September 9th, 2015

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104 Responses to “serious”

  1. people are serious when they mean something. they might be mean and a little bit sassy. And not nice.

    By k on 09.10.2015

  2. He was very serious about the situation, even though there was nothing to worry about, he was over

    By Logan Lawrence URL on 09.10.2015

  3. It means you are not having fun. Also

    By Helen on 09.10.2015

  4. when your serious you could be mad or could be sad.

    By Mason on 09.10.2015

  5. It was so inappropriate. These were serious people, at a serious meeting, about serious matters. But when she glanced back up at Mr. Handsome Prankster, he was mocking their supervisor with the most subtle facial gestures. She snorted, and all eyes turned in her direction, except for the real culprit, who was smirking at the table.

    By Soft URL on 09.10.2015

  6. I’m always seriuos in school. she is very serious when her cat is sick. he is serious obout his dog being out of his kennel.

    By Brianna L URL on 09.10.2015

  7. He was very serious about the situation, even though there was nothing to worry about.

    By Logan Lawrence URL on 09.10.2015

  8. it doesn’t matter what else you’re doing right now.
    putting away the groceries can wait.
    flip off the tv.
    Get on the phone and call your senator, damn it!
    stop the texting about how you can’t believe your boss is making your work the weekend.
    There’s real stuff going on in the world.
    And it’s way more serious than
    whatever 1st world inconveniences
    are bugging you.

    By NuSol URL on 09.10.2015

  9. Our class is not very serious but when it comes to sports we are very.

    By Mercedes37 on 09.10.2015

  10. You need to be serious in class and not mess around. You should be serious when you take a test. My sister was serious when she said that she got a dog.

    By Haley21 URL on 09.10.2015

  11. When you aren’t messing around. You have a straight face. You aren’t laughing.

    By Jozie URL on 09.10.2015

  12. Serious means that you are not goofing around, and you have a strait face. You want to have serious face in a job interview.

    By Allison Spieker on 09.10.2015

  13. Its hard to tell if someone is serious or not. they may have a serious face but there telling a joke.

    By Alisha W on 09.10.2015

  14. Sometimes people take jokes too serious, and they need to just calm down. Sometimes its best to not be serios all the time.

    By Haleigh on 09.10.2015

  15. i see people being so serious. serious is straight face not kidding,joking or anything like that. people liked to be serious in a lot ways.

    By katie on 09.10.2015

  16. The girl was so happy but then had a stone face, she was serious.

    By mackenzie URL on 09.10.2015

  17. the serious notion of today’s bulk in the mind,
    the bulk in the appearance,
    overweens some
    spleens some
    the decades have come down to the pyramid of technology
    which we have to take seriously
    or a cellphone’s ferocious beanstalk attena we’d have to climb
    though we don’t use annennas on phones anymore?

    By milad URL on 09.10.2015

  18. Her heels clacked against the smooth stone floor as she glided briskly down the corridor, her cape flowing behind her. Her mouth was set in a grim line and her eyes were dark and set straight ahead, focused on the gloom ahead.

    By Hope on 09.10.2015

  19. I try not to be too serious with my writing. I try not to get caught up in log lines and instead try to let ideas come to me. But it’s not that simple!

    By Charlie on 09.10.2015

  20. People say I’m serious. I don’t like when people bug me of how serious I am. I think that God made you serious because you are special.

    By Faith on 09.10.2015

  21. my life feels so serious where ever i go no one jokes around its just very boring and serious. its kinda ok because we dont like to much serious

    By Devon on 09.10.2015

  22. “I’m serious, Katie, this isn’t funny.”
    Not funny? “Uh, yeah it is.”
    Billy had come up to me five minutes earlier asking to use my shower. Turns out someone had spilled a smoothie on top of his head and now he looked all pink.
    “Please, Katie, it’s dripping into my eyes.”

    By Maryn URL on 09.10.2015

  23. School is serious because we larn things to help us get jobs and read and different things like that. Without school we wouldnot beable to get a job. So we need to takr school seriosly

    By Becca Seale on 09.10.2015

  24. I take a lot of stuff seriously. So much so, that I run myself ragged. It explains it all, why I ended up: stuck in the back of a trunk sinking down toward the Bay.

    By RaShida on 09.10.2015

  25. “Change happens, acceptance is different,” a rather serious looking Alice replied.
    She knew he was unfaithful, but she wondered if he still loved her enough to let her go.

    By kyungsoo on 09.10.2015

  26. i am seiriously serious that i saw a person that flew and shot a machine gun at was kinda scary but then i went away so now im fine.

    By Efast on 09.10.2015

  27. It mean focus not a good word for describing me a lot pf serious situations can show up in a persons life

    By Lane Thomsen on 09.10.2015

  28. I am serious.

    By A Lung URL on 09.10.2015

  29. serious is the most seriours word that i know it has a s and an i

    By nate hensley on 09.10.2015

  30. my dad is serious when he yells. and you want to listen or you get trouble if you dont and get a serious punishment.

    By Jacob worthington on 09.10.2015

  31. It means your are telling the truth. Or your saying something and your not joking.

    By kruddick on 09.10.2015

  32. i am not a very serious person. Sometimes, my non-seriousness gets me into trouble. one time i wasn’t serious during class, and i got a serious referral. Something serious is very important.

    By dkopp on 09.10.2015

  33. a person wo is very stubborn and is not joking at all and that wants every one to know that he is not fooling around and is going to not get in trouble and have the world think that he is very serious

    By colby0567 on 09.10.2015

  34. cars

    By colby0567 on 09.10.2015

  35. Serious makes me think of what i don’t want to be. I do not like to be serious because it is boring but, sometimes i have to be

    By aehrman on 09.10.2015

  36. She looked determined and capable as ever even though there’s still a void in her heart. She wouldn’t let the hurt drag her down, not this time. Have you seen her eyes? they look more fiery than before. Her scars? Sure, they’re noticeable but she wears it with so much grace the same way a woman wears three inch stilettos effortlessly. She’s no pushover anymore, nu-uh. This is a woman who gained newfound strength in such a short span of time, this is a woman who wouldn’t think twice to fight back if ever past circumstances repeat itself again. But despite the seriousness emanating from her austere repute, she’s still that same sweet, charming, dainty lady on the inside of her en garde, sturdy exterior shell.

    By nom de luc URL on 09.10.2015

  37. If i was taking a test for math or reading i would want to be serious and foucaused. So i don’t mess up the teachers would want use to be serious and to consiontrat.

    By kylieA on 09.10.2015

  38. if you are serious you don’t mess around you do what your told. Some coaches on football teams can be very serious during a game and could yell at you alot

    By Conner Alff on 09.10.2015

  39. seriously and serious are words i gererally use with my brother.

    By joann brahms on 09.10.2015

  40. That man was very serious about the game but I think he was overreacting. people like that can really make me mad sometimes. I mean who is so strict about a little hide and seek.

    By logan lank on 09.10.2015