  15. “You can’t be serious.”

    Miles rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand, turning and looking James in the face, who just grimly nodded.

    “After all this time, she still said no? She still turned you down, even after everything she said to you?”

    James nodded again, and Miles got the feeling that his friend felt like he was alone.

    “Hey,” Miles said, pulling James out of his stupor for a moment, “I’m here.”

    By DeionDakota on 09.10.2015

  16. this morning my sister and i want to the park we played on the swings and we went down the slides. then the ice cream truck drove up mom had given us money so we could get some. but when we got there the ice cream guy was serious about not letting kids get ice cream without an adult, so we left

    By thomas URL on 09.10.2015

  17. One morning I was serious about getting my homework done. I got ready and did my 2 hours of homework. I was seriously tired so i went and took a one minute nap and was seriously awake.

    By RainbowDash64 on 09.10.2015

  18. do you know that place, where you have to smile but you suppress it with all your mind to hurt the person whos trying to make you smile?

    By berenique on 09.10.2015

  19. It’s amazing how hard it can be to be serious in even the most serious of situations.

    Case in point: My mother died today.

    Her death was accompanied by thirty seconds of interrupted flatulence; her eyes were peacefully closed, her grip on my father’s hand was relaxed, and the last thing she did on this earth was empty her bowels, shitting herself into the afterlife, leaving us behind in a confused, dazed, brown mess.

    By K on 09.10.2015

  20. To be normal and not crazy don’t laugh a lot or joke around a lot

    By Noah Breen URL on 09.10.2015

  21. Serious

    By Noah Breen URL on 09.10.2015

  22. the clown was not serious. the general was very serious when it cam to biological warfare.
    the young boy was not acting serious enough at the party to eat cake.

    By levi on 09.10.2015

  23. Why is it that my dad doesn’t get my personality? I am sometimes serious; I am sometimes sociable. That’s it. How come my friends are the only ones who understand? If I am serious, dad thinks there’s something wrong with me, and then I have to fake laugh at everything. Pisses me off…

    By Antom on 09.10.2015

  24. Serious means to not be light hearted. Someone who takes everything seriously has a hard time laughing at life. Being serious can be a good thing, too.

    By Geri Carson on 09.10.2015